Mimic from the Exiles

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Mimic from the Exiles

Postby digitalRonin » Mon Jul 28, 2003 9:58 am

Mimic v1
(Background fromthe DC Heroes write-up by Sebastien Andrivet)
Source: The eXiles
Real name: Calvin Montgommery Rankin
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: Ronald (father)
Group affiliation: EXiles, former member of the X-Men, Champions, Defenders, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Base Of Operations: Mobile through dimensions

Gender: Male
Height: About 6'
Weight: About 190 lbs
Eyes: Blue (yellow in Colossus form)
Hair: Blond

On our Earth, Calvin Rankin was a menace that fought the X-Men a few times; He reformed, however, and became a X-Man for a short time - but was killed when attempting to duplicate the ability of the Hulk. On another Earth, a slightly different Mimic also started by walking on the wrong path and falling in with the wrong crowd. His father might have been a brilliant scientist, but he was a terrible businessman and they lived near poverty - and Calvin became a petty thief. With puberty, his mutant power emerged, leading to pains and headaches - but this was a power that was not obvious, nor could it express itself unless he came near mutants. At one point, he felt a strange, intoxicating sensation when crossing the paths of five teenagers - the original X-Men - and shadowed them. After two hours he lost them, but he had already mimicked some of their powers.
Realizing he was a mutant, the angry young man quickly chose to throw his lot with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants ; however, when he attacked the X-Men to prove himself, he was defeated and abandoned by the Brotherhood. After some time at the Fort Terahawk prison, he was visited by Charles Xavier, who convinced to make something of his life. He became a X-Man, the sixth one. He got along famously with the team, sharing deep insight into each member's powers and difficulties. In his world, Scott Summers never went past his shyness, and Calvin became the field leader of the X-Men, replacing most of Scott's role on Earth 616 - both with the original team and an all-new, all-different team.

Calvin was recognized as one of the greatest heroes of his world, where mutants were never ostracized and hunted. He knew great success. His friendships with his fellow X-Men, especially Wolverine, were deep.

However, something apparently went wrong with a part of the timestream, and information started to propagate - that would erase some anomalies but also some timelines. Thus, in Mimic's timeline, his first mission with the Brotherhood would go very bad, with a bus full of kids being blown up. Mimic would thus end on the death row. Mimic was thus part of a small group of youths from threatened timelines which was assembled by a halfling-like being called the Time Broker, who explained them the above difficulties - and that he could send them to alternate timelines to rectify anomalies; thus making sure the timeline corrections never had a reason to start. The youths agreed, and started dimension-hopping as the EXiles, accomplishing sometimes cryptic missions on numerous alternate Earths. Some missions were especially hard for Mimic, who had quickly become the team's leader. At one point, they intervened to help the Imperial Guard kill Jean Grey, who in that reality was about to actually and permanently become the Dark Phoenix. Calvin had both to fight his best bud Wolverine, and witness him killing Jean. He also lost two team members - Magnus and later T-Bird. Both were almost immediately replaced by other peoples from threatened timelines, with no time to mourn.

However, he grew close to Blink, who he had previously made co-leader, and they later became lovers.

Mimic is a successful, cool, well-adjusted young leader. He had a great life, is a great hero and really enjoyed success, nights at the karaoke with Wolverine and the like. He even had written his autobiography. Although he misses the good life, he's a great leader for the EXiles - smart, experienced, in control, courageous, knowledgeable about the whole super-hero business.
Although he cares for his teammates, Mimic has no real flaws or weak points. He thus does not like to dwell at all on the growing and sickening feeling he does not really loves Blink, and is just with her to have a safe place.

Powers & Tactics:
Mimic can duplicate the powers of five different mutants - but he will a lower power level. He will also adapt physical characteristics going along the powers, such as angelic wings or large hands and feet. This gives him a formidable array of powers, and he will not hesitate to combine them - to make Wolverine's claws as strong as osmium steel and backed by the power of Colossus, or to propel a Colossus-like body into an opponent with the speed of Northstar.
On his Earth, Mimic has also grown to fill much of the role of Cyclops, although he's not an obsessed perfectionist like the Scott Summers of Earth 616. Still, he has strong leadership abilities, a clear head, courage, the experience of the leader of a major super-team, an unusual sense of tactics and great training.

Power Level: 10
Power Points: 150
Unspent PP: 0
Hero/Villian Points: 5

ATTRIBUTES: [Total: 00]
10 STR
10 DEX
10 CON
10 INT
10 WIS
10 CHA

+0 Damage
+0 Fortitude
+0 Reflex
+0 Willpower

+4 Base Attack Bonus [Cost: 12]
+4 Base Defense Bonus [Cost: 8]

SKILLS:  [Total: 6]
Knowledge ( Super-Powers) +6

FEATS: [Total: 4]
2 Assessment
2 Detect (super-power)

POWERS: [Total: 120]
Mimic +10 - [Extras: Additianl Attribute (ability scores, feats, skills), All Attributes, Continous, Expanded Powers x4 (6 or less), Extra Subjects x4 (up to 5), Ranged, Partial Powers (if power cost over 6, Mimic can copy a version of the power that costs 6); Flaws: Limited (Mimiced attributes are one rank lower then the original), Limited (Unless the powers are duplicated for an hour or more they are lost when the original subject moves more then a mile away), Limited (Can't copy attributes from mechanical sources), Slow (Full Action); Source: Mutant; Cost 12; Total: 120]

GEAR: [Total: 00]

WEAKNESSES: [Total: 00]
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