Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

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Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Fri Jul 29, 2011 4:18 am

Our Campaign starts around 1/2 year or a little bit more before Martins books starts. Our house (the Blyth of Dragonports) have their land on the coast of the Bite, somewhere between the Neck and the Mountains of the Moons.
Because we invest some times to fill out the other houses in the region (and because they will play a important role) i like to give some short overview of the local players (houses and chars).

Ideas and Comments are wellcommed, of course.
(Given the fact, i am from Germany, my English may be sometimes incorrect. I appologize :wink: ).

The Houses of the Region

Arans of Starborne (NPC house)
Arms: a golden dog on a black and purple shield.
Motto: Keep Watch forever.
The Arans are the main local player and have the vows of most of the minor houses nearby. They are loyal to the Freys, but given the distance to the Twins, the Arans can play their own game. This means, that they try to keep the peace – and their own position as local leaders. The history of the house goes back to the Andal Invasion.
The most important source of income for the Arans is an iron mine nearby the small castle Starborne.
Members of the family:
Lord Vickon is the ruling lord – a hard man, good fighter, able commander and excellent hunter. His wife Elsbeth is a Frey, but her loyalties are more with her husband and her children’s, then with Walder Frey.
From Vickon and Elsbeth’s 6 children only 3 are still living.
Jonah is Lord Vickon’s heir is around 30 – an able man, perhaps a little bit arrogant.
His Brother Vickon (of course named after his father) is a good fighter but also arrogant and with his numerous love affairs sometimes a real trouble for his family.
Meera, the youngest child of the Lord, is 16 years old and in some way a mystery. Her family tends to limit hear appearance. At least one wedding was cancelled with unknown reasons.

Blyths of Dragonport (Players House)
The Blyths of Dragonport have their land on the eastern coast. The main settlement is the small harbour-town Dragonport. The harbour and the market place are also the most important source of income for the Blyth’s. Dragonport is a small but not unimportant gate for goods from the North to the Riverlands and vice versa (for those who want to avoid the travel thru the Neck). The fortress of the Blyths lies nearby the town and is also named Dragonport. The house was founded during Aegons Conquest, because of loyal service to the Tagaryens.
The arms of house Blyth shows a golden dragon on a per-fess shield, green on the bottom, blue on the top. The motto is: Loyal but untamed!
Members of the family:
Lord Rickon Blyth is the Head of the house, a strong and hot tempered man in his fifties. His wife Fiana comes from the Sisters. He has three children. Although he is a good fighter and proud character, he did his best to bring an end to the long feud between his house and the neighbour house Dannett.
Viserion Blyth is Lord Rickons oldest son and around 25. He is known as a good fighter and talented commander, but also as a fierce temper, sometimes even cruel. Therefore, his relationship with his father and his younger brother Gard is mostly strained. Viserion is married with Anna Dannett (21), a niece of Lord Alfred Dannett – this marriage should bring an end to the long living tension between the two families.
Gard Blyth (Player Character) is Lord Rickons second son, 23 years old, and was always the “better” son – dutiful, honourable and trying to do his best to please his father. Naturally there is no love between him and Viserion. Gard is a sincere young man, an able commander but only an average fighter. He tries to act as a “real” knight, has good manors but is sometimes a little bit arrogant.
Alyanna Blyth (Player Character) is Viserions and Gards 17 years old sister. At the time she stays in Kings Landing under the tutelage of her aunt Visennya Buckwell. She seems to be a beautiful young lady with perfect manors. Only few people (including her aunt, who sometimes works as a spy for Lord Varys) knew that she have her own will and a talent for intrigues. Normally she acts as the perfect noble maid, but she had learned to use this disguise for her own agenda.
After two cancelled betrothals some say that she is bad luck for every man who is interested in her in that way (one of the candidates died in an accident, while the other must take the black after some of embarrassing secrets leaked out).
Erik Blyth (Player Char) is Lord Rickons younger brother. He is a man in his 40th, not very athletic, strong or agile – in fact a little bit overweight. He is no fighter, but an able negotiator and merchant. At the time he lives in Oldtown. He hasn’t seen his family (or the city and castle Dragonport) since 15 years – he left Dragonport at the beginning of Roberts Rebellion, because he, in contrast to his older brother, stayed loyal to the Tagaryens.
Ragnar Greyjoy (Player Char, 17 years old) comes from a lesser branch of the famous (or infamous) Greyjoy-family, which rule over the Iron Islands. After their rebellion against King Robert 8 years ago, Ragnar (like the more prominent Theon Greyjoy) was taken hostage.
First “guest” of the Freys, he later was send to the Blyth, where he stayed since 6 years. Although he is young and in some aspects even naïve and ignorant, he is an able fighter. Because of his mixed background he still not knows where his heart lies – and even, to what gods he should pray: the drowned god of the ironmen, or the seven? Should be the “honour” of the Ironman his ideal – or the honour of the knights of Westeros?

Blyth of Krayenhorn (NPC House with one PC member :wink: )
Arms: a black raven on white
Motto: Dark Wings, Dark Words
These landed knights are of course related to the Blyth of Dragonport. The Krayenhorn-family is only 200 years old, and born out of a tragedy. A younger son of a younger son of a Blyth-Lord was send to the north, to become a man of the night watch. But before he could spoke the oath of the night watch, messages arrived, that most of his family were killed by clansmen. Therefore he returned into the south, to take vengeance. With him he brought a tame raven and a young woman (some say, a bastard daughter of a Stark-lord), which he married later.
His successes in the fighting against the clans brought him not only vengeance for his killed relatives, but also a strip of land, which the family inherit till today. The Blyth’s of Krayenhorn are a Bannerhouse of the Arans, but have still strong connections to the Blyth of Dragonport.
The “castle” Krayenhorn is only an old but massive stone tower, some unfortified buildings around, and a palisade. The land of the family is not very fertile, their troops not numerous and they have still problems with clan raiders. Their most important source of income is the breeding of horses.
Members of the family:
Ser Gawan is the head of the house. His two older brothers Micael and Aemon both died during Roberts Rebellion – but on opposite sides. Gawan is a man of 41, sometimes a little bit intimidating because of his taciturn, earnest and strict nature. Although he is married the second time, he still have no heir (neither son nor daughter) – a fact, that troubled Gawan more and more. To make the things more complicated, there are at least four bastards of his brother Micael…
Anya is the second wife of Gawan and not even half of his age. She comes from House Dannett – her marriage with Gawan was part of the attempt to end the old feud between house Dannett and the Blyth-family (like the marriage of her sister Anna with Viserion, the heir of Lord Rickon Blyth of Dragonport). Anya is a strong willed young woman. She respect and appreciate her husband, but she did not love him.
Paedrig Rivers (Player Char) is one of the bastards of Ser Gawans older brother Micael, who died during Roberts Rebellion. Short before his honourable death, Paedrigs father (most times a not very honourable man) had an affair with the much younger Avara Uller (born Gargalen) and killed her husband in a duel. Outcast of her family and without any income, she gave Paedrig to Ser Micaels father, who disdained the immorality of his dead son, but recognized some kind of responsibility for his illegitimate grandson. Paedrig was handed over to a peasant family and some years later to the hedge knight Ser Randolph Gower, to become his squire. But Gower was killed by marauding clansmen while Paedrig survived because he was left for dead. That the wounded young man was brought to Krayenhorn wasn’t very much to the liking of Ser Gawan, but in the end, Paedrig was his (illegitimate) nephew... Therefore he was healed, armed and then send away with the order, never to come back to Krayenhorn.
Paedrig is a, a good fighter and most time uncomplicated and serious young (15) year old man – sometimes a little bit to proud of his noble parents.

House Fallkirk (NPC house)
Arms: A silver fist on a green and maroon Chevron shield
Mott: no fist so strong
This House is a real Newcomer in the region - founded during the Blackfyre Rebellion and by a Bastard. Therefore most of the older houses (even the Blyth) did not have a high meaning from the Falkirks. Their harsh rule (even for Westeros), the use of clansmen mercenaries and the allegation (if true or not) of treachery, murder and piracy did nothing to brighten the image. The Falkirks started with not much land, and what they have got, is not very fertile. Therefore they do almost everything to widen their stance. During Roberts Rebellion the Falkirks and Arans nearly exterminate the old house Ripon, which was loyal to the Tagaryens, and take their land.
The hard regime of the Falkirks lead to a number of peasant rebellions, while other disappointed fled into the territory of other houses (for example to Dragonport) – also a source of trouble between the Falkirks and their neighbours.
Members of the family:
Lord Edwyn is only 20 years old – his father was killed by bandits (or rebellious peasants) and his mother died short after. He is said to be as ambitious as hot tempered. He is unmarried.
Torrhen is Edwyns 15 year old brother and his hear, until Edwyn gets a legitimate son. Torrhen is a proud young man, who at the time serves as a squire for the Arans to become a knight one day.
Rhaenyra, Edwyn’s and Torrhen’s 16 year old sister is said to be a calmer character then her brothers. Beside this, there are no rumours about her.
Jonothor Rivers, Edwyns bastard uncle, is an important asset for the young lord, because of his fighting abilities and good connections to some of the mountain clans. His son Gwayne is said to be half a clansmen – and an excellent fighter as well.

House Dannett (NPC house. Warning, spoilers for “Peril at Kings Landing”!!)
Arms: a golden pomegranate, pierced by a vertical arrow, on a grey shield
Motto: eat bitter, grow strong
The Dannetts are an old and noble house, founded in the days of the Andal Invasion. A little bit too loyal to Harren the Black during Aegons Conquest, they lost a part of their land to the new house Blyth – the source for the long feud between the two houses.
During Roberts Rebellion, the Dannetts suffered great losses, when they early declared themselves for the rebels. The hall of the Dannetts were besieged and heavy damaged, and six of the seven Dannetts brothers don’t survive the civil war. There are still allegations, that this happened, because other rebellious houses (and especially the Blyth’s) left house Dannett alone in the fight and intentionally came to the rescue nearly too late. Short after the end of the civil war, the damaged hall crashed down, killing a number of family members and reducing the family to a mere handful of survivors. Since then, time has not been much better for the house. The restoration of the hall and other war damages, the replacing of the military losses, meagre income, diseases and a far too expensive representative way of living has brought the house on the brink of bankruptcy. Because of this, the Dannetts accepted the idea of Lord Rickon Blyth, to bring an end to the old feud between the houses by marriage – but tension remain between the Blyths and the Dannetts.
Family Members:
Lord Alfric is an ill and bitter man, his measures and politics becoming more and more desperate and erratic in the last years. He is unable to accept the decline of his house – but also unable, to do something permanently against this decline. He does nearly everything to conceal the signs of decay from the other houses (and his own son).
Adham is Lord Alfrics heir and only son – and the great hope of his father. He is a promising, honourable and attractive young knight, perhaps a little bit overconfident. Thanks to the disguise manoeuvres of his father, he did not know how desperate the situation of house Dannett REALLY is.
Iris is Adhams sister, a beautiful young lady with her own will. Some month ago, she should be married to one of Lord Dannetts greatest debtors – but Iris vanished short before the wedding.
Anna and Anya are Lord Dannetts nieces, daughters of one of his younger brothers. Their parents died during Roberts Rebellion, leaving the two girls of two and five years orphaned. They grew up to two attractive young women. While the older sister, Anna, is calm and a little bit shy, her younger sister Anya is more headstrong and lively. Anna was married to Viserion Blyth of Dragonport, while her sister married Ser Gawan Blyth of Krayenhorn.

House Weymouth (NPC house)
Arms: a silver crane on a purple shield
Motto: Safely over deep water
This is certainly the oldest house in the region, tracing their roots back to the days of the First Men. For the Weymouths ALL of the others houses are only newcomers. It is said, that they have good connections to the crannogmen of the Neck. During the invasion of the Andals, they lost many of their land, but they survived. More recent, during Roberts Rebellion, their loyalty to the Tagaryens lead to additional losses of land, men and income, leaving the Weymouths with only the power and status of a greater landed knight. All other houses in the region changed the sides much earlier and some of them still look with mistrust or resentments at the ‘loyalists’. The Weymouth only survived because the protection of the mighty Arans – another loyalist house, the Ripons, was nearly extinct and stripped from all their land. In this situation, the Weymouth’s tended to cautious action and a very carefully politic. They couldn’t afford another mistake.
Lord Gyles is the head of the house, since his father died during Roberts Rebellion. He is not much older than 30 years, a cautious diplomat and good bowman, trusted and beloved by his peoples. His wife Carellen comes from House Manderly of White Harbor
Gyles and Carellen have only one child, a 17 years old daughter named Naerys. She is a calm and inconspicuous, but more religious and cultured as many other young noble women. Since she is at time the only heir of the family, their parents look with cautious and worry into the future (especially concerning the question of Naerys eventual marriage).

Septrie Eaglewood (NPC community)
The septrie is at least 500 years old, but some say, that its history goes back even to the time short after the invasion of the Andals. The septrie include a community of Brown Brothers,
Brown Sisters and a group of Silent Sisters. During the centuries, the septrie gathered a considerable amount of land and wealth.
As protection against bandits, marauders, clansmen and other raiders, the septrie is fortified and can mobilize some peasant levies. Although it is forbidden for the faith to have standing armies, the septrie have also a Scout unit – formally a as a sort of lease unit from the Arans. Although this, there are still not enough men to make the territory completely save – the septrie has sometimes problems with bandits and clan raiders.
Political, the septrie has especially good ties to the Arans but do not participate in the feudal feuds and skirmishes. Most of the houses respect this and try to have also a good relationship with the faith. Many unwanted or embarrassing members of the local noble houses (bastards, idiots, cripples) were send to the septrie, where this ‘leftovers’ were treated with diligence and discretion.
Septa Jonelle is the head of the community. She is still young (not even 30 years old), but headstrong, intelligent and an able administrator. In contrast to the normal situation, she is no member of a local noble house. Instead of this, she made her way from an orphan girl with unknown heritage to the top of the Septrie in an astonishing short amount of time.
Septon Rodrick is the second in command. He is from noble heritage, but lacks the will and the abilities to stand against his much younger superior. He is said to be the wisest man in the region, but also a little bit senile.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Our Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:20 am

The chronic started with some simple travelling adventures, giving the players and the game master the opportunity to try out the system.

