My first DARPG Campaign

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My first DARPG Campaign

Postby Pelios » Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:36 pm

Hello all, I'm glad that there is still a good following and forum community for the DARPG. I was a little worried that it wouldn't make it to box set 3, but I believe that it will now go much further.

Anyways, I wanted to let you guys know how my main campaign is going.
First a little background info. I have been playing table top for a few years now. I played a bit of AD&D, Star Wars Saga Edition, Gamma World, D&D 3.0/3.5 D&D 4.0, and now Dragon Age. I also have my own D20 system for Mass Effect that me and a friend have developed, (still testing).

I personally love the DARPG system, mainly for its simplicity. For players new to tabletop (about half my players) it is an amazing tabletop to start with. Even my players that are veterans at tabletop agree it is one of their favorite experiences. Our group tends to get sidetracked easily, and goof off, but in the end we accomplish quite a bit every session. We have been playing 1-2 times a week since roughly the end of April, and my players are level 4, having done a good 15+ sessions.

Also I was inspired by the first DA video game to do what i called Origin Sessions. Where it was a 1 on 1 with me (GM) and 1 player. What we did was RP their background story, and depending on how accurate they played, (in accordance to a pre-written origin they provided me with) they would get bonus items in the main campaign. Everyone loved it, and we have all agreed that we will do more origin sessions from different parts of their backgrounds.

There was one reoccuring event in almost everyones origin. The NPC Pelios Darkheart. Sometimes disguised, sometimes not, he had a hand in bringing all the heroes together in Vintiver, to begin the Dalish Curse questline.

So here is a rough overview of what they have done so far:

The party consists of at least 7-8 people per session, so I upped the difficulty of the monsters/quests. (Some people have moved away, and quit playing due to work schedules, so we are down to about 6 or so). I also set my game a few years before the events of Dragon Age: Origins.

We started with the Dalish Curse, in which the players learned the system, and began to develop a relationship with the other party members. I followed the campaign info somewhat, but changed up quite a bit about what happens, and when. They started in Vintiver, and were asked by the Blacksmith to investigate Fuldor Farm, and that there was going to be a search party the next morning. The players decided to leave that day and see what they could find. On the road to Fuldor Farm is when i started the Giant Spider battle encounter. The players did pretty well, other that Walking Bomb-ing a spider that was in a tree, causing the tree to break and fall onto the warrior of the group. This was our first advance test to see if they could lift the tree off the warrior. They did pretty good, (as the dragon die was in favor of our group that night).

They eventually made it to the farm and did away with the blight wolves with a few minor wounds. After investigating the bloody farmhouse and out-buildings they FINALLY got to the barn and found Eshara. They took her into the house and upstairs. In my story I had the baby at the farm house live the attack, and was locked in the basement with its dead mother. The party found the baby and the Orleasian Con Man in the group adopted her. Her name was Zoe. Two of the players were outside when it began to rain, and I had a mini RP fight between them and a Revenger, just to give them a taste for what was to come. They got messed up pretty badly, (that was the intention) and they eventually made it back to the farmhouse and baricaded it until morning when the Vintiver Townspeople showed up. The party was accused of murdering the Fuldor Family, but convinced the people after showing the wounds on the bodies and the wounds on the players were similar and that they were attacked by the same beasts.

The rest of the Dalish Curse went according to the book for the most part. Had one player fall of the fallen tree bridge. They defeated Mythallan, but he vanished into the sky in a green fiery streak. I have decided that he is going to be a reoccuring mini-boss.

The players then went and did the "A Bann too many" quest, and then returned to Vintiver, as the Warden had promised them a great reward when they came back. I allowed the players to take the collar off of Blacktail and put it on. That player was stuck as a dog until they found a way to remove it. That added an interesting, yet enjoyful aspect to the group dynamic. The Warden gave the party the Fuldor Farm lands and the party decided to start their own town called "South Hollowdown". We "fast-forwarded" through winter to Zoe's first birthday, in the spring.

The town got attacked by a legion of cloaked men, lead by a man named Bann ManlyMan (from the Orleasian Con Mans Origin story, it was a name we came up with on the fly). He managed to destroy South Hollowdown and Vintiver with a fleet of mind controlled dragons. The party had to flee the scene south to Gwaren, and took a boat to Denerim. Which is where they are currently living.

I have had a few times when players reached 0 HP, but they were healed, also one player was infected by a werewolf and fled into the forest, never to be heard or seen from again (the player that moved away). Also had one character die by being impaled by a steel rod that shattered off of a prison cell that they were trapped in, (he wanted to do a new character anyways so it worked out).

That's my story so far, and it has encompassed 15 sessions and 4 levels. They are about to hit level 5, and are going to be doing the adventure from the 2nd GM's Guide.

Thanks for reading!
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Re: My first DARPG Campaign

Postby Etarnon » Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:23 pm

I love these kinds of decent overviews of how others have done it. I get ideas for my own games. Good luck with it.
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