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Postby Maester Luwin » Tue Jan 01, 2008 1:38 pm

Hey everyone! I just thought that this may be a good place to talk about your campaign ideas. A place to act as a sounding board & where we can knock around ideas.

What timeline will you all follow? During the time of the books? Later? Earlier? What type of campaign? Intrigue & politics? War & Tourneys? Or a combination of many things?

I may redo my Swords of the North Campaign. Set during the time of Lord Willem Stark & Raymun Redbeard (set before the Dunk & Egg stories). I have run this both as an online game & table top. Of course I may just resume the game when the new rule book comes out.

How about all of you? Thanks Maester Luwin
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Postby Maester Luwin » Tue Jan 01, 2008 1:50 pm

Hey everyone! Here is the beginnings of my Swords campaign!

The Game of Thrones Campaign
Dramatis Personae
Rickon Karstark the younger of two bothers & Master of the Hunt of his father’s house Karhold;
Helga a wildling from north of the wall now servant at Karhold & mother of the bastard Jasson Snow;
Donnel of Long Lake man-at-arms of Lord Willam Stark’s household & protector of Artos;
Quelion Woolfield a scholar of the Citadel & trained Maester / healer (tutor of young Jasson Snow);
Septon Heward godsworn of the Seven & outcast of the Old faith;
Jasson Snow only a boy of fifteen/ bastard son of Helga & Artos Stark – ward of Lord Karlon;
Alton Motley acrobat, juggler, & mummer known as the fool of Karhold;
Artos Stark known as “The Implacable” & brother of Willam Lord of Winterfell- recently come to check on his son & rumors of unrest beyond the Wall;
Nymeros Martell Dornish prince/ hostage of Lord Willam & ward of Lord Karlon- something of a Knave;

House Karstark
Lord Karlon Lord of Karhold – known as the “Old Bear”;
Lady Nera of House Flint, wife of Karlon, & only supporter of Septon Heward;
Karl Karstark heir to Karhold & brother to Rickon;
Alanna Umber wife of Karl & known as a great huntswoman in her own right- strong supporter of the Old Faith;
Jarana Karstark eldest daughter of Karl & Alanna (age 7);
Kerena Karstark youngest daughter of Karl & Alanna (age 3);
Miles Tallheart Steward of Karhold;
Daron Longhand Master-At-Arms & trusted retainer;
The Guardsmen Mull, Daron the Younger, Ballen, Mark of Last Hearth, Robin, Jayce, Little William, Tomas, Harwin, & Varly;
The Huntsmen Daveth, Jory, & Perran the Elder;
Maylwyn smith & armorer;
Hallen the cook;
Janna Hallen’s wife, cook, & at times mid-wife;
Goodwin Master of horse;
The Stable boys Timlin & Harold;
The Servants Emma & Bruhilda (“Hilda”);

The year is 195 & Daeron II sits upon the Iron Throne. To the North ,beyond the wall, Raymun Redbeard gathers the Wildlings under his banner as King Beyond The Wall. To the South Daemon Blackfyre gathers followers to contest Daeron’s right to rule. The Greyjoys continue to raid the western coast in their longships. House Martell & Dorne remain uneasy allies even though a Dornish queen shares the throne at Kingslanding. The Houses, both great & small, must now maneuver for their best place in the upcoming Game Of Thrones! A game where the stakes are high & to lose means death!
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Postby Snaford » Fri Jan 04, 2008 6:15 am

I think I will be continuing my Campaign from GoO's version.

The campaign focuses on House Mallister, and is set right before Robert's Rebellion. The campaign starts in a time of peace, and I had planned on the characters being at the imfamous tournament at Harrenhal, and then being central players in the Mallisters' part of the rebellion.
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Postby Rand » Fri Jan 04, 2008 7:40 am

I've also started au campaign with GoO's game, and I'll hope to continue it whit GR's one.
The name is "A Crown Of Swords" and the topic is Blackfyre rebellion.
As the game begin, peace is everywhere in Westeros, as Daeron is an enlightned king, talented in politics and carving for progress and knwoledge. He has studied for a while at the citadel, and think that trade arts are the best way to improve the knigdom. Under his rule, King's Landing looks like a free city, with great prosperity.
On the other hand, Blackfyre is the best knight in the kingdom, with great presence, heroic aura, charming smile, incredible skil with swords and lances. Something like Jaime, minus the knigslayer thing...
During the game, players have seen the wealth of king'slanding courts, the intrigue and scheming of the read keep, where a dornish queen try to strenghten her position. They've also gone to small villages deep in the country, where superstition and poverty rule the world. They've meet the smart Daeron and the chivalric Daemon, and many others greats, like blodraven, bitterstill, dagon greyjoy, willam and artos Stark, sons of Cregan...
I've finish for the world presentation. When i'll get GR game, I'll put a clash between Daeron and Daemon. first there will be political opposition, and players will have to chose sides. Then there will be war, and caracter will assume its consequences.
At least, that's what I've planned...
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Postby Maester Luwin » Sat Jan 05, 2008 8:19 am

Hey guys! Both campaigns sound great. Rand, I too am running my Swords campaign during the time of Willam & Artos Stark. In fact one Pc is playing Artos & another his bastard son, Jasson Snow. I would be very interested in how your campaign turns out.