Near the Trident

Gard Blyth of Dragonport (second son of Lord Rickon) and Ragnar Greyjoy (Ward of the family) were send to Kings Landing to escort Gards sister Alyanna back home, after she lived some times at the estate of her aunt Lady Visennya Buckwell, to learn more about the manors in the royal court.
The two young men travelled light, without servants or escort. Most time nothing serious happened. What came clear through this time was the different ideas of how a noble man should act. While Gard always acted rather serious and calm, Ragnar tended to have his fun – for example by trying to bed attractive inn maids and so on.

When they arrived a small village near the Trident, the two suddenly found themselves faced with a crowd of curious peasants, watching a group of guards of the local house Roote, who tried to hang a screaming man. While Ragnar seems to enjoy the situation as entertainment, Gard wanted to know more.
A short investigation cleared the situation. The would-to-be-hanged was a minstrel, who had shown around a beautiful ruby in the village inn – and was accused by the guards to have stolen this gem. The minstrel himself declared that he had found the ruby on the shores of the river – a story, which the guards did not believe.
But for Gard (remembering the story of Prince Raegars death) the story sounded at least possible. And he also distrusted the motives of the guards. Gards guess was that they perhaps simply want to kill the minstrel, to get the ruby for their own.
The young noble man convinced the guards (Intrigue rules), that they could not hang the minstrel – at least not without a fair trial. By Gards urging, the disgruntled guards took their captive to Lord Harroway’s Town.
Gard and Ragnar were not invited into the investigation and stayed for the evening in a local inn. Some hours later they met the Minstrel again – heavily beaten and thrown out of the castle, but at least alive. Lord Roote didn’t judged the man as a thieve so it’s seem. Why the minstrel was so brutally beaten, he did not say and the chars didn’t ask.

Next morning, the chars became witnesses, that the minstrel told another travelling noble man the story of the gem ‘certainly one of Raegars rubies’. The minstrel claimed to guide the noble man to the finding place, were perhaps more could be found.
Gard became curious and convinced the noble man to accompany the search – an idea, that was not much to the liking of the minstrel, so it’s seems.
The four men travelled along the river for some hours, leaving the well populated areas behind, till they arrived a small shallow sidearm of the river. There, they suddenly were attacked by a small group of bandits (Fighting rules). The minstrel tried to help the attackers. But the attack failed. Two of the bandits were killed by Ragnar, who also captured the minstrel alive.
As he confessed, the story with “Raegars Ruby” was only a trick, to get single travellers. The ruby was a fake (this was also the cause, why the furious guards had beaten the minstrel brutally, after they realised, that they did have so much trouble, only because a piece of glass).
The luckless robber/minstrel was brought to the next lord, and had to look forward to a career in the Night Watch (thanks to Gards insisting >:) ).
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:55 am

We skipped the time in Kings Landing, because I didn’t want to start a city adventure so soon (they can be very tricky). Instead of this, we just jumped to the travel back to Dragonport. Now the party included Gard, Ragnar and Gards sister Alyanna (all PC) and an service maid (NPC) for Allyanna. Of course, with a lady the travelling time was a little bit longer. And it was out of question to camp on the side of the road. Luckily, the party travelled through a civilised area, and finding a comfortable inn was not a problem.
Alyanna acted like a ideal noble woman, always decent, a little bit shy (a role, that she plays most the time, although she has her own will and is far more cunning and even real scruples sometimes).

One day, the party meet the hedge knight Beorn of Crane, who made the offer to escort them until the evening for a small amount of money. Although the chars didn’t feel the need to be protected, they accepted the offer, giving the hedge knight the opportunity to earn his living for some days.
A little bit later they passed by a wagon of the Night Watch: two black brothers and a dozen volunteers (three of them in chains: Maro, a rapist, Tolve, a poacher, and Hendrik the Red, a bandit).

In the evening, the party get quarter in the village inn ‘The Golden Wheel’. As they were generous with their money, the PC were much more welcomed than the men of the Night Watch, which arrived some hours later. The chained “volunteers” were put into the cellar, while the others would sleep in the inn room.
The more lukewarm reaction of the inn owner and most of the other travellers to the Night Watch embittered the commanding Black Brother Vran Benteen, but as the party sponsored some drinking for the men of the Night Watch, the evening went on without turmoil. The attempts of Brother Loren (the other Black Brother) to mobilize more volunteers ore donates for the Night Watch felled on deaf ears. His songs about the Long Night and the Living on the Wall were appreciated as entertainment, but not as a cause to give even one copper penny. A situation, which intensified Brother Benteen meaning, that there must be at least a war or famine, to bring more men to the Wall…
Brother Lorens more subtle attempts to charm Alyanna also fell on deaf ears (or rather, Alyanna noticed it and turned it down cold). After some hours of listening to Brother Lorens songs and chatting about news, tales and gossips, the PC went to bed.

They didn’t sleep long, because around midnight they were alarmed by shouting and fighting downstairs. While Alyanna locked herself in her room, the two young men grabbed their weapons and run downstairs. Halfway, the stumbled into a group of armed attackers, while others of the intruders fought downstairs with the guests who slept in the inn room (for example the men of the Night Watch).
Gard and Ragnar were able to hold the stairs, and after some minutes, the attackers finally withdraw – taking with them some of the horses from the inn stables, chasing away the others. Most of the guest downstairs were killed or heavily wounded (including Beorn of Crane and both Black Brothers – Beorn and Benteen wounded and Loren killed). When someone locked for the three chained men in the cellar, it was no big surprise, that they were gone.

The party tried to organize the bandage of the wounded and the alarming of the village militia (which was complicated through the fact that the attackers also burned down a barn on the other side of the village), the party found time to interrogate one captured attacker.
It turned out, that these were men of the bandit Hendrik the Red, who tried to free their commander. The prisoner also told the party the place, where the bandits probably would hide – an old ruin in the woods, some leagues away.

Mostly to Gards urging, who took over the commando over the peasant levies, the village militia followed the bandits to chase them down, before they could escape. Gard was able to mobilize the peasant levies to a rapid night march and so they arrived just in time, before the bandits can go away.

This was a good opportunity for the use of the warfare rules (criminals against peasant levies), although I scaled down the units size a little bit.
However, the attempt to surprise the bandits failed. Although Gards excellent command abilities and Ragnars superior fighting skills (he killed or wounded around 4-5 bandits), the peasant levies were beaten, become disorganized and finally must retreat – allowing the also heavy damaged bandits (including Hendrik the Red) to escape.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Slynt » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:14 am

Keep it coming, enjoyable read! :D
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:00 am


Short after the returning of Gard, Alyanna and Ragnar from Kings Landing, the situation at Dragonport dramatically changed when the old Lord (Rickon Blyth) died. Most people believed that he died by a heart stroke, but there were also (unproven) rumours that he was poisoned.

Rickons oldest Son Viserion became the new lord, but the family sword ‘Faith’ (a castle forged long sword) went to Rickons second son Gard, by a special request in Lord Rickons testament. Of course, this was not much to the liking of Viserion, who interpreted it as an insult and unwelcome reminder to the fact, that Gard always was the ‘better son’.
Because of this, the situation between the two Blyth brothers were strained, but their Mother and Viserions young wife Anna tried their best to ease the tension. Although Viserions sometimes terrible temper, he treated his young wife very well and her pregnancy made him as happy as he could be.

But the semi stable situation at Dragonport changed for the worst in one chaotic night. Lady Anna gave birth far too early and died together with her son. The desperate Viserion killed her old midwife, claiming that she was guilty for the death of Lady Anna. In the same night, Lady Annas maid Vala disappeared miraculously. Because of this and Viserions well known temper, rumours spread, that perhaps HE was guilty of the death of his wife and son, or that the tragedy was the result of a curse against him.
Viserions attempt to quit such rumours by flogging some people (and even kill one) didn’t help the situation. Soon the Dannetts (Annas family) heard the rumours and tend to believe it. Disputes about giving back the bride price (a demand of the Dannetts) increased the tension. And Lady Annas sister Anya, wedded to Lord Gawan Blyth of Krayenhorn (a lesser branch of the Blyth family), also believed the rumours and made no mystery about it, also complicating the situation.
Although Gard did not believe the whispers about his brother’s guilt, he criticised his actions and policy. The tension between Viserion and Gard reached a new high. Alyanna, who was more sceptical concerning Viserions probably guilt, tried to start her own investigation.
When Lord Viserion noticed this, he was enraged. Alyanna and her brother Gard, who tried to defend her, were chased away with the warning, not to return to the castle and city Dragonport. More by accident, Ragnar Greyjoy was also chased away, because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time (and Viserion don’t like ironmen).

The three outcastes, facing a storm and the coming night, came to the solution to go to Krayenhorn. After all, Gawan Blyth of Krayenhorn, a greater landed knight, was related to Gard and Alyanna, and Gard was his former squire.
They managed to get to tower Krayenhorn, although the small bridge across the ‘border river’ Milkwater was washed away. But at Krayenhorn they must noticed, that the lord and the lady were away (lord Gawan on a patrol and lady Anya on a visit to a nearby shrine of the Mother). Neither the master of arms nor the old master of Krayenhorn could be persuaded to let the outcastes in, because the probably reaction of Lord Viserion to such an act. But they were allowed to stay at the horse stables outside the ‘castle’ till the lord returned.
When a lightning hit one of the stables and set it on fire, Gard (and especially Ragnar) helped with the rescue of most of the horses (Ragnar used the admiration to bed a peasant girl).

The next day Ser Gawan arrived and allowed the outcastes to stay, although he was not very happy, because this would certainly enrage Viserion. When Lady Anya arrived short after, she treated her three new guests with a certain amount of resentments. After all, she believed, that Gard’s and Alyanna’s brother Viserion had probably killed her sister Anna…
The young lady tried to interrogate her guests about the night, when Lady Anna had died – but given the fact, that Gard, Alyanna and Ragnar didn’t know anything substantial, Anyas attempts were mostly fruitless. However, she gets (more or less serious) promises that they would try to help Anya in her search for truth. Alyanna successfully increased the disposition of the young lady, while Ragnar failed at such an attempt.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Iron Legs » Tue Aug 09, 2011 2:50 am

SOunds like a nice campaign. Keep us informed!
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:33 am

Thanks for the comments. :D
Inform me, if the web of feuds and family ties get too complicated. :wink:


During the next month Gard, Alyanna and Ragnar became integrated in the daily live at Krayenhorn, which had not much to do with the fancy and luxurious living of the high nobility. Anyway, their quarters were relatively comfortable, and the food good. Most evenings they spend together with the lord, the lady and the old master in an almost familiarly atmosphere.
At daylight however, there was not much free time – at least not for Gard. Ser Gawans ordered his former squire permanently to various duties – especially to help with the administration of the land. Gawan also urged Gard to participate in the training of the small garrison, additional weapon and horse training etc.
Alyanna and Ragnar didn’t have so many tasks to do, and Ser Gawan didn’t insist so strongly for their participation. So, Ragnar was able do skip some of the commando training (and he was certainly NOT interested in administration tasks). Instead, he spent his time mostly at the stables, helping with the training of the horses.
Alyanna spend most of her time with Lady Anya, helping her with the tasks of household administration etc. She also accompanied the lady in her past times (for example riding and hunting with a hawk). Sometimes Ragnar tried also to accompany the two young noble women, but Lady Anya kept him at distance. She also didn’t quit some of her resentments against Gard.

The cause of her reserved behaviour became slowly apparent, after the outcastes (especially Gard and Alyanna) heard the story that some weeks before they arrived Krayenhorn a heavy wounded young man was brought to the tower: Paedrig Rivers, the bastard son of Ser Gawan’s older brother Micael, who died during Roberts Rebellion. Some years ago, Paedrig was given to a hedge knight, but returned to Krayenhorn after is master was killed in a clansmen ambush. After Paedrigs wounds were healed, the young fighter was send away with the order to never return to Krayenhorn.
But although the young man was away, this visit had high lightened the complicated situation of Ser Gawan, who still (at the age of 41 and after his second wedding) did not have an heir or heiress.
Given this, Lady Anya, Gard and Alyanna (and even some of the servants and peasants of Krayenhorn) speculated, if Ser Gawans attitude to laying one task after the other on Gards shoulder wasn’t some kind of testing his former squire as a potential successor – an idea, which certainly disturbed young lady Anya.

