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Postby Elfie » Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:36 am

So one thing that I thought might be incredibly useful to myself and other GMs is one-off encounters that can be used as filler or that can be tied into a larger campaign. I'd gladly pay for a published book of such things, but in the meantime, maybe we can use this thread to house them.

I can't do anything specifically to moderate, but I think it would be most useful if we kept this thread to just being descriptions and stats for encounters and perhaps we can have another thread for feedback?

If people like this and/or find it useful, I'll maintain this first post with a table of contents, including suggested party composition. I'll also start us out with a couple reusable encounters I ran this weekend.

Feedback Thread: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=10330
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Dobreela, the Enraged Maleficar

Postby Elfie » Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:38 am

Tested Party Composition: 4 level-4 PCs (Mage, Rogue, 2x Warrior) plus a friendly Mage NPC
Difficulty: Very Hard (two party members were reduced to 0 hp, the others to 1 and 9, but all survived)

Summary: The party confronts a powerful blood mage, who is the last survivor of the Amber Rage. She takes an ally captive, and the party must fight her or allow a town's water supply to be forever tainted.

Campaign Ties: Dobreela first appears in the Amber Rage. She is the apprentice to the wise-man of Wulverton. When the party refused to help Wulverton, Ser Vilja in his grief infected the entire town, transforming and killing most, but Dobreela's magic caused the infection to mutate in her. Alternately, if the party did provide Wulverton with some of the cure, Dobreela still became infected. This can also be used as part of The Pilgrimage of Sister Stone, with Dobreela being the apostate who infected the water during "Where the Water Runs Fresh."

Inspiration: http://t.co/2PO39mS3 (possibly NSFW)

If used as part of The Pilgrimage of Sister Stone, the party is searching a small wood near Garrant River Village for the apostate that has poisoned their water. Otherwise, the party may come upon Dobreela in any way that you see fit. It is recommended that the party bring along a friendly NPC, preferably one who was found lost in this very wood. Alternatively, she may have taken some yet unknown NPC captive who the party has been asked to rescue.

In the dense fog of the wood, the party is almost upon her before they see her. There is a young woman with flame red hair crouching on the ground not ten yards in front of whoever is leading the search. Her hair covers her face, and she is gripping something on the ground in the fog.

If they approach her, they quickly notice a terrible acrid smell. If the party has previously completed The Amber Rage, they recognize this as the smell of the Ragers. They also notice that her skin is an ivory white. (Note: In order to prevent the party from having to track down more shadowmoss, the infection has mutated and is acting differently in Dobreela than it did in other Ragers. This may be a natural mutation or it may have something to do with her magical powers. If you would prefer this to be the standard Amber Rage, describe her skin as being yellow.)

If they talk to her, she will stand slowly and gladly answer any questions they may have. As she stands, however, they notice that her ghostly white body is covered in scars. A TN 13 Perception (Seeing) might notice that many of these scars run in parallel lines. At first, it looks as if she were wearing tall boots, gloves, and some sort of mask across her eyes. But the party quickly notices that she is actually not wearing a stitch of clothing. Whatever is actually on her hands, feet, and face is caked-on think. A TN 13 Cunning (Healing) or Perception (Seeing) reveals this to be some combination of dried blood, dirt, and filth. Her eyes themselves have a yellow glow, and in her hands, she grips a wicked club with a dozen very large protruding nails. If the party played The Amber Rage, anyone passing a TN 15 Perception (Seeing) will recognize this girl as Dobreela, though her hair used to be black and her skin a more human color. If nobody recognizes her, she may recognize them, or she will gladly tell them who she is if they ask.

Questions and Answers, in a generally friendly, but creepy-as-hell tone:
Who are you? "I am Dobreela from Wulverton."
Why did you poison the river? "Poison? What are you talking about? Can't you see how beautiful the river and this forest have become since I arrived?"
What happened to you? "Ser Vilja infected himself and as many people as he could. Many died, like my master Maximillian, but many more were changed. I, as you can see, escaped completely unharmed."
Will you leave this place? "No, leave me here. I am happy here and there is beauty all around."
The villagers crops are dying from the corrupted water. "The villagers can move somewhere else."

