Nevermore True20: Call for Playtesters

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Nevermore True20: Call for Playtesters

Postby jaldaen » Tue Mar 07, 2006 2:15 pm

Hello Fellow True20ers!

I am developing the Nevermore campaign setting for the True20: Worlds of Adventure book by Green Ronin and have reached a point where I need about a half-dozen dedicated and experienced role playing groups to start critiquing the rules associated with this setting and crush any gremlins found therein.

You can read more about the Nevermore campaign setting in the following thread:

If after reading this material you are interested in the Nevermore campaign setting, then email me at with the subject heading "Nevermore: Open Call for Playtesters!"

Inside the email you should present the following information about your playtest group:

1) The full name and email of the contact person for your group (preferably the person who contacts me ;-).

2) Full names of the other people in your group who would participate in the playtest.

3) A short bio (written by the contact person or each individual) for each person in your group (age, email, general background info that relates to gaming, playingstyle, etc).

4) A list of and previous playtesting, design, writing, or other experience any of the people in your group believe might believe to be important and pertinent for me to know.

Once I receive your contact email I will look it over and reply ASAP. If you do not receive anything from me within a week, then post to this thread and I will look into it.

If you are accepted I will send you an email with an NDA attachment. The contact person is responsible for making sure that each person in the group signs the NDA. These NDAs also act as records (for me) of those who participated in this playtest and without one you won't receive playtesting credit in the final product. I will include the other information you need on where to send the NDAs in the acceptance email.

Please feel free to post questions you might have in this thread or contact me off list.

Keep on Dreaming!
Joseph Miller
Lead Designer/Writer for Nevermore campaign setting
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