In the main time, Viserions disposition concerning his younger brother and sister calmed down a little (thanks to the insisting of their mother). The ban was lifted partially, but he still not wanted that Gard and Alyanna returned permanently.
Thanks to Viserions temper (and perhaps also thanks to Lady Anya) there was also a certain amount of tension between the Blyth of Dragonport and the Blyth of Krayenhorn – a situation, which troubled Ser Gawan and his smallfolk alike (Krayenhorn is economically dependant from the market and harbour of Dragonport). The boiling tension between Viserion and the Dannetts also awaked fears of a military conflict between Dragonport and the Dannetts – a scenario, which gave rise to the question, how the Blyth of Krayenhorn should act in such a situation.
As if this news weren’t bad enough, problems with bandits seem to rise at the Dragonport territory (some saying because of the harsh and injustice rule of Viserion).
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:39 am

This was our first "city-adventure" and because it happened at the castle and the city of "our" house, there were many intrigues etc. Hope, you do not get confused... :D


Around four or five weeks after the arrival of the PC, Ser Gawan came forward with a new task for Gard. While Krayenhorst most important source of income is the breeding and training of horses, they also trade agriculture products, wool, wood, charcoal etc. at the market place of Dragonport. It was Ser Gawans wish that Gard do manage the selling of the yearly wool production (some thousand pounds of wool, worth around 20 gold dragons) and also buy iron, copper and other raw materials, which Krayenhorn could not produce. It was common, that Gards mother Fiana Blyth (economically cooperating with Hakon Trader, a local merchantman) buys most of the wool to let it be woven and then send to the north.
Normally such transaction was an opportunity for the Lord of Krayenhorn to visit the city Dragonport. But Ser Gawan wanted to keep a little distance between himself and Lord Viserion (and his actions), since house Arran (the most influential noble house in the region and liege lord of Krayenhorn) seems also to be sceptical concerning Viserion’s politics.
Gard and Alyanna also came to the conclusion, that this might be another test for Gard. Additionally, Ser Gawan wanted information about Lord Viserions future plans and his intentions and measures concerning the Dannetts. Perhaps he also hoped that Gard and Alyanna could ease their troubles with Viserion, although he seemed not very optimistic.
The task became a little bit complicated, when Lady Anya persuaded her husband that she could accompany the group on their trip. Given her disposition to Viserion and her opinion concerning the death of her sister, it was quiet obvious that she wasn’t only interested in shopping or ‘fun time’ in the biggest town in the area.
Ser Gawan was not happy about his wife’s request (and certainly sceptical concerning her motives), so he secretly asked Gard to have an eye on Lady Anya to disrupt or quit any disputes between her and Viserion.

The travel party finally consist of four wagons and 13 people (Gard, Alyanna, Ragnar, Lady Anya, a servant maid, four guards and four cart drivers). The travel was mostly uneventful but they must noticed, that Lord Viserion had increased the customs and also filled the gallows yard of Dragonport – both facts, which were open criticised by Lady Anya.
Remembering the last encounter with Viserion, Gard did not want to visit the castle before he at least gets rid of the cargo (and had get quarters for the guards and servant men). Therefore the party first went to the city Dragonport. It was planned to store the cargo at a warehouse of Hakon Trader, the business partner of Lady Fiana Blyth’s wool trade.

But the party soon must noticed, that the situation had changed. Lady Fiana had suddenly changed her wool supplier, leaving Krayenhorn without a purchaser. Her new supplier was Boros Turn, a merchant who lived at Dragonport, but was born on Dannett-territory. Turn mostly traded with agriculture products and inherits some farmsteads. Lady Fianas decision came quite surprising, because Turns wool seemed to be of a lesser quality and perhaps even costlier. Lady Fiana had always tried to increase the relations between Krayenhorn and Dragonport – there were no plausible cause for her sudden decision. The party managed to get a store place for the wool (and quarters for the guards and servants) and then decided to visit castle Dragonport.

Arriving at the castle, they soon noticed, that the garrison were busy. The troops trained, repaired and improved their weapons, armours and other gears. It looked like Lord Viserion was planning a military operation in the near future – an analysis, which troubled Gard, his sister and Lady Anya altogether.
The welcome by Viserion was frosty – especially concerning Gard and Lady Anya. At least the party was not thrown out immediately. But when Gard asked his brother about his future plans and mentioned his worries, his older brother reacted rather harsh.
Gards and Alyannas attempt to inquire Lady Fiana about her decision concerning the wool was mostly fruitless. She convinced her son to quit the question. Alyanna was more successful, but when it seemed, that she could win the intrigue, her mother almost run away, leaving Alyanna without answers for the moment.

The supper happened in a rather uncomfortable atmosphere, which was increased by the presence of Viserions new bodyguard Paedrig Rivers – the bastard nephew of Lady Anya. Anya was angry, that Paedrig (after being brought heavy wounded to Krayenhorn, healed there and then send away) now served Lord Viserion. For her, this was a sign of ingratitude. Her bastard nephew also was not happy about the situation, while Lord Viserion seemed to be very amused.
Lady Anya, Gard and (to a lesser extend) Ragnar were the permanently target for innuendoes and sarcastic remarks by the lord (for example concerning about their problem with the wool and the probably ‘good relationship’ between the young Lady and her two male guests). Gards and Viserions mother tried her best to calm the waves. Gard was able to hold his temper, while Lady Anya wasn’t so prudent. But thanks to Alyanna’s intervention, a great clash could be avoided. However, Lord Viserion was able to arrange a duel between Paedrig Rivers and Ragnar Greyjoy, by claiming his bodyguard as a superior fighter.
The duel happened in the yard of the castle and drew a great mass of spectators. The fight should be fought to the first wound or injury and a massive golden ring was the victory price. Viserion malicious suggested that Lady Anya perhaps should give Ragnar a gift of her affection for the fight, but the lady only stated out, that she despised the whole spectacle. While Ragnar awaited the fight with enthusiasm, his opponent seemed not so happy about his task. However, Ragnar was defeated almost immediately with a nasty injury.
He was send to the new healer of the castle, a silent, restrained man named Orest. The healer seemed to be not a friend of such past time activities – and also no friend of Lord Viserion. He treated the injury well and warned Ragnar, not to show again with such a problem in the next time.
While Ragnar was immobilized, Alyanna later had a secret meeting with Paedrig Rivers. She charmed the young man and was able to convince him, to be her spy at Dragonport. Therefore she promised him (not complete sincere), to soften the attitude of Lady Anya and Lord Gavan concerning their bastard nephew. While she was willing to do so concerning Lord Gawan, Alyanna did not want to increase Lady Alyannas disposition, because she assumed, that Paedrig did perhaps admire his two years older aunt a little too much. However, when Alyanna later mentioned her speculations to Lady Anya, Anya reacted angry. She found this idea ridiculous, because she and Paedrig did never acted to each other in a not honourable way.

However the next day began with business. Gard and Ragnar visited Hakon Trader, because they hoped that he could help them concerning the wool (they soon had learned, that selling them on their own or to Boros Turn would not be very profitable). In the end Hakon Trader was willing to use his contacts to sell the wool for a fair price – but only if they tried to discover, why Lady Fiana had changed her wool supplier. Her decision seemed to have troubled him, because he didn’t like Boros Turn – and the quality of his goods. Given the fact, that at least Gard and Alyanna already wanted to do a little investigation, Gard easily agreed.
Gard and Ragnar began with researches in the city Dragonport, following the hints, which they get from Trader and the commander of the garrison (a man, who despite Lord Viserions disposition tried to be at good terms with ALL members of the Blyth family).
Finally they get some information at the local bath house/ brothel “Mermaids Pool”, where Turn and his bodyguard were regularly guests. It seemed that Turn had indeed something in his possession, which he used to blackmail Lady Fiana Blyth, but it was still unclear what it was.

Meanwhile, Alyanna was also busy. She was able to convince her mother, to tell her why she changed the wool supplier. Hakon Trader’s assumption was quiet correct, Boros Turn did indeed blackmail Lady Fiana Blyth – not only for money, but also for information about Viserions plans and the troops of the lord. Turns lever was Vala, the servant maid of Viserions wife, who vanished in the night, when Viserions wife and newborn son died. Turn has got the maid in his hands (unknown how) and threaded Lady Fiana, that Vala could tell some dangerous facts concerning Lord Viserion and the death of his wife. Lady Viana was a little bit vague of the real meaning of these embarrassing facts, but she seemed to take the danger serious. She also pleaded Alyanna (and later Gard) that they keep the whole situation as a secret – and especially don’t tell anything to Viserion. She (probably correctly) assumed that in this case Viserion would act harsh, brutal and undiplomatically – not a good idea, given the delicate nature of the subject and the fact, that Boros Turn has his roots at Dannett-territory (which also would heighten his prejudices against the Dannetts).

The group considered a direct action (for example to kidnap Turn or one of his servants for interrogation) but finally decided to use a more subtle approach. Given the fact, that Viserion had ordered an elaborate search after Vala when she vanished, the party didn’t believe, that the girl was still in town. But Turn owned some farmsteads (on Dannett- and Blyth-territory), and the party thought one of these might be the hideout for Vala.
Therefore they decided that Hakon Trader should use his rural contacts to search for evidences for Vala. Alyanna, having her own net of informants also started a research.
Meanwhile Hakon Trader had sold the wool – for a good price (increased secretly by Lady Fiana with some gold dragons because she wanted to help her younger son. Ragnar had secretly urged her to this action, because he did know, that Gard did not want to fail Lord Gard). With this money, the party could by the necessary goods for Krayenhorn.
Before they leave, Alyanna had a secret meeting with Viserion, and convinced him (falsely) that she could be his spy at Krayenhorn – especially concerning Lady Anyas connections to her relatives (the Dannetts). Alyanna wanted to use her new role to perhaps calm down Viserions distrusts and to earn a little bit money.

The travel back to Krayenhorn was uneventful. Nearly a week later, the researches of Alyannas spies brought useful information. It seemed that Vala was hidden on Dannett-territory at Rode’s farm. The owner of the farmstead was in dept by Boros Turn. The information in which way Vala may be guarded was a little vague.

Gard, Alyanna and Ragnar decided to get the maid in their hands. They informed Lord Gard about their intention and then travelled secretly to Rode’s farm. They were able to avoid any patrols of the Dannetts.
At Rode’s farm they were able to capture Vala and the mercenary woman which guarded her. But Gard and Ragnar both were wounded by the Elkhounds of the guard woman.
The party was quite surprised to find Vala pregnant. They took the young woman with them and allowed her guard to go away.

Valas story was sad and indeed dangerous for the honour of the Blyth. While Viserions wife Anna was pregnant, her husband had started an affair with Vala, her service maid (if this relationship could really be called an affair, because Vala was too afraid to say ‘No’).
Finally Vala get pregnant and Lady Anna noticed this. She was furious when she heard who the father was and wanted to confront her husband. The pregnant Lady stumbled on the steep stairs of the castle…this was the cause of her fail birth and death. Although Viserion did not killed his wife he was in some way guilty of her death. This also explained his violent reaction.
Vala, afraid of Viserions reaction managed to flee the castle. She hoped, that Boros Turn might help her (because he had also ties to the septrie Eaglewood, a probably ‘safe place’ for high born bastards and ‘fallen’ maiden) – but the merchantmen instead decided, to held her as lever for his blackmail.

Gard decided to actually bring Vala to the septrie Eaglewood – at least for the moment. He informed Lord Gard, Lady Fiana – but not his brother, Lord Viserion. Later Lady Anya managed to get the whole sad story out of him, but she also decided to keep her mouth shut.
Boros Turn, afraid of the probably consequences of his deeds, managed to slip away (also, because the party could not do much without informing Lord Viserion), but of cause his business with Lady Fiana stopped.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

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After some time, here comes a new chapter in our saga :lol: Did not have so much time for writing (and given the fact, that english is not my mother language)...
(Hope it was enjoyable - and understandable - till now) :wink:


Some weeks passed by and the tensions between Lord Viserion Blyth of Dragonport and house Dannett get even worse. Lone farmsteads and travellers were attacked by unknown forces, barns and fields looted. Lord Viserion seemed to believe, that all this was organized by the Dannetts. He had sent a great part of his troops to his border with the Dannetts. The fear of a coming violent conflict and Viserions forceful requisition and mobilisation for his military forces troubled the peasants. Ser Gawan Blyth of Krayenhorn was also deeply concerned about this development and feared, that the violence could spill over to his territory – or that Viserions acting would force him to take sides in an unnecessary conflict. There were also unproven rumours about armed gangs (bandits or clansmens) which used Krayenhorn-territory to cross over into Dragonport-land.
Even the greatest local noble house, the Arans, seemed to be alarmed. It was said that they want to send an ambassador to broker the tension between Lord Viserion and the Dannetts.

During this troubling time, Erik Blyth (new Player Character) arrived at Krayenhorn. Erik was the uncle of Viserion, Gard and Alyanna. He was quasi-exiled from Dragonport 15 years ago, when he took side for the Tagaryens, while his older brother went with Robert Baratheons cause. However, Erik was able to survive the fall of the Tagaryens unharmed and had established a profitable dye business at Oldtown and Kings Landing. While he was certainly no a man of fighting qualities, he was an able negotiator and merchantman. When he had heard of the death of his brother, he decided to make a visit, because he wanted to honour his dead brother and perhaps return to his old home. However, hearing about the probably military conflict and the unstable situation, he decided to stay for the moment at Krayenhorn.
The welcome of Gard and Alyanna was a little bit reserved – their uncle had never show by in the last fifteen years and they both were certainly not the kids any more, like Erik did tread them. But Erik was soon able to ease some of the small resentments.

Because of the unstable situation and the rising violence at Dragonport-territory Ser Gawan asked Gard for a short patrol along the borders of the land of Krayenhorn, to appease the fears of the peasants and to look out if the raiders, which troubled Lord Viserion, indeed cross the borders. Ragnar and Erik accompanied Gard – Ragnar, because he always was up for an adventure, and Erik, because he wanted to establish a better relationship with his nephew.
The travel was uneventful at first, although they indeed heard about border crossing – but not only from unknown armed gangs, but also from peasants, which fled Viserions harsh regime.
When the party followed some tracks of border crossers, they soon discovered a group of refugees (young peasants which do not want to be enlisted into Viserions troops) – and a group of Viserions Soldiers, which followed the refugees.
The situation was tense, because Gard ordered the soldiers to retreat immediately behind the Dragonport-borders – without the peasants. Gards opinion was, that only Ser Gawan could decide, what should happen with the refugees – and that unallowed border-crossing of armed forces could not be tolerated.
The soldiers were not very happy about this order – but after all, Gard was still the brother of their Lord (and the legal status of their operation on Krayenhorn-territory suspicious at least).
The refugees were bound and brought to Krayenhorn. While Ser Gawan was also not happy about this complication, he decided that Gard had did the right thing (Lady Anya supported this point of view).
Some days later a – more or less sincere – apology from Viserion arrived and the poor refugees were sent back to a perhaps rather unhappy fate under the rule of Viserion.

