True20 James Bond

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True20 James Bond

Postby GoRocket » Wed Sep 21, 2005 6:02 am

I'm fishing for any interest in such an adaptation. Note that this would *not* be a for-sale product for obvious reasons, being a) I'm not wealthy enough to afford the licensing fees on either end for this and b) I may not have time to devote to a fully-realized product.

That said, I do love James Bond and the whole spy genre and would like to see it get a True20 treatment.

What do you guys think?
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Postby Bhikku » Fri Sep 23, 2005 5:07 pm

I think it would be great. I'd love to do a spy game - Avengers style or even John Woo's take on Mission: Impossible - or something. But i lack both the patience and the budget to take on SpyCraft. True20 would rock the house with this.

I'm thinking it would need to formalize some rules regarding guns (of course) and how they fit into the Weapon Training paradigm. (As far as autofire goes, I suggest the M&M approach, q.v. here:

Gadget rules would also be important. I rather like the d20 Future ones, but I'm sure M&M and other resources (like the concentrated Inspiration/Madness of this board) would do well.

If you have ideas, GoRocket, I'd like to see 'em. If i think of anything, I'll be glad to contribute. (at the moment I mostly am thinking of things I already posted in the House Rules thread, regarding an easy-peasy approach to ammo, but other thoughts may crop up later.)
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