Player's Cast of Characters

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Player's Cast of Characters

Postby Talassa » Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:29 pm

Please, show us your player created characters!

We have done House creation, followed by character creation, and did the quick start introductory adventure, after which I will let the player's make small changes to their characters before next session. There are some background events that we left purposefully open, in order to be filled as we play.

Also I have found that, according to the rules some of the archetype characters didn’t possess enough coin to buy their personal gear.

Anyway, this is the rooster of PC’s as they were at session’s end:

Ser Desmond Mallister
Anointed Knight (Adult Warrior)
Age: 20
Status: 4
Destiny Points: 1
Qualities: Anointed, Flaw (-1D Thievery), Long Blade Fighter I, Sponsor

Gear (coin)
Plate Armor (3000)
Shield (30)
Bastard Sword and Scabbard (700+)
Tourney Lance (40)
Destrier (1000)
Cost (-4750)
16 gd (3360)
Total: (- 1390)

Background Events:
1. Achieved a significant deed (won a local jousting tournament)
2. Kidnapped and escaped
3. Had a torrid love affair

Goal: Fame
Motivation: Lust
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Avaricious

Richard Camberland

Heir (Young Adult Leader)
Age: 17
Status: 5
Destiny Points: 2
Weapon Mastery (Long Sword)

Gear (coin)
Mail (800)
Shield (30)
Long Sword and Scabbard (700+
Long Bow (900)
Quiver 10 arrows
Signet ring
Courser (600)
Clothes (200)
Cost (- 3230)
20 gd (4200)
Total: (+970)

Background Events:

1. Present at a significant tournament (watched, as an infant, the tournament at Harrenhal)
2. Achieved a significant deed

Goal: Power
Motivation: Excellence
Virtue: Wise
Vice: Arrogant

Ser Benedict Rivers
Hedge Knight (Middle-Age Warrior)
Age: 30
Status: 3
Destiny Points: 1
Armor Mastery
Weapon Mastery (Bastard sword)

Half-Plate (2000)
Medium Shield (30)
Bastard Sword and Scabbard (700)
War Lance (60+
Destrier (1000)
Cost (3790)
12 gd (2520)
Total (– 1270)

Background Events:
1. Kidnapped and rescued
2. Held hostage as a prisoner by other house
3. Fought in the Battle of the trident, during Robert’s Rebellion
4. Saved the life of Richard Camberland, Heir to the House

Goal: Justice
Motivation: Love
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Cruel

Daemon (Darry?)
Noble (Young Adult Schemer)
Age: 15
Status: 5
Destiny Points: 2
Flaw (Animal Handling -1D)
Blood of Valyria

Mail (800)
Shield (30)
Long Sword and Scabbard (500)
Long Bow (900)
Dagger with sheath (20+
Fine clothing (200)
Quiver /w 10 arrows
Courser (600)
Cost (3050)
17 gd (3570)
Total: (+520)

Background Events:
1. Held hostage by another house as a ward
2. Significant Deed

Goal: Revenge
Motivation: Duty
Virtue: Devoted
Vice: Prejudice
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Postby HandOfTheKing187 » Fri Mar 27, 2009 12:13 pm

I'm not currently playing, just fiddling with the game and hoping to get a game going soon. Heres the first character I've made, a bastard son of House Avelle (I've posted their details in the player created houses topic).
I really enjoyed using the random tables - I had a very basic idea for the character, but after a few rolls on the background events table more and more thoughts sprung into my head and I think I've got a pretty good picture of who, and what, Jakob Hill is. If I've done anything wrong here, could people please let me know? I haven't read the whole book yet!

Name: Jakob Hill, the Bastard of Rockport
Age: 24 (Adult)


Agility: 2
Animal Handling: 3
Athletics: 3 (1B Dodge)
Awareness: 3
Cunning: 2
Deception: 4 (1B Bluff)
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 4 (2B Long Blade)
Healing: 2
Language: 3 (Common Tongue), 1 (Braavosi)
Knowledge: 2 (2B Streetwise)
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 3 (1B Bargain, 1B Convince)
Status: 4
Stealth: 3
Survival: 2
Thievery: 2
Warfare: 3
Will: 2

Qualities & Flaws

Blood of the First Men, Lucky, Bastard Born

Destiny Points: 2

Game Attributes

Intrigue Defense: 9
Composure: 6
Movement: 3
Sprint: 9
Combat Defense: 8
Armor Rating: 9
Health: 9