Eric Blyth decided to make a visit at Dragonport, to visit his other nephew (Viserion) and to test the water for his dye business. Gard, Alyanna and Ragnar accompanied him, although Ser Gawan warned them because of the uncertain situation.
The party soon discovered that the rumours were true. Travel at Dragonport-territory had almost stopped – with the exception of patrols, which searched after the still unknown raiders. At the city and castle Dragonport the tension was high. Most of the officers and soldiers acted rather harsh and cautious – even toward Gard and Erik Blyth. The Lord was away, chasing raiders or preparing his fight against the Dannetts, which he claimed guilty for the violence. All waited for the ambassador of the Arrans, but were uncertain, what he would bring – and how Viserion would react. Eric was able to establish some connections to the commander of the city garrison and to convince Lady Fiana that her wool trade could perhaps profit from a dye business. But beside this, the stay was mostly fruitless, and no one wanted to wait until the lord returned.
The party returned to Krayenhorn.

Some days after this, an exhausted messenger in the uniform and armour of the personal guard of Lord Viserion arrived Krayenhorn. He brought the disturbing message, that Lord Viserion was killed in an ambush, and that Gard, Alyanna and Erik should returned immediately to Dragonport. Ragnar decided to accompany his friends.
The party did not even reach the border between Krayenhorn and Dragonport, when they were ambushed by clansmen – and the messenger, which turned out as a disguised aid of the attackers. The attackers tried to kill Gard and Erik, but wanted Alyanna alive.
However, the party was able to win the fight. Gard and especially Ragnar did most of the fighting, but even Erik killed one of the clansmen, but was serious wounded by another. The false messenger was captured. Short after this, a small group of cavalry arrived the scene – a patrol of Viserions troops, which had followed the tracks of some raiders. The unit was commanded by Paedrig Rivers. Of course, by doing this, Viserion men had again violated the borders of Krayenhorn. But in this situation, no one wanted to argue about this.
Paedrig informed the party, that Lord Viserion was not killed in the ambush, but serious wounded – it was uncertain, if he would survive. He also told that the ambassador of the Arrans had arrived short before – and was thrown into jail by Viserion.
Hearing all this, Gard decided that he must go to Dragonport. The other members of the party followed him, while Paedrigs soldiers protected them.

The situation at the castle and city of Dragonport was grim. Most of the armed forces were send to the Dannett border or on the hunt after the raiders – leaving behind only 50 men of the garrison, around 20 men of the personal guard and now the dozen of horsemen, which Paedrig commanded. Soldiers and civilians were troubled because of the threat of raiders, a probably conflict with the Dannetts, the incarceration of the Arran-ambassador and the critical health of the Lord (although not many people really like Viserion, he was still the lord, giving advices and direction). His mother, after all, was only a woman.
The arriving of Gard (de facto the heir of his older brother) changed the situation – he gave the men an option for the future and (soon) a leading hand.

After visiting his unconscious brother, Gard decided, that he should take the command for the moment. No one of the officers wanted really to argue about this, given the uncertainty if Lord Viserion would survive or not. Alyanna and Erik (both with some experience in healing) tried to help Viserion as good as they can, although Orest, the healer of the castle, was not very optimistic (and also not very moved about the probably death of the lord).
Gard (and his mother Lady Fiana) set free the ambassador of the Arrans and were able to calm his fury a little bit.

Gard also send a messenger to the troops that were massed at the border to the Dannetts, ordering them back.

While Gard was busy with his de facto lordly duties, Alyanna noticed, that the healer Orest tried to sneak into Viserions chamber. She followed him unseen and recognized, that he tried to kill her brother with sweetsleep. She alarmed the guards and Orest was arrested – but not before he could stab Viserion several times with his knife.
The treacherous healer was put into jail, while everyone with at least a little of healing abilities tried to stabilize Viserion – it was a big chaos. In Orest room, the party found not only sweetsleep, but also a little bit of greycap.

Some hours later, the rest of the cavalry unit arrived Dragonport – they had also searched after raiders and must retreated when they stumbled over around 150 clansmen.
Gard decided not to wait till the raiders arrived and marched out to intercept them with the cavalry and the rest of the garrison of Dragonport – altogether he had 20 riders and 50 foot soldiers under his command. Only 20 men were left behind. He also sent messengers to warn Krayenhorn.
Gards attempt to intercept the clansmen was successful, but he was not able to ambush them. He ordered his troops onto a small hill and waited for the attack of the raiders. The clansmen tried to send some scouts for a swift arrow attack, but Gards troops noticed this. The cavalry charged forward and killed or rooted the scouts immediately.
Demoralized by this, the other clansmen lay fire to the dry grass and retreated – but in good order. One lonely clan warrior marched in front of Gards troops and challenged Gard for a duel. The general denied this challenge, but allowed Paedrig Rivers to fight (Ragnar also volunteered, but Gard denied his pledge because he, as a ward of the family, was too valuable to risk his life unnecessary). Paedrig killed the clansman, but because of the duration of the duel and the grass fire, it was impossible to follow the raiders, which retreated into the wilderness.

When the troops returned to Dragonport they must recognized, that Viserion meanwhile has died because of his wounds. A closer diagnosis also showed, that the “healer” had already poisoned Viserion with Greycap shortly after he was wounded – his attempt to kill him with sweatsleep/knife was caused by his fear, that someone would noticed the Greycap (a rather slow poison) and could rescue Viserion.
Orest almoust proudly confessed why he killed the lord. The old midwife who was killed by Viserion because of the death of his wife Anna was Orest’s mother. The healer only had come to Dragonport to get his revenge. He had waited, till the wounding of Viserion in an raider ambush gave him the right opportunity.
Meanwhile an interrogation of the captured false messenger, who lured the party in the ambush, brought the disturbing fact to notice, that some lord seemed to aid and support the clansmen for their attack. The false messenger (a clansmen half blood) did not know which lord was behind the plot, but he was sure, that his clan chief (Ture Strong Hand from the Mist Brothers, son of Torvan – who had an old feud with the Blyth of Dragonport) get weapons and information from a “flatland lordling”.

Gard decided to let the half blood in jail and to execute Orest for his crime. The healer was left a choice. If he declared his guilty and confessed that he act simply on his own, he would be only beheaded – no torture or so. This deal was offered, because soon rumours spread, that perhaps someone (the Dannetts, another enemy of the Blyth – or even Gard himself) had hired him for the job. Orest agreed and was beheaded by Lord Gard with one swift stroke of his Greatsword.

The old Lord was dead. Long life the new Lord, Gard!


One comment to the adventure. Although i certainly want to give Gard the opportunity to become Lord, it was not atomaticly. If the party had discovered the poisening earlier (by better diagnosis or deduction after the found the rests of the greycap) or could treat the stabbing wounds of Viserion a little bit better...
After all, the lord died by a combination of greycap, his battle wound and the stabbing (and the fact, that the party was not good enough with healing)...

If anyone hav ideas for future adventures or some comments (and also critics), let me know. :D
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

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These two adventures were rather short, so i put them together. Simple little gap-filler so to speak.


Some days after Gard became Lord, his uncle Eric got an invitation by Ablar Townsman, the richest and most important merchant of Dragonport and de facto primus inter pares of the city council (which is build out of the richest citizens, the commander of the city garrison and the city administrator who is appointed by the Lord – last post is not in any case filled). Given the fact that Eric wanted to establish a dye business he of course was interested to have good relations with the members of the city council. However, he already had noticed that some of the older and well established members look with resentments and distrust to newcomers.
Eric’s planned to establish himself with good relations to other “newcomer” members of the council (men who lived in Dragonport “only since ten or fifteen years”) and also to the old families. He accepted the invitation.
The meeting happened in Ablar Townsmans house, in a quiet familiarly atmosphere (meaning, that most members of the great Townsmen family were present). The food was good, the wine too, and the conversation polite. Eric tried to charm Ablar. However, he soon noticed, that Ablar was mostly interested to learn more about Eric’s business plans – and his past (especially his acting during Roberts Rebellion).
Eric did not want to lay out his complete motives, plans and past deeds, but could also not quit the conversation politely. He didn’t want to be rude, so he tried to act as drunken, to avoid question. This attempt was more or less successful because Ablar quit his “interrogation”. However, he commanded some of his servants to bring the “drunken” guest back to the castle.
The arrival of his supposedly VERRY drunken uncle embarrassed young Lord Gard. Also, the news of Eric’s drunkenness soon spread in the next days, doing perhaps not so much good for Eric’s reputation.

But beside this after all more comical event, there soon happened more serious things. Some days later, when Gard and Eric left a meeting of the city council, they were alarmed by shouts and turmoil, coming from the sept of Dragonport.
They soon discovered that the Septon was attacked and beaten unconscious by unknown attackers. After his wounds were treated and he was conscious again, he could tell that he was attacked by two or three men, clad in leather and wool, with an ‘mountain accent’. Gard immediately ordered the garrison to close the gates and to report any strangers, which meet the description. Meanwhile, a quick search in the sept revealed that the attackers’ true aims were the statues of the Seven – the sword of the Warrior was stolen and the crown of the Father damaged.
Gard came to the conclusion, that this was an attempt of the clansmen to get at least a psychological victory after their defeat in battle.
Following the information of the gate watch, it was possible to follow the clansmen, which had left the city shortly before the gates were closed. Gard and Eric were accompanied by four men of the city guard.

They were able to able to catch up with the clansmen, but when the clansmen split up, their followers were forced to do the same.
Eric did have the luck (if you want to call it so) to catch up with the leader of the three clansmen – a dangerous opponent. He wounded the guard who was with Eric and it soon became clear, that Eric was no match for him.
Because of the shouts and the fighting noises, the other groups soon recognized, that Eric was in danger and rushed to his aid – but by doing so, the other clansmen could go away.
When Gard arrived the scene, Eric was already injured and at the mercy of the clansman. Because of this, the thief could negotiate himself out of the trouble – he let Eric live, gave back the sword of the Warrior – and therefore, Gard spare his life.
Gard kept his word and let the clansman go. He had claimed back the sword, but let the thieves go away – a victory, but not a complete one.

When the party arrived at Dragonport, they soon must notice that the clansmen also left behind a banner on the grave of Viserion – either a sign of victory or a declaration of war.
The statues were repaired, but after this new attack by the clansmen, Gard more and more began to think about a possibility to get revenge for these aggressions – perhaps with a raid ore strafe expedition into clan territory. Neither his mother Fiana nor his uncle Eric was very keen of this idea. However, Gard made clear, that he most certainly would not start such an operation without support by other houses, and for the moment the idea is known only by few persons.


(Warning! Spoilers for “Journey to King’s Landing”)

Some days later, Gard and Alyanna went to the Septrie Eaglewood. Gard, as the new Lord, want to make a better impress than his predecessor Viserion. And he and Alyanna also wanted to look after Vala, the young maid of Viserions dead wife, which was pregnant from Viserion.
Paedrig accompanied them as a bodyguard.
On their way, the party discovered the dead bodies of two ambushed man (probably knights or minor noblemen) and a serious wounded boy (a squire?). They were able to stabilize the boy and brought him to an inn on the road.
The party soon discovered that the name of the boy was Jodrell, squire of Ser Roddik and Ser Tymon, which were indeed ambushed by bandits. A quick questioning of the inn owner and some of the guests revealed that this might by the deed of ‘Ser Ander’, a hedge knight which became a bandit and troubled the area for some time. Given the trouble between Dannetts and Blyths during the last month, the clan raids and the few troops of the Septrie, he was able to operate for some month.

One of the guests acted a little bit suspicious, and during the night Paedrig noticed, that this man sneaked outside the inn. Paedrig followed unseen and the man lead him to a little camp in the woods – probably the hideout of ‘Ser Andar’. Paedrig returned to the inn and informed Gard and Alyanna. Gard decided that he and Paedrig would attack the bandits, while Alyanna was left behind in the inn.
The two warriors were not able to surprise the bandits, so both sides were ready to fight. Paedrig successfully challenged ‘Ser Andar’ for a duel – and won. He captured ‘Ser Ander’, while the other bandits retreated into the wilderness.
The dead knights were buried, their squire and their possessions were sent back to their family – and ‘Ser Ander’ was sent to the Wall.

After this, the travel (and the time at the Septrie) was quite uneventful. Vala was in good health and it seemed that she had kept her mouth shut about the exact circumstances of her pregnancy.
During this time, Gard initiated first carefully negotiations with the Aran’s about the possibility of closer links between the two houses in the way of a marriage. He himself hasn’t a wife yet, and the try of the clansmen to kill him and Erik while capturing his sister reminded him how fragile the fate of house Blyth is at the moment. Lady Fiana (with support of her daughter Alyanna) began to look, if Lord Aran would not perhaps like to see his daughter Meera or granddaughter Elyssa (daughter of the third son of Lord Aran, who died some years ago by a jousting accident) as new lady of Dragonport.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

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After some time here comes the next adventure (actually the first *big* one in which i wasn't the Gamemaster - it was about time. Before i could use my char only as a npc :x ).


