General Warning: PLAY NICE

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General Warning: PLAY NICE

Postby Nikchick » Tue Nov 01, 2005 1:58 pm


It seems some people have forgotten the Terms of Service of our message boards. The number one rule on any of Green Ronin's message boards is PLAY NICE.

I quote from the terms of service message that every participant here agrees they are bound to when they register and post here:

Green Ronin Forum Terms of Service

Play nice.

If a moderator or administrator finds that someone is being unpleasant, irritating, or not contributing to (or is actively working against) board harmony, that person can be given a private or public talking-to, may have his or her posts deleted, and might just get banned, at the sole discretion of the Web site management.

Please read that again. It does not limit the reasons for warnings, bannings, deletions and other actions to "personal attacks". It says if you are being an annoying, irritating, thread-derailing, name-calling prat, you are not welcome to play here with the rest of the grown-ups. Period.

This is the one and only general warning I intend to issue to this forum. Play nice or you don't get to play. PERIOD. Want to rant, call names, and generally be an intransigent asshole? Start a blog. It's not welcome here.

Thank you.
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