The Powers System

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The Powers System

Postby Warbringer » Mon Dec 12, 2005 12:20 pm

When considering porting other "magic" or "psi" concepts over into True20s power based system, it struck me that the flexibility of the system fits nearly all the systems I can think of.

The exception of course, D+D ... no spell books, no schools.

Are there any other genres/styles it doesn't fit
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Postby Stareyes » Mon Dec 12, 2005 1:04 pm

A lot of things with named spells -- Slayers, Harry Potter, wizards in Discworld (could see it working fine for witches, though).

But other than that, not so much. If a power isn't included, just add it on.
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Postby SquidFisher » Tue Jan 10, 2006 5:42 am

Actually, I can see the named spells schtick working, with a bit of tweaking. While powers assume a broad range on individual applications, there's nothing to say those applications can't be described as different disciplines or spells within the broader framework of the power itself. For example, using Wind Shaping to summon a light breeze could be 'Call the Dancing Zephyr', while whipping up a tornado is 'Balil's Raging Breath'.
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Postby JongWK » Tue Jan 10, 2006 7:33 am

So if a mentor teaches you only some uses of a power, you can only use it for those? Interesting. I could see adepts looking for masters that could teach them "secret" techniques (who, for some unknown reason, should be like Kill Bill's Pai Mei). >:)
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Re: The Powers System

Postby Jonathan Moyer » Thu Jan 12, 2006 9:06 am

Warbringer wrote:When considering porting other "magic" or "psi" concepts over into True20s power based system, it struck me that the flexibility of the system fits nearly all the systems I can think of.

The exception of course, D+D ... no spell books, no schools.

I was thinking that maybe they could have individual spells, perhaps using a feat of some kind. The Feat would give a +4 to a particular application of a power.
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Postby aaronil » Thu Jan 12, 2006 3:04 pm

That would be the easiest way to go, just giving a +4 bonus with one application of the power. However, some powers don't have multiple applications, like Cure or Harm for example.

I remember posting about this somewhere on the boards, but my idea is that spells have really specific purposes, require gestures & words, and have a risk of being mis-cast. There are two important feats:

Spellcraft (Supernatural)
You can learn, identify, and create spells. Spells are very similar to powers, having power ranks and obeying the laws of familiarity. Each spell has a Difficulty in order to cast it correctly; if ths check fails by 5 or more a mis-cast occurs. Identifying a spell requires an Intelligence or Knowledge (supernatural) check; the DC is 15 or the opposed Bluff skill of the adep casting. Creating a new spell requires a Knowledge (supernatural) check. There are no set rules for the DC of this check, but a good guideline is to use the Craft skill table; the base DC to craft the spell becomes the spell's Difficulty. Often spells require strange or paradoxical components/theorems to be created. Spells are named according to the adept who created them.

Spell Training (Supernatural)
Prerequisite: Spellcraft
You learn 2 new spells, either ones you study or create on your own. Alternately, you may choose just one spell and specialize in it, gaining a +3 bonus to cast the spell and to the save DC of the spell.

A sample spell...

Hide the Path
Cast DC: 15
Casting Time: 3 rounds
Saving Throw: A Survival check acts as the saving throw
Components: Speaking a riddling poem about the place, and a broom to wip tracks away

This spell conceals the way to a location with which you are familiar (see Familiarity rules). Anyone who attempts to find it adds their familiarity with the place to the DC of a Survival check to avoid getting lost. Failure indicates the place remains hidden. For example, a character very familiar with a location must make a DC 23 Survival check to find it. This may look like an obscuring mist, local markers being moved, maps being inaccurate, or guides leaving the area. When this spell is cast, the adept can exempt certain people from being affected. Once three people individually find the place this spell is canceled.

Mishaps (Narrator chooses one): The place becomes hidden even to you, or people that you exempted from the spell. Your familiarity with the locale decreases. You become easily lost wherever you go.
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