After Gard, Alyannas and Paedrigs return from Eaglewood the next days nothing happened - except that Alyanna get herself a new maid: Myriah Rivers, bastard daughter of the commander of the city garrison. In short term, the young lady try to please the officer in this way, in long term she planed to teach Myriah to be a part of per secret spy-network. It soon became apparent that Myriah cultivated some sort of affection for Paedrig (secretly encouraged by Alyanna who saw this as an opportunity to distract Paedrig from his assumed attraction towards Lady Anya Blyth of Krayenhorn). However, Paedrig treated Myriah friendly and courteous but nothing more. This had several causes. Secretly he had (like Alyanna assumed) affection for his two year older aunt. And he had noticed that Myriah might have some hopes and expectations that he could not or would not fulfil. Paedrig was also uncertain, how Alyanna (or Gard or Lady Fiana) would react if he gets intimate with Alyannas maid. And last but not least he did not think that the only proper company for a bastard is another bastard (or other social lower standing people).

Then house Blyth get the news that Lord Vickon Arran (head of the most important house in the region) wanted to visit Dragonport – obviously to get a closer look of the new Lord Blyth. There wasn’t much time to prepare because Lord Aran announced his intentions only two days before his arrival – certainly also some sort of test for Gard.
The party did make preparation for a little feast (Eric did his best to manage this), some riding and jousting games (not a real tourney, only an opportunity for the young noble men to show their talents) and an elk hunt (while there were no Master of the Hunt, Ragnar and Paedrig should organize this. Paedrig successfully tracked the animals, while Ragnar made sure, that no peasants or lumberjacks interfered the hunting).
Eric Blyth and a cavalry detachment under Paedrig Rivers command welcomed Lord Aran at the borders of the Blyth-territory and escorted him to Castle Dragonport.
Lord Vickon Aran was accompanied by his younger son Ser Vickon, Ser Adham Dannett (heir of the Dannett family) and their squire Torrhen Falkirk. Also part of the group were some soldiers and Ser Byron Falkirk, an officer and old friend of Lord Aran (Adham Dannett was his Squire before he was knighted). The presence of one Dannett and two Falkirks certainly promised tension, given the fact that both families were not at good terms with the Blyths.

However, it happened nothing serious for the moment. The guests were escorted to Dragonport and welcomed with bread and salt (and by the houseguard). The evening was mostly pleasant, letting beside Lord Arans sometimes a bit cynical remarks. The meal was good as was the music and the Lords and Ladies danced and parleyed (Paedrig – being only a bastard – stayed mostly out of this).
During this and also in the following days, Ragnar und Paedrig tried to charm the young knights, while Lord Gard (assisted by his uncle Eric) started an attempt to do the same with Lord Aran (and also negotiate some questions concerning trade, revenues and taxes).
Wile Gard and Eric were eventually successful, Ragnar was not able to charm Ser Vickon but get some plus points for the idea of a more…adventurous evening at the inns and one of the brothels of Dragonport. He promised to organize this event after the hunt and the jousting.
In the meantime Paedrig was able to improve Adham Dannetts intentions concerning the Blyth’s. Lord Arans son (who is a womanizer with a certain reputation) tried to seduce Alyanna but was not successful (instead she was able to get at least his acceptance for the wedding-project concerning Gard and one of the Aran girls, what cost her nothing more than some uncertain promises).

The elk hunt on the next day was successful and the guests were pleased. Gard was attacked by a boar, but mastered this situation without any injury. In the evening the young noble men (and also Paedrig) could show their riding and martial abilities. All in all, Gard, Ragnar and Paedrig made a good impression, without embarrassing one of the guests (Eric did not participate).
Ragnar did win the horse race and was also very successful with the lance – Paedrig get a nasty face injury while jousting against Ragnar. In the end, Ser Vickon Aran won the jousting (after three rounds without a clear winner between the two finalists Ragnar and Vickon, Ragnar accepted Vickon as the better fighter).

The next evening Ragnar, Eric, Paedrig, Ser Vickon, Ser Adham and Torrhen make themselves a good time at the city Dragonport (Gard did not participate, because such amusements were not his liking). After a fine meal and good wine they all went to the bathhouse and brothel “Mermaids Pool”. There was a little bit trouble with some drunken officers of a merchant ship, but Paedrig was able to calm the waves.
The men were quite drunk when they returned to castle Dragonport – and were ambushed on the way. The attackers seemed to be interested in capturing or killing Ser Vickon Aran and Torrhen Falkirk and offer the others a way out, but of course the others did help their comrades. Because the young men were drunken, not armoured and some of them also not armed very well, the fight was quite tough.
Ragnar was serious wounded, but Adham Dannett and Paedrig each killed one of the attackers, while Ser Vickon captured another one. After this, the attackers retreated into the darkness.
When the group did arriving castle Dragonport, their appearance of course stirred a lot of surprise, concern and action. Wounds must be treated (while there was still no professional healer at the castle), soldiers were sent out to search after the remaining attackers. Lord Aran furious blamed Gard for not preventing this attack – and in his rage also mentioned Gards attempts to arrange a wedding between house Aran and Blyth in a quite nasty and not very friendly way. However, Gard stayed calm and stand for his responsibility instead reacting angry.

The search after the attackers was not very successful – they escaped without problems. However, the interrogation of the captured fighter (he did get the choice to tell the truth and go to the nightwatch or keep his mouth shut and be tortured and executed) and some further researches together with the knowledge of Lord Aran revealed, that the ambush was the work of a young man named Joren Ripon.
Joren – in the words of Lord Aran “the last rotten branch on a dead tree” – was the last known survivor of a local house (Ripon of Twinwood) that was stripped of their holdings and lands and nearly extinct during Roberts Rebellion by house Aran and Falkirk. Now it became clear why the attackers only wanted Ser Vickon and Torrhen. This information calmed Lord Aran’s furious temper a little bit (perhaps because he felled a little bit guilty?). It seems very likely that Joren had spotted his chance for revenge when Lord Aran left his land with the young Falkirk in his entourage, while an attack on Aran- or Falkirk-Land would be to dangerous (in Dragonport sellsword could be found more easily and no one there expected such kind of trouble). Gard vowed revenge against this perpetrator who hurt his honour as Lord and protector of his guests.
Lord Aran did not want that the whole situation became public and so he wanted the true cause of the attack treated as a secret between him, his son, Gard, Eric and Paedrig. However, shortly after this, Alyanna was able to convince Paedrig to tell her the truth – again not wholly serious promising him to increase Lord and Lady Krayenhorns intentions towards their bastard nephew.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

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To get more information for a probably operation (or at least a more efficient protection) against the clans, Gard started a conversation by letter with maester Ornim of Krayenhorn (who know a lot of the history of the Blyth-family and the whole region) and asked his uncle Eric, if he could do some research in the ‘library’ of castle Dragonport (old lists, chronics, family books, documents etc.).
Gard soon get the (not surprising) information, that problems with clansmen were nothing new. Long time ago the Arans, Ripons and both Blyth families organized, financed and manned a line of watchtowers to secure the border. But this elaborated system didn’t last very long because in the end these towers could not (or simple would not) maintained. Today no one did exactly know were the towers were erected, how the service was managed (or if the whole story were even true).
Anyway, in more recent times there was at least some form of border protection by a patrol unit, funded by the four houses. But mostly peaceful times, the costs of the border troops and disagreements about their use lead again to a slowly decline. In the end it was reduced to one or two dozen men of questionable professionalism and loyalty.
The last blow was the fall of house Ripon during Roberts Rebellion. House Falkirk did have his own way to deal with the clans and was not in very good terms with the Blyths. From this time, every house must defend his borders alone. While the Falkirks and Arans were able to do so (or come to terms with the clans), Krayenhorn was the looser of the new situation (and an opportunity for clan bands to sneak into the territory of other houses).

Another topic in the letter conversation between Gard and maester Ornim was the problem, that Dragonport still did not have a professional healer. Ornim lay out three alternatives:
Gard could ask in Oldtown for a master. But this would be costly, with an uncertain result (even if Ornim backed it) and would cost a lot of time.
An alternative it would be to look out for a ‘maester for hire’ (for example a participant of the master school who never finished his maester chain). This could bring a quite able man, but did have also some uncertainties.
Or he could search for a local healer. In this case it would be easier to get information about his (or her) abilities, but certainly such a man/ woman would not be as educated as a real maester or even a ‘maester for hire’.

A research in old chronics revealed, that house Blyth of Dragonport did normally have no maester, because 250 years ago the house-maester was unable to stop an epidemic disease which killed many people of Dragonport, the two sons of the lord, endangered the life of his young wife, and in the end also killed the helpless measter. After this, the Lord did not send for another maester but for a local healer (some stories say, he was from the Neck). This man was able to rescue the lady, which later gives birth to the new heir of the lord. After this the Blyth tend to trust more in a healer of local descendent than the abilities of a master.

Gard decided that it would be right to follow the tradition (and also not so costly). Maester Ornim seemed to have already a candidate in his mind. He had heard about a ‘wise woman’ with certain abilities. There were also rumours about her magic abilities, but Ornim certainly did not believe this.
But given the fact that this woman live somewhere in the borderland, a visit would cost some days and could be even dangerous. Therefore, Gard accompanied by Eric (who had enough healing and knowledge abilities to test a healer) decided that he would take two soldiers with him. But the acquisition of a healer was important enough that Gard do not want to delegate it (also remembering what the last healer had done…).

The travel to Krayenhorn was uneventful and Gard and Eric were warmly welcomed. Of course the conversation in evening mostly centred on the events and adventures of the last weeks. Gard informed Lord and Lady Krayenhorn about his wedding plans with the Aran family (Anya asked a little bit sardonic if he ever asked or at least meet one of his potential brides). But beside this more subjective remark (Anya was also wedded without asking her opinion) both seemed to be willing to support him.
Because Lord Aran had wanted to treat this secret, Gard did not tell Lord and Lady Krayenhorn who was behind the attack during Lord Arans visit. While Lord Gawan accepted Gards word that he must be silent because he had sworn it and that the circumstances do not endanger Krayenhorn, Lady Anya was perhaps not satisfied and a little bit more curious than her husband. However, she did not have enough time to start a real intrigue.

Gard also tell them about his plans of an eventually military operation against the clans, because he wanted Gawans opinion (and his support in convincing Lord Aran to help with funds or troops). Lord Gawan seemed to be sceptical. He had his own experience in fighting with the mountain clans and had learned the problems of mountain warfare the hard way.
He told Gard that any operation into the mountains would be costly and dangerous – in a territory, where the enemy operates freely while regularly troops did not know the dangers of the terrain and most time not even where their target might be. Cavalry could not be used, heavy infantry is slowed down…
Most clans did have fortified hideouts which were hard to find and much harder to capture. There might be also the danger that other clans would intervene. Even a raid, an attempt to only burn down the crops, slaughter the animals and kill as many clansmen as possible while they are outside of their hideouts, would be complicated because of the little knowledge about targets and the difficult terrain.
The only ‘simple’ offensive option might be a raid into the borderland around the mountains – a territory which the clans used often for hunting, for raiding (and/or trading with) the half civilized border people, for their animals and sometimes even for small crop fields. In fact, during the last years such occasional raids into the borderland were the only form of offensive operations against the clans. But Gawan (who participated in some of such raids) was sceptical about their usefulness. The long and even the short term success were uncertain, and always the people of the borderlands (certainly not all clansmen or dangerous criminals) became victims.
Lord Gawan seem to prefer defensive measures – protecting the borders, perhaps hiring scouts for surveillance, coordination the border patrols of house Aran and Krayenhorn (perhaps with financial help by the Blyths of Dragonport). But if Gard want to organize an operation into the mountain, Gawan promised to support his former squire, at least by helping to convince Lord Aran for additional funds or soldiers.

Later the evening, the party get the chance to discuss their actual task (getting a new healer) with maester Ornim. Ornim had his own interests in getting these ‘wise woman’ into the civilisation. He wants to know more about the sagas, tradition, and the religious and medical practice of the clans - and it was said, that Elen Fairyeye, as she was called, was a clan halfblood. Also he mentioned that a ‘wise woman’ with alleged magical or prophetical power might be a potential (psychological) danger if a clanslord would be clever enough to use the superstition of his people and the border population. Therefore it might be better to have her in a more secured surrounding. Gard and Eric perhaps thought that this speculation might be little bit paranoid.
By Ornims knowledge it might be a two-day-travel into the wilderness to get to Elen, but he did not knew the way exactly. Therefore he urged the party to get a pathfinder – for example the deer hunter and trapper Wulf Rivers (another offspring of Micael Blyth of Krayenhorn and therefore an older half brother of Paedrig) who lived at the border of Krayenhorn-territory.
When the conversation came to Wulf, Ornim also used the opportunity to ask some question concerning Wulfs half brother Paedrig. He wanted to know how the bastard nephew of Lord Gawan had done his duties and what plans Gard might have with him. Gard ensured Ornim that Paedrig had acted as a valuable asset – competent and honourable. Gard saw no problem with the perspective that Paedrig might became a knight and commander of a military unit one day.
It was not clear if this was good or a bad news for Ornim, however he spoke again of the problematic situation of Lord Gawan, who did not have a son or daughter. There were no close (legitimate) relatives whom he saw as able to become his heir, only the bastards of his older brother Micael…

The next day, Gard, Eric and their two guards went to Wulf Rivers. The trapper lived fare away from other peoples, with only two hunting dogs as company. Wulf was in the mid-twentieth, not married, a hard and reserved man who treated Gard and Eric with caution and perhaps a little bit resentment. However, for the right money he was willing to bring the party to Elen. He warned that the travel might be dangerous – and that it would be wise for Gard and Eric to conceal their high birth.

The travellers were cautious, but nothing happened. In the evening they arrived the ruin of a tower (only six square yards big and certainly OLD), perhaps one of the old watchtowers. Although they heard wolves howling in the night, the predators did not get closer.

