A Few Questions

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A Few Questions

Postby MrJones » Sat Aug 09, 2008 1:37 pm

The reason for delaying the game's release. Is it:

1. To remove any existing errata, tothe best of Green Ronin's ability?

2. Is it to ammend/change certain rules, like for example, 'Divide Attack?

3. I like dice...but how many d6 constitutes an unwieldly exercise? I'd say anything over 10 is getting cumbersome

4. Changing terminology 'Rank 2: Average' to 'Rank 2: Untrained' (or something)

I really like the setting (even though I have never read the books! getting them today) and I really like the rules mechanics.

I've high hopes for this game, and look forward to supporting it in future.

Good luck guys

EDIT: How does a character with 7d6, fail at a Routine 6 task?
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