Personal Gear
3 Gold Dragons, 30 Silver Stags, Half Plate Armor (AR 9, AP -3, Bulk 3), Medium Shield (Def +2, Bulk 1), Bastard Sword (Training 1B, Athletics +1 Damage, Adaptable), Courser

Background & Events

1)Significant Deed (Saved his fathers life in battle)
2)Travelled across the Narrow Sea (Expanded the families fortunes overseas)
3)Involved in a villainous scandal (Smuggling and piracy with a Braavosi Sea Lord)
4)Had a torrid love affair (With the Sea Lord's wife – killed the Lord and returned home with the mans wife in tow)

Goals: Power (Seeks to build power for his House, his family, and himself)

Motivation: Love (Is passionately in love with his wife)

Virtue: Magnaminous (Generous and unspiteful)

Vice: Licentious (Wilfully criminal)

Jakob Hill is the second son of Lord Avelle, a bastard born to the daughter of a local sea merchant. Lord Avelle did not formally recognise his son, although the boys parentage was widely known. The young Jakob was a wild child, more often found fighting and stealing with urchins on the dockside than clinging to his mothers skirts. His mother, a successful businesswoman in her own right after her father was killed by Ironborn raiders, convinced Lord Avelle to have the young Jakob squired to a minor knight serving the House's portside interests. Jakob spent 4 years as the knights squire, and saw first hand the shady dealings the House conducted along the coast line and hilly ranges of their territory. The turning point in his life came when, aged 14, Ironborn raiders conducted a lightning raid into Avelle territory, seeking to loot and burn the port itself. Lord Avelle mustered what forces he could and a mighty battle erupted in the streets of Rockport. Jakob fought alongside his master until he was knocked unconcious by the flat of an Ironborn axe. Upon awaking he found his master dead. Furious, Jakob took up the dead mans sword, shield and horse, and rode in search of the battle. He came upon a bloodied knight, his horse and comrades dead beside him, beset on all sides by Ironborn reavers eager to take his rich armour and weapons. Unheeding, Jakob rode into the men, killing three from horse back and helping the solitary knight defend against a mob of raiders as they were beset in an inn near his home. The knight and the boy held the Ironborn off for nearly an hour of vicious fighting, and gave the Avelle time to rally and drive the raiders back into the sea. It was only after the battle that the knight removed his battered and broken helm, revealing himself to be Lord Avelle – Jakob's father.

Lord Avelle acknowledged the boy as his son after the battle, and brought him into the household. Jakob distinguished himself as a warrior and knight, and he fought bravely against the Ironborn once more during Balon Greyjoy's rebellion, and found himself knighted for his bravery. In the years of prosperity following, Jakob was dispatched, first to King's Landing, and later to the Nine Free Cities. His naturally criminal streak made him the ideal person to maintain the House's interests overseas, and his distance kept him from clashing with his elder brother and his fathers wife. Several years of licentious activity followed, culminating in his betrayal of a Braavosi Sea Lord by stealing first the man's ill gotten cargo, and then his wife. The Lord demanded Jakob and the womans heads on a plate, but Jakob made his escape back to Westeros, but not before killing the Braavosi. Since returning to Westeros his relationship with his family is strained – they cannot deny that he made them an awful lot of money while overseas, but nor are they happy that he has burned many bridges in the Nine Free Cities for them by killing the Braavosi. Lady Avelle is also unhappy with Jakob's relationship with his father, which she feels disrespects their dead eldest sons memory and takes away from the Lord's relationship with his new heir. Nevertheless, Jakob is a valuable member of Lord Avelle's household, and despite the current tensions he is happy with his Braavosi wife and eager to prove himself a useful member of House Avelle once more.
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Postby Talassa » Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:34 am

Jakob Hill is a cool character, do you plan to use him as a PC?

Did you choose a role for him (Page 44)?
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Postby HandOfTheKing187 » Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:06 pm

If I ever get to actually play in a game of SOIFRP, then I'd definately like to use Jakob as a PC or NPC, but actually finding time and players isn't a definate!

As for roles, I looked at them, but I was using them more as a guideline. I saw Jakob as a mix of Fighter and Schemer - he's a warrior born, but he uses his wits and savvy to get things done.
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