She will gladly answer any other questions the group may have, but she will absolutely not leave the forest, and she will note "cure" the water. The "beauty" (corruption) followers her wherever she goes and she thinks it is wonderful. If the villagers don't like it, they should go somewhere else. At some point during the conversation, she begins to Float. This is a TN 17 Spirit spell, costing 8 mp, which you should assume she casts successfully for narrative purposes. It allows her to float above the ground at a number of feet equal to her Magic score. This provides no mechanical effect other than providing Higher Ground, and being generally creepy. If any member of the party seems particularly intriguing to her, she should very slowly start floating toward them.

If the group agitates her, which is easy to do, she slowly drags the nails of her club across her chest, spurting putrid yellow blood (and activating Blood Mage mode). Anyone within a 12-yard radius must pass a TN 15 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test or take 2D6+4 penetrating damage from the blood burning their skin. This does not, however, initiate combat unless the party retaliates. She is acting defensively and isn't interested in striking the first blow, but will definitely loom menacingly over people and act generally crazy in order to instigate them. If the party decides to just leave her be, she will point the way out of the forest (but will not lead them). It is up to you whether Sister Stone's prayers are enough to cleanse the river or the corruption now spreads to other areas, perhaps north to Lake Callenhad.

If Dobreela is engaged in combat, she will cast Invigorate on her first round, and Frost Weapons on her second round. All subsequent rounds, she will act entirely at random. Roll 1D6 to select which attack she uses, and then Roll an appropriate die to determine which party-member she attacks (if it is a targeted attack). You may opt to have her behave more logically, but keep in mind that her very high spellpower will make it extremely easy for her to completely shut down the party with repeated castings of Blood Wound, which is not going to be fun for anyone.

If the party has a friendly NPC as suggested, then on that NPC's initiative, he falls to his knees, and crawls to Dobreela, kneeling at her feet as she declares "These woods and all who dwell within them belong to me!" Alternatively, this may be someone Dobreela had previously taken captive and was hidden behind a tree. As long as this NPC is conscious (or if you're feeling cruel, alive), Dobreela may take a full turn on both her Initiative and on this NPC's Initiative. Alternatively, you may invoke the GMs right to allow bosses to do whatever the hell they want and just give her two Initiative rolls of her own, but giving the party the option to attack the helpless NPC in order to slow down Dobreela's attacks can be very interesting.

Defeating Dobreela causes no visible change in the wood. The thick fog remains, and everything continues to be generally spooky, but when they return to town, they find that the river is now running clear, though all of the townspeople credit this miracle to Sister Stone. They offer nothing more than congratulations for any declaration that the party has felled the apostate. If they again return to the wood after visiting town, it is now clear of fog and seems to have returned to a natural state. There is no obvious way to determine whether this was their doing or Sister Stone's.

Dobreela, level 10 Blood Mage
1 Communication
3 Constitution
2 Cunning (Healing, Natural Lore)
3 Dexterity (Initiative, Staves, Stealth)
7 Magic (Arcane Lance, Blood, Creation, Entropy, Primal)
0 Perception (Seeing)
1 Strength
3 Willpower (Self-Discipline)
Speed 13, Defense 13, Spellpower 19, AR 7 (from Rock Armor, which she already had up before the party arrived)
Health: 80, Mana: 100
Spells: Heal (cannot be used while Blood Mage is active), Rock Armor, Mana Drain, Float, Invigorate, Frost Weapons, Winter's Grasp, Weakness, Blood Wound
Talents: Chirurgy (Novice), Poison-Making (Journeyman), Quick Reflexes (Journeyman) (she can Ready or recover from Prone as a free action)

