Available Positions - how do we define?

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Available Positions - how do we define?

Postby hedgewizard » Wed Mar 18, 2009 9:11 am

Look at Table 3-2 (p. 43). It suggests that for the example player's house, there are a certain number of positions in the House filled by the various roles. (e.g. 32 swornswords, guardsmen, etc.) It suggests that when you create your own house, the numbers will be different.

I didn't see a way to derive these through the house creation process, but it might be nice to have something (a simple formula) that you could derive these numbers from when creating your house/comparing houses. I can extrapolate off of this chart, but does/did GR have a formula or method for generating these?

What are people's thoughts? I think it would be nice to give a general sense of how large/full a given house is...
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Postby Davechan » Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:30 pm

I'd say that the 3.2 Table gives a fairly good representation of what sort of ratios you're looking at regards family members to everything else in a House. As for exactly how full a House is, you're looking largely at the Population and Power ratings in terms of the House Creation system. Largely, though, I'd say go with whatever feels right. There doesn't seem to be a "wrong" answer in this case, certainly.
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