The next day, the party arrived Elens cabin. Surprisingly, the ‘wise women’ which lived in the area ‘since 50 years’, seemed to be only 20 years old – a small woman with short dark blond hair and a grey and a blue eye. She acted cautious but not afraid. The only other living beings at the cabin were a large elkhound and a horrible mutilated man close to death - a peasant from the free village Sevenhill who was attacked by a mountain lion some days ago. It soon became clear, that Elen was a woman who could take care for herself. After all she lived (first with her tutor, an old female healer, and after her death all alone) in a not very safe area, with only her dog and her abilities to protect her. But this, the rumours about her magic and the fact, that the local population (and even the clans sometimes) need a competent healer was enough to ensure her security.
Eric helped her with her patient and could so test her knowledge and abilities. She seemed to be a little bit superstitious in some ways but quite able in treating wounds and diseases. Eric came to the conclusion that she might indeed be a valuable asset for Dragonport (Gard agreed).
It was not easy to convince Elen. She seemed to have some prejudices about the ‘flatland lords’ and at first did not want to abandon their neighbours. But after all, living at castle Dragonport would be far more comfortable and secure. She would get money, more knowledge – she could even learn how to write and read.
However, she had some additional conditions. First she could not abandon her patient. Although his death seemed certain, she wanted to do her best. Second she wanted the lion killed which plagued Sevenhill. This beast had already killed many sheep and goats and even some people (the patient was the result of a failed hunt after the lion). Gard agreed to her conditions. While he, Wulf and one of the guards went to Sevenhill, Eric and the second guard stayed with Elen.

Eric was able to increase Elens intention towards her new employers while he stayed at her cabin. But they both were not able to rescue the wounded man – he died during the night.
In the meantime, the other three travelled to Sevenhill, a small village with perhaps around 100-150 people, ruled by a sort of village council. They seemed to live in an uneasy truth with the clans (some of the inhabitants might even have family ties with them). The clans sometimes traded, sometimes ignored Sevenhill, sometimes used it as a source of information – but also sometimes (although seldom) the “barbarians” steal animals or even kidnapping women. Because of this, the village was protected by a palisade and nearly every man (and some of the women) did have a weapon.
Gard and his company were welcomed with a certain amount of caution. Primus inter pares of the village council seemed to be ‘Septon’ Aryk, a middle aged man. It was not quiet clear if he was a real man of faith (given the fact that he was married and his religious knowledge seemed to be limited) but he was certainly a person of respect.
He (and the other villagers) was happy to hear that the newcomers wanted to kill the mountain lion (but not so much, that they gave Gard a lamb as lion bait for free).
The party went to one of the places where the lion was seen before and Wulf actually found a fresh track. They positioned the bait, get cover and waited.
When the lion attacked the lamb, the three hunters were ready to strike. Gard was injured, but together they were able to kill the beast. The villagers praised their ‘heroes’ and celebrated the victory with a good meal, singing and dancing (Gard was clever enough not to say that he want to take their healer with him).

The next day, the three hunters returned to Eric and Elen and together they all went back into the civilisation. Because Wulf had himself proven as an able hunter, Gard asked him (and of course also Lord Gawan), if he could take Wulf with him as the new master of hunt for Dragonport. Lord Gawan agreed, perhaps because he was not unhappy to get another bastard nephew out of his sight.
After the return to Dragonport, it soon becomes clear that Paedrig and Wulf at least for now do not want anything to have in common. The younger “knightly” bastard saw himself perhaps as a little bit better (because both his parents were noble), and his half brother was perhaps a little bit jealous of the life of Paedrig. Gard seems to test Wulf’s abilities, but the border-man seems to be an able hunter. Elen was treated very kindly by the lord’s sister Alyanna, which secretly recruited the healer as a spy. Lord Gard ordered Paedrig and Eric to search for additional information about the old border-watch and to calculate how much it would cost to re-establish the old line of towers and rally a unit of capable scouts/ fighters, a task that the two mastered more or less well.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

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Beside his tasks for his house, Eric was still trying to establish his dye business in Dragonport and want to strengthen his ties with some of the local merchants. He, as a newcomer, had himself allied with the other two ‘newcommers’ – Hakon Trader and Gunnar Groat (which organize trade to see respectively to land) – while the more established Ablar Townsman, Owyn Timber and Elynora Hatchet tried to contain them. However, given the fact that Eric was the uncle of the Lord (who could control the town and the commander of the town garrison although he mostly stay out of this business) and his ties with Gard’s mother Fiana (who has her hand in the trading and weaving of wool) his position was relatively strong.
However he wanted to strengthen his stance by breaking up the front of the ‘old hands’. He decided that perhaps Owyn Timber might be the right target. Timber owned some warehouses and controlled most of the shipyard and carpenter business of Dragonport (and also some other business at the docks). Timber was also at good terms with the commander of the city garrison. Eric wanted to charm Timber and eventually bait with a contract for building the watchtowers against the Clans (if this military project will ever start). However, Timber might be a hard target because of the family ties between his family and the Townsman’s.

Another opportunity to strengthen his stance (and to earn profit) Eric found in the idea to control a greater part of the regional wool trade. As a business partner of Lady Fiana Blyth and Hakon Trader and their trade contacts he could already count on the wool from Krayenhorn. Now he wanted to get a monopoly for the wool that was produced at the Septrie Eaglewood. If Eric and his partners would control these two sources, they would be (at least at the regional scale) in a quite strong position.

A brief conversation by letter revealed, that Septa Jonelle (the leader of the Septrie, a rlativly young woman of common birth) was at least interested in a personal meeting concerning an eventually wool monopoly. So one day Eric Blyth went on his way to Eaglewood. He was accompanied by Paedrig Rivers.
The welcome at Eaglewood was polite but not warmly, although Septa Jonelle and her second in command Septon Rodrick (an old, wise but perhaps sometimes a little bit senile man) seemed to be pleased by the gifts that Eric had brought with him.
However, bargaining with Septa Jonelle was not easy and Eric almost lost his intrigue. In the end he gets his wool contract but only for the promise that he will help to strengthen the stance of the Septrie against Jonelles rivals (for example by arranging that it would be a Septon/Septa of Eaglewood who will celebrate the wedding between Lord Gard and House Aran). Eric and Paedrig should also escort one of the ‘guests’ of the Septrie (which was always a save haven or storage point for unwanted or mentally instable nobles) to Dragonport, because he should be sent back to his family. They should escort Eddard Manderly, a man slightly older than Paedrig, because his family wanted him back to get married. Jonelle tell the party that Eddard was mostly harmless but might try to run away because he believed to have prophetical dreams and visions which warned him not to return into the North.

Eddard unsuccessfully tried to bribe and then persuade Eric and Paedrig to let him go. However, his words about a dark future, ‘when wolves, deer, lions, and the creatures of the sea will fight against each other, when even the flowers and the sun will go to war’ were enough to make Paedrig a little bit uncertain. Eric was not so easy to impress.

In the evening the party rested at an inn on the road – but neither Eric nor Paedrig get much rest, because Eddard Manderly had not given up his plans to ‘escape’. He tried his best to come to got terms with other guests (perhaps hoping that they might help him to flee) and it was not easy to prevent this. Given his high status, Eric and Paedrig could not (or at least would not) restrict Eddards actions as it might be good (for example by locking him up). However they were able to at least observe him and prevent any serious plotting between Eddard and one of the other guests.
All three slept in one chamber, and while Paedrig had secured the windows and the door (and even slept before the door), Eddard still tried to escape. But Eric wake up and together he and Paedrig could hinder Eddard to jump out of the window.

Next morning Eddard (still a little bit pissed of) invited another guest (a hedge knight) to accompany us on our travel. Paedrig and Eric do not argue about, because they did not want another dramatic scene in the open. However they were cautious and observed any conversation between Eddard and the hedge knight. While Eric tried to distract Eddard, Paedrig ‘immunised’ our new travel comrade against any bribing attempts by Eddard by promising the hedge knight a place in the military ranks of house Blyth.

Obviously Eddard came to the conclusion that words would gain him nothing and so he tried another course. Suddenly he smacked at Erics horse and while it gone astray (Eric is a very bad rider) Eddard tried to flee.
Paedrig shouted to the hedge knight that he should take care of Eric while he chased after Eddard. Although the hedge knight was a bit perplexed by this sudden event he followed order.
Paedrigs hunt was long and he almost lost Eddard. But in the end he was the better rider and was able to catch the fleeing man and bring him back to the road.
The rest of the travel to Dragonport was uneventful although the atmosphere was very strained (Eric and Paedrig a little bit pissed of, Eddard angry and the hedge knight curious and confused.

At Dragonport Eric and Paedrig soon recognized, that the next ship to White Harbor would sail in two days. It would be inappropriate (and to uneasy) to let Eddard Manderly stay this time an inn or onboard of the ship. Therefore they ‘invited’ him to stay as a honoured guest at castle Dragonport (of course with the consent of Lord Gard).
The next two days were not an easy time (especially for Paedrig who saw it as his personal responsibility to watch over Eddard). Also Lord Gard ordered two guardsmen to look after Eddard and instructed the servicemen/maids to be carefully. Lady Alyanna tried her best to distract the ‘guest’ while she found the whole situation slightly amusing.
Thanks to the permanent vigilance, Eddard was not able to make another attempt to escape. After two days he sailed away with a very frosty goodbye. Both Eric and Paedrig (and also Gard) were quite happy to see him leave.

But only one or two week’s later bitter news reached Dragonport. During bad weather, Eddard Mandery was washed overboard (or perhaps even jumped into the sea). His body could not be recovered.
While Paedrig was shocked and sorry, Eric was glad that this do not happened when Eddard was at our responsibility. Paedrig however began to fear, that Eddard perhaps might have been a truly prophet and therefore warned Lord Gard about what Eddard claimed to have foreseen for the future. However, Lord Gard do not realy believe this – for him, Eddards fate were probably a suicide or a tragic accident – not a foreseen fate.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Roadspike » Tue Oct 11, 2011 4:55 pm

This is great... looking forward to hearing more of your players' exploits.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:45 pm

Thank you...here it comes.
This story will come in several parts, because the adventure is fairly long and we are still not through. I do not know when I can finish the next part, so please be patient.

(Warning! Massive Spoiler for Peril at Kings Landing)


Peril at Kings Landing I (the travel to Kings Landing)

The recent events (trouble with the Dannetts, the attacks by the clans) brought Lord Gard to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to booster the (military) prestige of house Blyth by arranging a tourney. But this might be (too?) costly for the resources of Dragonport, so he was still indecisive. However before he came to a final conclusion, the Blyth (like other houses in the region) gets an invitation for a tourney at Kings Landing, celebrating the name day of Prince Joeffrey Baratheon. This sounded like a good opportunity to make an appearance of house Blyth in the capital, to gain prestige and honour. But given the dramatic events of the last weeks and months Gard thought that it might be unwise to leave his land for nearly two months. He also did not want that his sister Alyanna went to Kings Landing, because she was his heiress as long as he did not have a son or daughter. And given the fact that there was an attempt to kidnap her not even two month ago, he thought the travel might be too uncertain. Alyanna tried her best to persuade her brother to let her go, but with no success.
In the end Lord Gard decided that he would send his uncle Eric (who could speak for house Blyth and who also have a business ties to Kings Landing) together with Paedrig Rivers and Ragnar Greyjoy (both could and should fight in the tourney). While Ragnar want to fight for his own family, it was decided that Paedrig would be the fighter that represent house Blyth.
Inspired by Paedrig, Ragnar asked Alyanna that he would be ‘her’ knight in the tourney, a pledge that she agreed with some amusement. Paedrig also asked Gard, if one of them perhaps should also fight as Lady Anya of Krayenhorns knight (silently hoping that he might be the one), but Gard could not be persuaded.
However Lord Gawan of Krayenhorn asked Gard if his fighters might take some Krayenhorn-horses with him, to show their qualities at such a prominent place like Kings Landing. Lord Gawan himself could not participate in the tourney because of his duties and the still unstable situation with the clans. His suggestion was granted.

So only two days after the invitation arrived Dragonport, the three man get on their way, with a short detour to Krayenhorn to get the additional horses and a stable boy (called Thomas). Lord Gawan wished them good luck although his relationship with his bastard nephew Paedrig remained strained.
The first two days of travel towards the Kingsroad were not very comfy, much to the displeasure of Eric (Ragnar and Paedrig did not have such high travel comfort expectation).

On the second day the group suddenly faced the bloody bodies of five men nearby the road – and an angry bear who had feed from the corpses. The beast was killed by Eric and Paedrig.
A short investigation revealed that the men (perhaps mercenaries) were certainly not killed by the bear but slain by swords. The attack must been a surprise because they were not able to draw their weapons. There were no clear tracks of the murder (or at least the members of the party were not able to read them) and so after collecting the weapons of the killed men the party left the place (they did not have the tools nor the time to burry the killed). One of the dead mercenaries did have a sword with the old (pre civil war) Baratheon-weapon – perhaps a trace for a later investigation?

When the party arrived the Kingsroad later the day and wanted to get quarter at a local inn they faced a strange atmosphere: guests and personal seemed almost terrified by the Blyth banner. After some time (and some coins spent) the party found out the cause. It seemed that Adham Dannett, son and heir of Lord Aelfric Dannett, has visited the inn on his way to the tourney and told a gruesome story about the treachery and cruelty of house Blyth. He accused our house to have brutally killed more than a dozen Dannett-peasants (men, women and children). There were no eye-witnesses of this massacre, but a shield with the Blyth weapon was found and the traces of the attackers could be followed to the Blyth- borders. Adham Dannett was determent to claim justice for this crime at Kings Landing (perhaps even by the king?).
The party tried to persuade the owner and guests of the inn that they certainly not intended to start ‘another massacre’ but the atmosphere was still frosty. Question about the killed mercenaries (the party assumed a probably connection between the two events) were more successful. The men (plus one additional fighter) had indeed stayed at this inn before they were hired two weeks ago by an old man who wear the arms of house Archey (a blue fox on silver) and then marched to the coast. Only some days ago one of the mercenaries passed the inn again - on his own and in great hast.
The party paid the inn owner some money to burry the killed mercenaries and sent a message to Gard, warning him about the new trouble. And they decided to go undercover for the next time – they certainly do not wanted to argue every evening against the stories Adham Dannett has told to a more ore less interested audience.

