A variant save

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A variant save

Postby SuentisPo » Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:27 am

While reading the Expert topics, I noticed that a lot of comments were made on saves, so I looked the rules up.

According to the rules, a Warrior 2/Adept 8 has a base reflex save of 0! (Start as warrior - you don't get +1 until 3rd, switch to adept. you don't add anything until you hit +3 on a save, which is 9th level for poor saves).

OK- I can see and agree with an Adept 1/Expert 1 have +2 in all saves being bad (having seen some sick saves in D&D because of that). But 0 at 10th level seems a little harsh.

Here is my solution, comments would be greatly appreciated:

Don't change poor saves (+1/3 full levels);
Good saves are now +1/2 full levels, starting at 0 (same progression, just starting lower- 0 to 10) AND
At 1st level, give a +2 bonus to the character's good save(s).

Net effect, a single role character won't see any change. A character with only 1 or 2 levels in a side role (Warrior X/Adept 1, for example) will also be the same, but after that, your poor save(s) will be better.

Another idea I had (that I discarded as too complicated and a bit too powerful) was keeping the fractional save bonuses and adding them together to determine total base saves.

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Postby bushido11 » Wed Oct 05, 2005 10:21 am

Your example of the 2nd level warrior/8th level adept brought about a good point. I think that instead of having that mess of penalizing all saves by -2 per multi-role, simply say that all of the saves stack *as long as they don't exceed half of the character's total level + 2 (the progression of good saves)*.

I'd also like to see moderate saves (the in-between saves that SWRPG incorporates) implemented as an option and allowing both the warrior and the adept to choose one good save rather than being force-fed their good save.
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