Each turn (including her captive's turn), she uses one of the following at random (roll 1D6)
1) Dobreela's Morningstar, Attack 7, Damage 2D6+4
For 2 SP, she may perform the Envenom stunt, causing 2D6+4 Penetrating damage from her own corrupted blood on the nails
2) Blood Mage (Master), targeting the captive NPC if he exists and is alive, or targeting a random PC otherwise
3) Blood Wound, which you may or may not choose to have also affect her captive NPC. You may describe this as her again dragging the club's nails across her own body, spurting acidic blood in every direction (though there is no Acrobatics test to avoid it this time).
4) Power Lance, Attack 7, Damage 2D6+7
For 3SP, she may use Spell Lance, casting either Winter's Grasp or Weakness
5) Winter's Grasp
6) Weakness

To make bookkeeping easier, assume she keeps up Invigorate, Frost Weapons, and Float indefinitely, but charge her 3 MP every turn (only on her own Initiative). If she actually runs out of mana, all three spells will fall simultaneously, and (optionally) she may lose her hold on her captive. If you want to tighten the bond between Dobreela and her captive or you need to slow down their health loss a bit, they may use Heal on each other as a minor action, though not actually requiring bandages to do so.

Stats are not provided for the captive NPC, because it is assumed this will be someone the party knows and has reason to care about already. But if you need to create an NPC for this purpose, they should be hearty enough that they will not go down easily, ensuring that Dobreela will keep her two attacks per round for a while. While captive, the NPC has an effective Defense of 10, as he makes no effort to avoid the party's blows.

If Dobreela's Morningstar is recovered, it provides +2 to attack and does 2D6+3 damage, but causes 2 penetrating damage every round while it is held, even through gloves or gauntlets. This damage does not apply to Dobreela herself.
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Shopping and Theft Near the Imperial Highway

Postby Elfie » Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:52 am

Suggested Party Composition: Any number of Level 1-5 PCs, but not suggested for anyone who already has a huge array of magical items or for whom a complete loss of funds would be catastrophic.
Difficulty: Low - very little chance of loss of life, but a high chance for loss of funds

Summary: The party crosses The Imperial Highway and possibly does a little shopping, then brigands sneak into their camp at night to steal their money.

Campaign Ties: None specifically. This is designed for a party who is travelling across Ferelden and would be crossing the section of the Imperial Highway that goes from Ostagar to Lake Callenhad, particularly if much of the party has ever seen the Imperial Highway before.

Inspiration: http://www.ea.com/dragon-age-2/images/2 ... 65140aRCRD

As the sun begins to set on the travellers, they come across a sight that stands out quite grandly in the untamed wilderness that is most of Ferelden, the Imperial highway. Point out to the PCs which of them is or is not likely to have seen this sight before, though all of them have at least heard of it as an internationally-spanning road built by the Tevinter Imperium. This section of the highway connects Lake Calenhad with Ostagar. Anyone passing a TN 13 Cunning (Historic Lore) test notes that this ancient architectural wonder was built using both slave labor and magic, though the intended project was never finished, and many sections have fallen into disrepair.

The section ahead of them runs generally north to south and crosses a great chasm. As they approach, it is obvious that this road is still heavily traveled, as merchants, families, and lone horsemen travel the road in both directions fairly constantly. Anyone passing a TN 15 Perception (Seeing) test notices that there are more people travelling north than south. If asked, any northbound traveler will share the news of more frequent Darkspawn attacks in the south.

If they wait long enough, they can definitely find a traveling merchant willing to sell them any standard goods, though some may have some Masterwork goods to sell for a price. Ask what sort of equipment they are looking for and ask for a TN 15 Cunning (Evaluation) test per half hour spent looking for one specific piece of equipment. Each PC may shop separately, making their own tests. Assume an hour and a half of useful shopping light remaining until travelers become too sparse. If they succeed on the test, the quality of what they find is based on the Dragon Die.

  • 1: +1 Attack or +1 AR
  • 2: +1 Damage or +1 AR
  • 3: +1 Attack & Damage or +1 AR
  • 4: +2 Attack or +2 AR
  • 5: +2 Damage or +2 AR
  • 6: +1 Attack & +2 Damage or +3 AR
The cost of one of these items doubles for every bonus point provided. For example, a Bastard Sword normally costs 20 sp. If a successful test resulted in a 6 on the dragon die, it would provide +1 Attack and +2 Damage, and would cost 160 sp (20 x 2 x 2 x 2). Depending on the availability of money and masterwork goods in your campaign, you may wish to adjust this cost.

