silly question re: alternate energy form and ghost touch

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Postby slaughterj » Fri Aug 08, 2003 5:59 am

mgg wrote:Ghost touch, as an extra for Incorporeal specifically mentions 'ability or power bonuses'. Strength is an ability. No where in the paragraph does it specify attacks. I agree that it is a logical interpretation to restrict Ghost Touch to limit it when compared to Partially Incorporeal, and it wouldn't surprise me if someone puts that in the errata, but the rules read differently.

And Ghost Touch under Incorporeal says "You can affect things physically while Incorporeal..."!

To me, Ghost Touch and Partially Corporeal can be analyzed in at least a couple ways:
1. "Because they put both in the book, they must do different things" - one possibility, but where do you draw the line? With things like my quote above, that seems to mean you interact with the real world the same, so what else is there?
2. "Each are two sides of the same coin" - argument that both do the same thing, just that they vary by sfx to represent different comics heroes, thus buy whichever one is appropriate for your character. The distinction of Part Corp vs. GT is that Part Corp would allow for normal attacks at the partly corporeal body part (with penalties due to size), but allow others to touch you, e.g., to hold on to you to not fall, etc.
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