The next evening at the ‘Great Deer Inn’ the party indeed could hear again the tale of the gruesome deeds of house Blyth. Beside this they also heard that Adham Dannetts sister Iris had gone lost (at least one event that was not laid on our shoulders). Given the fact that Iris should marry the rich (but old and fat) merchantman Ruben Piper this made the party wonder about the financial situation of house Dannett. After all a groom who is no noble man… It was unclear if Iris had run away, was perhaps hidden by her family or even kidnapped. But after all house Blyth had enough own problems…
The party also heard tales about a new robber in this area, called ‘fox knight’, normally more popular for marauding in the south, around Kings Landing. This nome de guerre made Paedrig wonder if this might be the man with the fox banner who had hired the killed mercenaries.
Another guest, the mercenary Ham Flowers (a Targaryan loyalist), made Paedrig suspicious because he seemed to know a lot (in fact too much) about the massacre at the Dannett-land. Also his story that he had killed a whole band of robbers on his own did not sound very convincing – if he did not mean the five dead mercenaries which were certainly killed by someone who they trust.
The party decided to hire Ham Flowers as a escort so that they can interrogate him when there was no one around (force him out of the inn and interrogate him in the barn of the ‘Great Deer’ might not be a good idea).
However, since a travelling merchantman called Rog Thanders also wanted to accompany us, the interrogation had to wait.

This delay was fatal, because the whole party were ambushed at the road and Ham Flowers killed by an arrow. While the three attacking fighters were easily charged down and captured by Ragnar and Paedrig, the hidden archer injured Ragnar seriously and escaped unseen.
The interrogation of the three prisoners (which where furious that their commander had abandoned them) soon revealed, that they believed to be hired by ‘Lord Dannett’ for a feud against house Blyth. But their descriptions of ‘Lord Dannett’ neither meet Adham Dannett nor Aelfric Dannett – but the appearance of the man that had hired the killed mercenaries. His legalization as ‘Lord Dannett’ was certainly a (bad) fake.
Now it became clear that this all must be a plot to discredit house Blyth or perhaps even start a feud. The party took the three soldiers with them (in fact hired them) so they could testify if there will be a court (or at least a parlay with Adham Dannett). The body of Ham Flowers was brought to the next village and buried. He might have been a robber and a murder, but (in Paedrigs mind) he was a Targaryen loyalist like Paedrigs father…

The next weeks were mostly uneventfully, beside the fact that the party still must hear Adhams stories every evening and therefore travelling incognito till they reached the Trident. After this the party decided that staying undercover was not longer necessary – here no one know their banner and very few were interested in the stories about a massacre some hundred miles away. The party arrived at Kings Landing without further problems and delays.

Meanwhile at Dragonport, Gard had done everything possible to calm the waves after he get message about the new problems. He ordered his troops to not react to any provocation (with the exception of a full military intervention) and send messages to house Dannetts and Arans, claiming his innocence.
The messenger to the Dannetts was chased away, but the messenger to house Arans returned with two commissioners and a group of soldiers, which should investigate the whole situation. Gard cooperated as much as he could – the commissioners get free access to Gards land, soldiers, officers and villages. He (and also Lady Alyanna and their mother Fiana) also tried their best to charm the commissioners. This was a hard task, given the fact that one of them was Ser Byron Fallkirk (the Blyth and the Dannetts were not at good terms, and Adham was his squire before he was anointed). The other commissioner was the Maester of the Arans. Although he was arrested by Gards older brother Viserion some time ago, he seemed to be more objective.
In the end the commissioners could not find any prove of Blyth’s guilt (but also no proves of innocence). A protocol of their investigation was sent to Kings Landing.
Of course, this whole troublesome situation brought Gards attempts of arranging a wedding between him and one of the Aran girls to a crashing halt – at least for the moment.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Eisen » Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:47 pm

I sence bad fortunes instore for House Blyth. A tourny at King's Landing is an epic affair. A change to gain great fame and glory for one's house. Paedrig Rivers sounds like a fine fellow so far, but to pin the honor of the house on a bastard? Scandal and outrage! The delicate ladies of the court will never cheer for a baseborn cur like him! House Blyth will be a laughingstock!
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:40 am

Hmmm, yeah you see...- the only "true" Blyth-character that might have a chance in this tourney would be Gard. And while he is an able commander and lord, his jousting skills are not so well. And most of all, Gard is the PC of the member of our group who managed this adventure. Ragnar Greyjoy wanted to fight for his own house. Eric is no fighter at all. We simply did not have so much choices :wink: (and we do not want to give an npc the role).

And by the way, under the rule of good fat king Robert, a tourney at Kings Landing might still be a great and prestigious event - but not so uncommen. It happens all the time - whenever old Robert want it (and he wants it often you know :wink: ).
It would be better if the Lord himself or another 'real' knight stand for the house - but if you do not have a better alternative a able bastard fighter (and former hedge knight squire) might be better than nothing.

In the text of the adventure (as far as i know) ther was the eventuality quoted that any able fighter (even a sellsword or so) could do it. At least Paedrig was a squire, is an officer (Vintenar=commander of 20 man)...

And after all in Westeros it seemed to be not AO uncommon that men (or even sometimes women) fight in a tourney. Perhaps it is also an attraction. The charme of the nobody or so... :wink:
Id realy do not know if his heritage (after all his father was an knight his mother a Gargalen - member of a major family) is an bouns in comparison to a common man or even a malus.
Depends who you ask maybe.

But it might be wiser if Paedrig would acted disguised as some "black" or "green" or "white knight" etc. to hide his dispicable heritage. We simply forget this option.

But trust me - we will have enough opportunities to get bad luck. Any frowning about Paedrig, gossipping by the ladies or laughing by some arogant nobles might be the smaller problem... :wink:
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Jon Hill » Sat Oct 22, 2011 1:33 pm

I got hold of the Song of Ice and Fire Roleplay recently. I’ve been working on a campaign myself and this thread has been a really brilliant insight into running a game (I’ve already stolen your idea for recruiting healers/masters).

Also, your English is degrees of magnitude better than my (and probably everyone else on the board's) German. This campaign is brilliant, Keep it up and keep us updated!
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:07 am

Thanks for the input (and the nice words). :D
But our group will not meet the next time so please be patient...

P.S.: I am especially pleased that someone used some of my/our ideas. :wink:
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby pouncingpanda » Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:39 am

I'm really enjoying this campaign log and don't find the second language a problem.

I think that by keeping things relatively "small scale" you've captured the feel of the books well. I'm particularly impressed by the detail (names, banners, mottos) that you put into the neighbouring houses. I'm finding creating neighbouring houses can be a lot of work! Did you generate them using the PC House Creation rules?

How much are you willing to deviate from the books? For example, if the PCs somehow killed an important character from the series, would you let it happen? I'm worried that any campaign set during the books would turn into a quest to kill Walder Frey!

Is SIFRP popular in Germany? You guys seem to have a livelier pen-and-paper RP scene than we enjoy here in the UK :cry: .
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Tue Nov 15, 2011 5:39 am

Thanks for the compliment.

Concerning the details for the neighbouring houses, this was mostly the work of my brother.
We used the PC House Creation rules with little modifications (for example the Arans as the biggest local players get some extra dices). It did cost some times, but after some years of role playing (and especially writing your own adventures) you get used to it. :wink:

Concerning your question how much we are you willing to deviate from the books...
This is complicated. One benefit of a rather small scale setting is the fact that you hardly get problems with the 'grand story'. You might be part of it, but most time you have no real chance (or a cause) to change it.
But given the fact that our game play getting closer and closer to the books (meeting some of the book characters etc.)...we will see.
I hope that we still can play as 'free' as possible without interfering into the 'grand story'. :wink: But as we come closer and closer to the war of the five kings...

Concerning Walder Frey...Gicen the fact, that 'our' liege lord is a vassal of the Frey... This will become very interesting if we ever get to the red wedding. >:)

I do not think that SIFRP is so much popular in Germany (and it is a shame). It cost us a lot of time to get our group together and most people which i have asked did not know about SIFRP.

P.S.: I hope i can post a new chapter in the next days.
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Eisen » Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:05 am

Been waiting with baited breath for your next session. I can almost hear the noble ladies booing Paedrig at the tournament already! Such scandal!! :P
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby pouncingpanda » Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:46 am

Been waiting with baited breath for your next session.

Don't worry Paedrig, you're still quicker than GRRM >:)
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Carriker » Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:27 am

Thanks for sharing your campaign with us! Some great ideas in here. :)
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Re: Loyal but Untamed (Campaign Log)

Postby Paedrig » Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:37 am

Peril at Kings Landing II (the time till the beginning of the tourney)
Well it was a long time. There are many intrigues, conversations and participants in this chapter. Hope you get not confused.

I gave your speculations (concerning the reaction of the noble ladies) to our game master but he did not think that the whole thing will get us so much booing – simply because the Blyth is such a minor and distant house. The whole matter might get more attention if Paedrig could beat a more prominent opponent, but I have my doubts that he is SO good. Certainly some will frown about such an ill placed bastard – but after all there are so many participants who are much more interesting in a good or worse way…


Eric and Ragnar had already been at Kings Landing (Ragnar when he and Gard escorted Alyanna home and Eric did live here some time in the last few years) but it was still a view for them. For Paedrig the city was almost overwhelming (although he was born at Kings Landing he had left the city at the age of only a few months).
The party soon discovered that Adham Dannett seemed to have foreseen their arrival – an officer of the goldcloaks (obviously incited by Adham) made some trouble but was bribed by Eric to let the party pass without further complications.
They get quarters at the ‘Green Tree Inn’, a noble and comfy place which seemed to have good ties with the nearby ‘Jade Spring’ noble brothel. Noticing this, Ragnar Greyjoy soon hired Marya, one of the more educated (and of course pretty) ‘Jade Spring’ girls as his companion for the time of his stay at Kings Landing (a quiet costly pleasure but after all he did have the money). Beside the party there were also some other guests of interest or higher social status at the inn: for example some members of house Lugus (a Westland-house with a certain but not very good reputation because their history of killing and bloodshed between rivalling members, although they are also known for their number and courage), two knights from Dorne (Bryan Telson and Gennady Shannin), a young female minstrel called Blackbird and the aged Ser Jorris Landseer.

During the evening, the party tried to get a better impression of the other guests. It soon became clear, that most of the knights at the inn wanted to fight in the tourney but beside this there was not much common ground.
Ser Bryan and Ser Gennady seemed not to be very fond of each other, perhaps because they were interested in the same girl – a companion called Lidda. Although Paedrig certainly wanted to know more about the two knights (his mother was from Dorne but he did know nothing about the land) he concentrated his attention mostly towards Ser Jorris, because the old knight mentioned that he was after the fox knight – a man who seemed to be also an enemy of house Blyth. Beside some tales and gossip Jorris did not know many facts, but he promised to help (like Paedrig promised him).
The Lugus group made a mixed impression to the party. Ser Naton Lugus was a tall, muscular, loud and vulgar man, while his brother Orten seemed to be less impressive but calmer, controlled and hard to read. He wanted to know more about the intention and goals of the group but retreated when Eric tried to get some information about HIM. The sister of the two Lugus, Marita, had the reputation of being a black widow. She had already outlived two husbands and now wanted to marry a third man, Ser Longway Woods, who also wanted to participate in the tourney and seemed to be not very happy about his wedding – just like the bride. The mother of the three was also at the inn, but mostly ignored the other guests.


The next day the party went to the tourney place outside the city walls to get into the tourney rolls. They also hoped to meet Adham Dannett and clear the tension between Blyth and Dannett in a face to face conversation. The tourney place was already filled with knights, squires, servants, horses, tents and a lot of other folks. Eric wanted to participate only in the shooting contest while Paedrig and Ragnar signed in for the Tjost, the Grand Melee and the Riding Contest (Paedrig also wanted to participate in some of the athletic contests although these were not very ‘knightly’). When Paedrig told the tourney herald the names of his parents, the old man seemed to remember them – and reacted not very fond (obviously the old scandal between Micael Blyth and Avara Gargalen was still not forgotten by some).

After this the party split. Eric went to the beer tent where he has the luck to meet the famous red priest Thoros of Myr, last surviving member of a drink-contest, while Paedrig and Ragnar went after Adham Dannett.
Their attempt to meet him was not successful – the young knight (or mostly his entourage because Adham simply stayed in his tent) denied any chances to talk. It was quiet frustrating. At least no one of the party draws a blade or lost his countenance. But they seemed to be not the only one frustrated, because a messenger of Ruben Piper (the would-to-be groom of Iris Dannett) tried to convince them to look out for the girl. This pledge slightly amused the two young knights.

After this Ragnar went sightseeing with his companion Marya while Paedrig went to the street of steel for ordering a new castle forged armour – a costly investment for him.
Eric Blyth meanwhile decided to visit his sister (and therefore Gards and Alyannas aunt) Visennya Buckwell, who lived at Kings Landing as a member of the royal court. She did have a lot of insight into the situation in the city and the Red Keep. However it became clear that she did not want to take sides in an eventually court if Adham Dannett really could bring his cause before the Hand or even King Robert. But Visennya informed Eric about the investigation of the Arans (a raven had arrived) and was willing to spy a little bit about Adham’s next steps.
When Paedrig returned to the ‘Green Tree’ he used his time to get at better terms with Ser Bryan. The two young knights soon found a common ground. Bryan warned Paedrig that he might get trouble with another dornish knight at the tourney – a knight from house Uller (Paedrigs mother was married to an Uller who was killed by Paedrigs father in a duel).