When the party is done their shopping, or if they have no interest in doing so, it is late enough in the evening that they are likely to wish to make camp for the night. Make sure to determine whether there is any kind of watch schedule set up, and if so, determine at random on whose watch the following takes place.

If the party camped within sight of the Imperial Highway, whoever is on watch notices that the road is still fairly heavily traveled. No more than 10 minutes goes by without someone passing. Whoever is on watch notices a number of men passing on horseback equal to the number of sleeping PCs. Call for a TN 15 Perception (Seeing) test. If successful, the character notices one of these men looking over their camp. Otherwise, the character simply notes that the flow of traffic seems to have dwindled even further as these are the first people he's seen in half an hour. If they did not camp near the Highway, then the following still happens, but the watchman receives no advance notice that something might be amiss.

Once the horsemen are out of sight, call for an opposed Perception (Seeing or Hearing) vs Dexterity (Stealth) from whoever is awake. They are making this test against the men who just passed by who are actually Fereldan Brigands (found in the Set 1 GM's guide). Note that the brigands may re-roll a failed Stealth check. Be sure to note a -1 or -2 to this test depending on whether there is a campfire or if they are in complete darkness. Any PC who noticed one of the men looking at them earlier gains a +2 on this test. If anyone is awake and passes the test, they notice the brigands trying to sneak into camp.

If nobody that is awake notices the brigands, then call for an opposed Perception (Hearing) vs Dexterity (Stealth) from each of the sleeping PCs as a brigand sneaks into his or her tent or up to his or her bedroll. Players are at a -2 on this test since they're asleep, and again the Brigands may roll a second time if they fail the first. Any PC that passes this test with a dragon die of 1-3 simply stirs a bit in their sleep, frightening the brigand off. Anyone who passes with a 4 or better on the dragon die wakes up to spot the brigand with his hand on their purse!

Every brigand who is not spotted will immediately flee to his horse which is waiting several yards away. A brigand who is spotted by someone sleeping will draw his weapons and attack once, then flee to his horse the following round. Any brigand who was not spotted has the entire purse of his target on him, and if he escapes that money is lost. If any PCs go to their own horses, they will find their reigns all tied together and will have to pass an advanced TN 13 Dexterity (Legerdemain) test with a threshold of 8 in order to untie his horse. Each test requires a minor action.

Defeated brigands will have the purse of their target on them (if they stole it without notice) and will also have 2D6 x 10 sp on them across several purses that were stolen from less hearty travelers.

If the night goes by without anyone noticing the theft, the party is going to wake very poor and possibly very angry at the one person who was on watch and still has his purse on him.
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Defenders of the [Something]

Postby Elfie » Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:18 am

Tested Party Composition: 5 level-4 PCs plus 2 friendly NPCs (3x Warrior, 2x Mage, 2x Rogue)
Difficulty: Moderate (two characters went below 10 hp)

Summary: The party encounters a pair of mysterious statues, which come to life and attack them. However, there is a trick to penetrating their AC of 20, which the players must discern.

Pre-requisite: The party needs to have previously acquired markings on their heads, hands, and/or chest. This encounter was tested with two such markings randomly placed on each character. Difficulty can be increased by only giving them one marking each or lessened by giving them more.

The party enters a large room containing two massive statues. Each statue is twelve feet tall, and they share a four-foot tall pedestal. The statues are of well-armored warriors, and they hold in their hands the hilts of their massive stone swords. They have mysterious symbols on the forehead of their helmets, one each on the backs of their gauntlets, and a large one on their chest plate. There is writing of some kind on the base of the statues.

Surrounding the statues are six large pillars, each about 10 yards away from the statues. Each statue and each pillar takes up 3 hexes or 4 squares (assuming a 2-yard hex/square setup).