Amok's site use to have good info ob Bittersteel, the Bloodraven, Daemon Blackfyre from George RR Martin himself. I am not sure if that site is up anymore though?

Thanks again for your comments & please keep us informed! Thanks Maester Luwin
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Postby higgins » Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:55 am

Maester Luwin wrote:Amok's site use to have good info ob Bittersteel, the Bloodraven, Daemon Blackfyre from George RR Martin himself. I am not sure if that site is up anymore though?

Do you mean these texts?

Edit: Another link added.
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Postby Maester Luwin » Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:27 pm

Why yes it was Higgings! Thank you very much. I think Amok did such a great job bringing those characters to life! Thanks again for the link! Maester Luwin
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Postby higgins » Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:03 am

Glad I could help. :)
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Postby Itkovian » Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:28 am

I will be running a new campaign soon, using the GoO rules until the GR ones come out. It will be a Noble House campaign.

The story will take place shortly after Robert's rebellion, and focus on two rival houses located in the western Rainwood. It will focus on political maneuvering between those houses, and conflict with the Bandits that infest the Rainwood.

It seems to be a good period to set such a game, since the land is still recovering from the wall, with Robert still consolidating his power (so he can't simply crack down on any conflict happening).

Should be fun, I hope. :)

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Postby ChopSockey » Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:45 pm

Sorry in advance if this is blasphemy. :wink:

But if the game does what I think it does I'm not doing a SoIaF campaign at all. I'm doing a historical fantasy about a Parthian prince fighting a religious rebellion and Roman invaders.

Then maybe after I get that out of my system I might run a game set in Westeros....
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Postby Itkovian » Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:19 am

I don't see why not.

I imagine that the main focus on the rules are on realistic low-magic fantasy.

Given this, I imagine it would be easy enough to strip away the few magical elements to make it an entirely no-magic system.

But still.... HERETIC! :)

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War of The Ironborn Campaign

Postby ceranko » Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:25 pm

This was the background of the campaign

Campaign History: War of the Ironmen
This campaign takes place roughly 50 years before The Conquest of the Targaryens. Just after the wars of Conquest. Harren the Black of House Hoare, King of the Isles rules the IronBorn and the riverlands and are at constant war with everyone. Cutting a red border of blood through the center of the continent. Harren had desired the highest hall and the most colossal towers in the Seven Kingdoms. The construction of his dream took forty years. Thousands of captives from the other realms died in the quarries chained to sledges or laboring on the five huge towers. Weirwoods were cut down to provide rafters and beams . Harwyn Hardhand, took the Trident from Arrec the Storm King whose ancestors had won lands up to the Neck 300 years earlier by killing the last River King. House Martel and Tyrell are at best neutral, having numerous border wars and are implacable rivals.
The West is ruled by The Black Lion, King Willem Lannister . He is allied with the House Arryn of the vale and House Tyrell of the Reach against the Ironborn. Dorne is neutral having been hard pressed to keep his men from raiding north into Tyrell Lands. The vale has had raids from the mountain tribes of the Mountains of the moon as well.
The North is in a state of alert after numerous raids by both Wildlings from the north and Ironborn from the west. Rumor has it a new threat has shown its wrath in the North, an exiled Ironborn called “The Rape King” has made an alliance with a group of Mercenaries from Ghis, The sons of the Harpy and a shadowbinder from Assahi. The Raider has amassed a small fleet and made his base north of the wall somewhere, raiding south onto Bear Island and even against the coast. Some wildlings have come to his service, greedy for the spoils.
Dragonstone is currently the last bastion of Valyeria left, ruled by the Targaryens who are trying in vain to search for lost treasures of the fallen continent they abandoned two centuries before.
Born to the second son of House Umber, Harrod was destined for knighthood. His father, Torvald, was highly respected as a warrior and as a friend to the smallfolk. Torvald’s older brother Naal resented Torvald’s popularity and feared him. When their father Lord Lugh passed away, Naal secretly gave Torvald the choice of death or the Wall. Torvald chose the wall and arranged for his Harrod and his wife to return to her family, the Harclays, a mountain clan north of Winterfell near the wolfswood.