In the late afternoon the party was alarmed by Ser Jorris who claimed to have found the track of the fox knight. However the search in the woodland nearby the city brought nothing except disturbing an old boar. Paedrig and Ragnar killed the animal and took the whole situation with humour. Eric was a little bit pissed of – he was slightly wounded and certainly do not thought that some hours of marching through the wilderness was fun.
When the party returned not with the head of the fox knight but with a dead boar, the amusement of some of the other guests (namely Ser Gennady, Ser Naton Lugus and his comrades) was not very welcomed. However the situation stayed calm although there were some nasty words between Ser Gennady and Paedrig (this of course only increased the relation between Paedrig and Bryan – a common enemy...).
For Paedrig it soon became apparent that Bryan seemed to be really in love with this companion Lidda (and she seemed to be at least fond of the young knight, perhaps also because she did not like her ‘job’). When Paedrig tried to get a little bit more information about her past, the young woman blocked and he did not want to go any further. His attempt to get some information about Lidda from one of the other girls, Garya, failed. Garya seduced Paedrig, convincing him to spent money that he perhaps should have spare for future expenses.
Paedrig also recruited Ser Bryan and Ser Jorris for the Grand Melee team of the party.


The next day, Paedrig and Eric started a new attempt to meet Adham Dannett. Eric persuaded one of the tourney heralds to act as a messenger for an invitation for a meeting between house Dannett and Blyth at the Great Septe. However, this was again denied by Adham.
Ragnar mostly did sightseeing but also recruited another fighter (Ser Roderick Goodbrother, an ironman) for the Melee team.
Lady Visennya was not able (or not willing) to use her contacts in the court so that someone really important ordered Adham Dannett to a meeting with the Blyth’s. However she could tell the good news that no one in the court really cared for Adham Dannetts stories and demands. The young knight seemed to become more and more frustrated by the lack of interest in his cause. His behaviour and complains did certainly not made a very good impression, although the ongoing complains against Dragonport might find at least some (noble but not very important) ears.
Eric made a visit to the administrator of his dye business at Kings Landing. The books seemed in good order. Eric convinced him to look after some potential employees for Erics dye business at Dragonport.

However the party soon must remember that there was still an unknown enemy hiding. They (mostly Ragnar) did catch a boy who tried to put a faked letter into Erics chamber, dealing with ‘our’ massacre at Dannett-land. The boy only could say that a man with the Dannett arms hired and paid him. But given the fact that the whole operation seam to be ill planned, the party mostly thought that this might be another attempt to stir trouble between house Dannett and Blyth – not an action really initiated by the Dannetts. Anyway the party stepped up their security measures. After this, the evening was mostly quiet.


The next day brought some rather astonishing but also disturbing news for Paedrig Rivers. In the morning he gets a surprising visit by young Alys Gargalen – his female cousin. The young dornish noble woman did certainly not met the normal image of a noble maid – she was armed, armoured and with a rather cynical and arrogant behaviour. Without further explanations she ordered Paedrig in a very demanding way to follow her and challenged him to a riding contest across Kings Landing. Of course Paedrig accepted the challenge but was easily beaten by Alys and her horse, a beautiful dornish sandsteed. At least Paedrigs riding skills were god enough that he could hold his place close behind Alys, which nearly trampled down some unlucky bystanders during the chase.
Their ride ended at the tourney place where Paedrig met Alys father Alesander Gargalen (and therefore his uncle). Like Alys the noble mans intention toward Paedrig were a little bit frosty. Beside this, Alesander Gargalen was a much calmer and more controlled character than his hot headed daughter. The Gargalens had get notice about Paedrig because of the tourney lists (where Paedrig had named his father and mother names) and neither Alesander nor Alys where very happy about his appearance. However he was a relative (sort of) and they wanted to know more about him. Alesander also did not want any trouble between Paedrig and the Ullers because he did not want to increase the still apparent tension between the two houses. Therefore he strongly recommended to Paedrig that he should not seek any trouble and stay calm if he might be challenged or taunted be the Ullers (Alys seemed to have a more aggressive opinion towards house Uller).
Anyway the meeting was a chance for Paedrig to get some news about his mother. He heard that she had returned to Dorne after she handed Paedrig over to his grandfather fifteen years ago. The scandal around her affair with Micael Blyth of Krayenhorn, the dead of her Uller-husband in a duel and the fact that house Gargalen denied house Uller a financial compensation stirred a feud between the two houses which still have not ended. Because of all this the standing of Paedrigs mother in her own family was not very good. Short after her return to Dorne she was married to a landed knight (certainly a social downgrading). Paedrig also get the news that he now had two legitimate younger half siblings (a girl and a boy) and that his mother was again widowed (this time by the Ullers) five years ago.
Paedrig ensured Alesander Gargalen that he not wants any trouble with the Ullers. He also was willing to do his best to end the feud (perhaps by helping with a financial compensation for the Ullers). But he was not able to increase Alesanders opinion towards his bastard nephew. With Alys Paedrig was more successful. The two young people trained a little bit together and Alys proved herself as an able fighter (especially with the spear). Paedrig could increase her intention towards him (he himself felt a sort of affection towards his cousin – he seemed to have a fable for social superior and headstrong woman).
Anyway Paedrig could recruit both Alesander and Alys for the Grand Melee team, making the number complete.

Ragnar used the day mostly for training for the tourney, while Eric still tried to hire dye experts for his business at Dragonport. Certainly established craftsmen did not want to leave Kings Landing for the ‘uncivilised north’ and a small town like Dragonport. But he gets notice of two brothers who were imprisoned for tax crimes. Eric was able to talk (and bribe) his way to the commander of the gold cloaks, Janos Slynt, and to convince him (again with words and gold) to release the two craftsmen.

In the afternoon the party (all had returned to the inn) get a strange message that an anonymous gift was found for Eric Blyth at the stable of the inn – a beautiful dagger. No one was certain if this might be really a gift, a (subtle, indirect and costly) accusation or perhaps a sort of trap (if the dagger was stolen, used for a crime or so on…).
In the same time Orten Lugus (who was eye witness of the finding of the dagger) offered his help for the hunt after the fox knight, claiming to have information about him. The party agreed to his offer but only half hearted. For Eric and Paedrig, Orten was still a little bit dubious because he was so hard to read and seemed a little bit too apparent (although always only in the background). And they could not see why he wanted to help – their former contacts with the Lugus were only formal. For Paedrig, the Lannister-affilation of house Lugus was an additional cause of resentment (his father was a Targaryen loyalist and his mother nearly died during the sacking of Kings Landing).

A little bit later Paedrig noticed a conversation between Orten Lugus and the companion Lidda which left the girl rather disturbed. But she did not want to tell Paedrig the cause and he had other things to do…
In the evening Paedrig and Ragnar nearly started a fistfight with Naton Lugus and his entourage, when one of Lugus drunken men tried to lay hand on minstrel Blackbird. There was no bloodshed or serious injuries but especially Paedrig had won a new enemy…


Ragnar became ill and must stay at the inn (in reality, the player of Ragnar did not have enough time to participate…).

Paedrig used the day for additional training with his cousin Alys. When he and Alys visited the Street of Steel, Paedrig was confronted by the angry (and slightly drunken) weapon smith Master Brazier who accused Paedrig that he had impregnated Braziers daughter Eliza. Certainly this accusation was absurd, given the fact that Paedrig had arrived Kings Landing only four days ago, but Eliza had described Paedrig quiet exactly. It cost some times to convince the enraged Master Brazier that the story was a little bit curious and unsound. Of course Paedrig was more than a little bit embarrassed that all this nonsense happened right in front of Alys Gargalen (which found that quite amusing).
An interrogation of Eliza finally revealed that Paedrig was in fact not the father of her unborn child and that she was paid by someone for accusing Paedrig. She did not know the name of the man who paid her, but the description sounds similar to the man who left the dagger for Eric. For Paedrig this congruence was an indication that this ‘gift’ (the dagger) might also be some kind of tool in an intrigue against house Blyth – but he still did not know the cause…
He also wondered how our hidden enemies had found so quickly an opportunity to blame Paedrig (after all the pregnancy of a weapon smith daughter was nothing what was very well known…).
However he decided to get more information about the dagger. Given the fact that Master Brazier was a weapon smith of some quality (and certainly ashamed for the wrong accusation) Paedrig handed the dagger over to Brazier for an expertise – but this might also cost some time…

In the early evening the party was alarmed by Ser Landseer who get a letter from the fox knight – an invitation for a duel. Certainly Ser Landseer was not the man to ignore such an opportunity to get his hands on his arc enemy, although other guests laughed about it or speculated that this might be a joke.
Eric and Paedrig also thought that perhaps someone want to make a joke of the old knight – or that this might be a trap. However, given their own interest for the fox knight, they wanted to accompany Ser Landseer. In the end, Eric, Paedrig, Ser Bryan Telson, Orten Lugus and two of the three sellswords of the party went with Ser Landseer (the third stayed at the inn to watch over the properties and the still ill Ragnar Greyjoy). Orten Lugus get his place in the group by claiming that he might have the chance to persuade the fox knight to give up (because of some old ties between house Lugus and house Archey). For Brian Telson it was simply an opportunity to do something knightly.

The meeting-place was a small open place somewhere in the wilderness – a good place for an ambush. Therefore the group split up: one of the sellswords stay behind with the horses, Ser Landseer and Orten Lugus went to the meeting place. The remaining four men formed two pairs (Eric and Paedrig, Brian Telson and the second sellsword) to watch for an ambush.
Of course the distrust was right – Eric and Paedrig soon heard shouting and the sound of fighting from the place where they left Ser Landseer and Orten Lugus – and also from the place where Brian should be.
Eric and Paedrig first went for Ser Landseer and found him in a critical situation. A tall man in heavy armour had wounded Ser Landseer and attacked Orten. Eric fired his crossbow at the attacker, only slowing him down a little bit and than tried to help the fallen Ser Landseer while Paedrig challenged the attacker (who seemed to be the infamous fox knight).
The fight was furious but short – both were very good with the sword but Paedrig was much more agile than his opponent. Paedrig was only slightly injured while the fox knight gets two nasty hits at his knee and shoulder. The bandit chief went onto his knees – and Orten Lugus charged forward, nearly killing the beaten foe (Eric was almost sure that Orten had WAITED till the fox knight was beaten till he starts his attack). However Paedrig was quick enough to stop Orten Lugus attack.
Eric did his best to help Ser Landseer and also the sellsword who went with Ser Telson – he and Telson did also have an encounter with some of the fox knight’s men but were able to capture one and chase the other away.
Meanwhile Orten Lugus tried to tie up our prisoners but with a nasty result – the fox knight get free, grabbed Ortens dagger – and Orten Lugus rammed his sword into his stomach. This time Paedrig was not fast enough to hinder him – but now he also get the impression that Orten acted perhaps a little bit too clumsy to be convincing.
But anyway, the fox knight lay on the earth in his own blood. Paedrig grabbed him by the shoulders, asking him who had given him the orders (just in all the movies…*g*) but it was too late. The last whispered words (or more a syllabus) might be an “L…” or a “Lu…”, but this was all (certainly enough to heighten Paedrigs distrust against Orten).

But all of this was not enough to confront Orten. So Paedrig (assisted by Eric) interrogated the only surviving captured member of Ser Archeys band. The man did not know much – he did not know who stand behind his chief. He mentioned that the fox knight get letters from time to time (and also send letters) but do not know to whom. He also mentioned that much of the booty of the fox knight was sent away but again he did not know where…
He even did not know for sure if it was actually the fox knight who had attacked us on the way to Kings Landing, because he had went to the north on his own, leaving his men behind.

At least our prisoner did know the hideout of the fox knight/ Lord Archey and show the way. Orten Lugus, the wounded sellsword and Ser Landseer stayed behind while Paedrig, Eric and Telson went to the hideout. This gave Eric and Paedrig time to tell each other about their observations of Orten Lugus behaviour. Both think that he had acted more than a little suspicious – but what might be his aims? And how to prove it? After all they both had only some observations and speculations…
Of course the members of the fox knight’s band were already gone, leaving behind only garbage and some (cheap) equipment and weapons. A more profound search did not lead to the finding of some of these ominous letters (perhaps the fox knight had burned them after reading) but to a little treasure of gold and silver coins (the fox knight might have hidden this before his own men).

The whole party went back to the Green Tree Inn, taking their prisoner, the dead fox knight/Ser Archey and his weapons, armour and horse with them. The prisoner and the corpse of his commander were handed over to the goldcloaks. There was also a small bounty for the fox knight (10 gold dragons).
At the inn the surprise was great that this time the party really had meet the infamous fox knight (and even killed him). Ser Gennady Shannin was a little bit embarrassed because he (like Naton Lugus and his entourage) had laughed about the party before they left. Now the party was nearly something like heroes.
But although Paedrig was very proud of his victory, he was very concerned because of the future. What was the motives and plan of Orten Lugus (if he had one)?
He asked Garya (one of the companions) to ask her colleague Lidda why Orten Lugus had talked with her for some times (after all this might be another plot to bring shame on the Blyth?).

And tomorrow morning the great tourney should begin…

Remarks to the last scene from GM: The result of this event was open until end. If the characters were not so good with their Awareness (at least one degree or more above Orten’s stealth-result with the 3 dices he get), they may not have notice anything which weak up their suspicion. If Paedrig would have been good as before with the rescuing attempt in the second place, the fox knight may have survived, and who knows what he maybe had to say. But so it went as above…
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