Examining the writing with a TN 17 Cunning (Cultural Lore) can identify the language as a derivation of Ancient Tevine. A Dragon Die of 3 or better can read the inscription as "Defenders of [Something]." That "something" should be related to the party's current quest, as defeating these statues will open a passageway that was previously locked.

As the players are discussing the meaning of the writing, the best Perception (Seeing) notices that the statues seem to be looking at them. Moments later, the symbols on their chests start glowing, as a blast of energy flies out in every direction, striking everyone, but only actually hurting those characters that also have a symbol on their chest, doing 1D6+2 Penetrating Damage. Each Defender should roll separate initiative.

Defenders (based on Ogre stats)
-1 Communication
8 Constitution (Stamina)
-1 Cunning
1 Dexterity
2 Magic
1 Perception
9 Strength (Intimidation, Might)
4 Willpower (Courage, Morale)
Speed 6, Defense 11, AR 20
Health: 80
Talents: Two-hander (Novice)

Weapon: Two-Handed Sword +9 attack, 3D6+9 damage
(this sword is part of them, they cannot be disarmed)

Favored Stunts:
1 SP - Symbol Shift: Randomly change which symbol is lit up on the Defender, with 1-6 indicating Left Hand, Right Hand, Chest, Head, None, or All respectively. Defenders will only use this stunt if they currently do not have matching symbols. (Note, "All" counts as matching any other symbol except "None.") Players may trigger this stunt for 2 SP.
2 SP - Stomp: Knock Prone all enemies within 6 yards
4 SP - Thunder & Lightning: Knock Prone the target and Lightning Attack a different opponent.

Attacks from characters who have a symbol on a body part that matches a lit symbol on the Defender deal penetrating damage.

At the end of each Defender's turn, if it has a lit symbol matching a lit symbol on its partner, it performs an Energy Blast, dealing 1D6+Magic damage to everyone within line-of-sight who does not have a symbol matching the one that is currently lit. Players who are behind a pillar are shielded from this attack.

The Defenders will not leave their perch (giving up their high ground) unless there are no targets within melee range. They will also not chase fleeing opponents out of the room.

If a defender is defeated, it lowers its sword and returns to its starting position. If both defenders are defeated, they both return to their starting position, and a passage is opened behind them, allowing the players to continue on their quest.
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Rottbeard the Pirate

Postby Elfie » Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:14 am

Suggested Party Composition: 5 level-5 PCs (haven't run this yet, will update afterwards)
Difficulty: TBD

Summary: The party is aboard The Siren's Call, captained by Isabella. They are attacked by The Black Plunder, a mysterious ship captained by the abomination Rottbeard and his crew of Corpse Pirates.

Pre-requisite: Using Isabella and The Siren's Call is completely optional, but the party does have to be on a ship. Extra hilarity if one of the PCs is sleeping with Isabella at the time of the attack.

The lookout cries out from the crow’s nest, “Captain! Captain!”
After a moment, Isabella bursts from below deck, in the process of putting on a shirt. “This better be good! I was inspecting the new baggywrinkles!”
The lookout shouts back, “A ship is approaching from the starboard stern. They’re gaining on us, ser.”
“What? Dimmit!” She turns to the party, “Should we have expected to be followed?” She gives them a moment to reply, then shouts back to the lookout. “How fast do they approach?”
“Fast, Ser, they’ll be on us in minutes! I can’t make out the men, but I can make out the glint of their blades!” “Andraste’s granny panties! Prepare to be boarded, men. And not in the good Llomerryn way!” The crew rushes about, and most of them draw their swords or daggers and stand ready to fight.

If one of the PCs was sleeping with Isabella, she has actually run out with their clothes. So their options are to put her clothes on, run out in their smallclothes, or just stay in hiding and hope nobody notices they're gone. If they choose this last option, let them play the part of the ship's crew.

The rest of the party has enough time to run to their cabins and grab their gear or do other preparations (like casting spells) but not both. Everyone was already above deck except whoever Isabella was sleeping with.