Character backgrounds
Harrod Umber
Harrod grew up strong and free in the mountains. Hunting bears and boars and fighting wildlings and Ironmen made him a fierce fighter. Harrod had inherited the giant blood that ran strong in both his parents’ families as well as the ability to fly into a berserker rage on command. These abilities combined to make him a very feared fighter. Full grown, he was 7’ 2”, and covered in thick, coarse black shaggy hair like his giant ancestors.

Unfortunately, growing up in the mountains did not lend itself to a gentile education. Harrod never learned how to interact in a very pleasant way and did not suffer fools or respect laws or morays he found foolish. It didn’t matter much in the mountains, surrounded by his rough relatives, but it would hinder him later in life.

At 15, went to Winterfell to be page to Ser Holland Stark, a young son of the Winter King. Once, Holland and Harrod were sent with a few others to rid the wood of a group called the Dispossessed, turn cloak black brothers escaped from the wall. They found the band camping near some ancient barrows on a hillock deep in the wood. In that battle Ser Holland broke his leg when struck from his horse. His enormous page picked him up on one shoulder and proceeded to kill five of the bandits with the greatsword in his other hand. The threat seemingly gone, Harrod left Holland to be cared for by the others and in a furious rage, entered the barrows to find any skulking in those tunnels.

In this rage, he did not notice that the barrows were trapped. He tripped a falling block trap which he barely avoided, but which snapped his sword in two. He was then jumped in the near darkness by four bandits. He punched and thrashed as well as he could but was quickly succumbing to their attacks. He dropped to the ground to try and escape them and his hand closed over cold steel. He picked it up and slashed away at his attackers and was amazed at the sword’s sharpness and balance. His enemies dead, he grinned and named the sword Blood-Dream. After they got back to Winterfell, the Winter King made Harrod a knight for saving the life of his son.

Three years later, shortly after Harrod’s 21st birthday, Holland and Harrod made a journey to White Harbor for the spring fair, looking to participate in the tournament and make contacts with fellow knights and men of power. Harrod participated in the melee and there defeated opponent after opponent until it was just him against a pair of Bolton twins. They were fast and deadly, with pale eyes. Harrod barely managed to defeat them, and won the purse.

He became fast friends with the twins who were called Ser Garmon and Ser Gervase. They were actually friendly, open men, despite the fearsome reputation of the Dreadfort. Later he met up with his two cousins, who he liked despite their father, who hadn’t joined them in coming to White Harbor. There was a great feast that evening. At it, Jorren, a son of House Magnar, from the Isle of Skagos insulted House Umber, saying “Men of House Magnar like to travel beyond the wall to kill giants, since there are no giants south of the wall, we will have to settle for Umbers.” Harrod had defeated the man in the melee and the Magnar could not let it sit. Although ill-treated by his Uncle, Harrod still felt himself an Umber through and through and never tolerated men flapping their lips. He challenged Jorren. Both had drank flagon after flagon, but few could hold their mead as well as Harrod and when Jorren charged the giant man, Harrod simply lashed out with a low kick and snapped Jorren’s right shin like a dry twig. The Bolton twins and the men of Umber interceaded and separated the two. Jorren swore he’d have his revenge. And the Magnar’s men left the castle. Harrod yawned at the man’s predictable response and went back to his mead.
Umber met Dalt Hightower, who had recently lost his wife and children to the red fever. He desired to end his days at the wall for a glorious death, and a new purpose. With Him was Auric “Bloodhawk” Arryn, A legitimized bastard from the vale. The two have since found their lives entwined and have become battle companions.

Auric "Bloodhawk" Arryn
The Arryns are the descendants of the Kings of Mountain and Vale, one of the oldest and purest lines of Andal nobility. They are the Wardens of the East, a title they have held for three hundred years. Before that they were the Kings of the eastern kingdom of Westeros.
The Eyrie is built high in the mountains of the East, made of seven slender white towers so high that one can look down upon the clouds from their parapets. Though small by the Great Houses' standards, the Eyrie, because of the height at which it is built, is the most difficult of castles to storm, as like to defeat troops by causing them to suffer vertigo if naught else. The sigil of the Arryns is the moon-and-falcon, white, upon a sky blue field. The Arryn words are As High As Honor.

King Talon Arryn Lord of the Eyrie had a bastard with his Steward's Daughter, Alane Royce of House Royce, she died during childbirth. Your father was married at the time and had two sons and two daughters, as well as numerous bastards from common women in the vale. House Royce raised you and to ease tensions with his Steward, he acknowledged you as his son. