Funny Link I found.

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Funny Link I found.

Postby horned god » Fri Aug 08, 2003 11:12 pm

Check this out: ... shame1.htm

Its funny I think.

Also after reading that website, I found it entertaining. But seriously DC comics can be equally lame in fact I always found their character names so much more simplistic and lame. Like 'Amazo' and 'Desparo', and oh yeah, 'Eclipso' all of which they loved so much they made hero clix out of. Sure I love DC comics and Marvel but I find many characters of both universes 'lame'. That is why I am developing a list of marvel personalities but a huge amount perhaps the a good portion of the marvel characters I can do without. Don't want them, and same goes with the DC ones too. I love some of them and can live without the rest in my universe. Might even invent some DC ones to live there too, why not it's my universe.

I agree with the guy also who wrote it in that if I were a villain like say Quicksand I sure as heck would not take on Thor, or another A list hero like Spiderman. Why? I'd beat the dogcrap out of Daredevil instead what is he going to do hit me with that billyclub. Oh no, I fear the man with no fear, NOT.

Seriously if you took many villians and switch them with other heros suddenly you'd find spiderman get his butt kicked all over the place or need to invent lame excuses of why he wins such as the cosmic powered spiderman or just the 'please help me Mr. Reed I can't handle it'.

That should be the next spiderman movie, Carnage comes to town, forget the explaining of Venom and who Carnage is and our hero must go for help in a movie hero world suddenly forced to introduce other heros. That movie would never be created though but would be great to watch if it were.
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