As the ship approaches, it appears black as soot. Even the sails are black, and the PCs can see that not only are they torn, but the ship itself seems full of holes. Though they may not know much about sailing, they can’t imagine how this ship is still afloat.

Whoever rolls the best Perception (Seeing) is the first to notice that the men on the approaching ship are not men at all… they are corpses.

The closer the black ship gets, the more the winds pick up, rocking The Siren’s Call violently. The approaching ship slams into The Siren's Call. Living corpses brandishing short swords and wearing rotting leather clamber over the bulwark as others with daggers in their teeth swing across on ropes before the two ships are separated by the wind.

Roll Initiative. Corpses spend their first turn getting onto the ship, so the PCs can have a full round to act before they do. Everyone at -1 to attack rolls due to rain.

Setup: Isabella, Casavir, and 12 Fereldan Brigands representing the ship's crew. 12 Pirate Corpses (6 with swords, 6 with daggers).
At the top of each round: Everyone is moved 1D6 spaces in random direction (roll a D4 to determine North, South, East, or West)
If this movement would push them off the ship, in order to prevent falling off, they must pass a TN 11 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test with a penalty equal to how many “extra” spaces they were pushed beyond the edge.
Each turn in the water, they must pass a TN 11 Constitution (Swimming) or take 1D6 penetrating from drowning. To get back aboard, they must pass a TN 11 Strength (Climbing) test.

When either is side more than half dead, the two ships slam together. More pirate corpses rush aboard, replenishing their numbers corpses back to 6 with daggers and 6 with short swords. A voice shouts from the enemy ship. The party looks to see another corpse, this one more well-dressed but still in tatters. He wields a wickedly jagged rapier and wears and fancy but ragged hat. Maggots squirm through his thick beard.

“Avast ye salty bilge-rats, ye cargo now belongs to Captain Rottbeard. Surrender half ye crew to the Black Plunder, and the rest may sail away. Elsewise, well… I’d hate to sink such a fine looking ship, but we do what we must, aye?”

On Rottbeard's turn, he will come aboard and go straight for Isabella. (He already has Dual Weapon Style activated.)
On Isabella's turn, she activates Dual Weapon Style and shouts, “Don’t surrender, boys! When we get to port, the first girl is on me! And I’ll buy you each one too!”
On Isabella's next turn, she cries, “Stinkybeard is mine, take out his crew!” To which Rottbeard replies, “The name is Rottbeard, wench.” And Isabella replies, “Okay, Rottbeard Wench is mine, either way, drown these carcasses!”

Rottbeard and Isabella use any stunt points they generate to try to disarm each other.
If she disarms him, she says, “I’ll take that, thanks!” picks up his rapier, then says “You keep this one!” leaving her own rapier impaled in his chest.
If he disarms her, she shouts, “Okay, I’m a woman who can admit when she’s wrong. It doesn’t happen often, but… Help!”

Additional combat dialog for Isabella
  • “If we kill them, we get their stuff!”
  • To whoever’s clothes she's wearing: “Bullocks. Are these clothes yours? Tell you what, if you can dispatch more of these buggers than me, you get ‘em back. Otherwise, you go without for at least a day… and you stay topside.”
    • If they suggest she take the same wager: “Don’t wanna give the crew the wrong idea. But I tell ya what, if you win, I’ll let you be on top. Once.”
    • If they're a dick about it: “I'm sorry, I don't speak never-gets-sex-again.”
  • “You hit like an Orlesian dandy!”
  • “When this fight is over, I’m gonna need a stiff one… and a drink.”
  • "I really should have gone to the privy before coming out here."
Additional combat dialog for Rottbeard
  • “I’ll cut ye, ye lice-infested privateer… Ye’ll meet the rope’s end for that!”
  • “I’ll reduce yer ship to rubble, ye salty parrot!”
  • “Enough with yer bilge, ye grog-snarfing swabbie… Prepare for yer doom!”
If Isabella lands the killing blow against Rottbeard, she shoves him overboard, taking his rapier for her own.
If anyone else lands the killing blow, wave crashes over the side of the ship, throwing Rottbeard’s body overboard, (but leaving his rapier plunged into the deck).

Rottbeard cackles as he falls to the water and the storm picks up even more strongly than before.
The Black Plunder sails away in the direction it came as waves crash over the sides of the Siren’s Call.
“Passengers, below deck!” Isabella shouts, “Casavir, go with them and make sure they’re safe. The rest of you men, batten down the hatches, reef the fore sail, haul aft the fore sheet, turn the helm hard a weather, belay the fore down haul, then haul down the yard, get the sail into the ship and unbound all the things clear of it. And for **** sake, hold on to something!”

Isabella (Level 9 Rogue Duelist... with one extra Talent cause why not)
Com 4 (Bargaining, Deception, Seduction)
Con 4 (Drinking, Stamina)
Cun 3 (Evaluation, Navigation)
Dex 4 (Dueling, Stealth)
Mag 0
Per 3 (Empathy)
Str 2
Wil 0
HP 84, Speed 14, Defense 14, AR 4
Talents: Thievery (Novice), Thrown Style (Journeyman), Dual Weapons (Journeyman), Duelist (Journeyman)
Class Powers: Backstab, Bluff, Dirty Fighting, Lethality
Preferred Stunts: Pierce Armor (1 SP), Lightning Attack (2 SP with offhand), Disarm, That Makes Me Wonder (2 SP)
Rapier +6, 1D6+5
Main Gauche +6, 1D6+3
Throwing Knife (x6) +5, 1D6+5

Casavir (Level 5 Rogue)
Com 3 (Leadership)
Con 2
Cun 1 (Cartography, Navigation)
Dex 3 (Light Blades)
Mag 0
Per 2 (Seeing)
Str 3
Wil 2 (Self-Discipline)
HP 66, Speed 13, Defense 13, AR 4
Talents: Scouting (Master)
Class Powers: Backstab, Bluff
Preferred Stunts: Pierce Armor (1 SP), Sieze the Initiative (2 SP)
Short Sword +5, 1D6+5
Dagger +5, 1D6+4

Rottbeard (Epic Pirate Corpse)
Com 2 (Etiquette, Leadership)
Con 4 (Stamina)
Cun 2 (Military Lore)
Dex 4 (Dueling)
Mag 2
Per 2 (Seeing)
Str 4 (Claws, Intimidation)
Wil 3
HP 60, Speed 14, Defense 14, AR 7
Talents: Dual Weapon (Master), Duelist (Master)
Preferred Stunts: Pierce Armor (1 SP), Disarm (2 SP), Lightning Attack (2 SP with offhand), Strangle (see Enranged Corpse, only if disarmed), Drain Life (see Devouring Corpse)
Rottbeard's Rapier +7, 3D6+1
Main Gauche +6, 1D6+5
Claws (if disarmed) +6, 1D6+6

Pirate Corpse (a merger of Enraged Corpse and Devouring Corpse)
Com -2
Con 4 (Stamina)
Cun 1
Dex 2
Mag 2
Per 0
Str 4 (Claws, Intimidation)
Wil 2
HP 40, Speed 10, Defense 12, AR 4
Talents: Dual Weapon (Master), Duelist (Master)
Class Powers: Howling Madness (see Enraged Corpse)
Preferred Stunts: Pierce Armor, Disarm (2 SP), Strangle (see Enranged Corpse, only if disarmed), Drain Life (see Devouring Corpse)
Short Sword +2, 1D6+6
Dagger +2, 1D6+5
Claws (if disarmed) +6, 1D6+4
Pirate Corpses will madly attempt to disarm their opponents whenever they have the stunt points for it, but because they are slow and clumsy, any time they fail to disarm an opponent, they themselves are disarmed. Unfortunately for their opponents, this means they'll start attacking with their claws and using the Strangle stunt.

Rottbeard's Rapier is a magical Rapier with a wicked blade and a hilt made of human bone. It has an attack bonus of +1 and does 3D6-3 damage (which on average is only 1 damage higher than a standard Rapier).
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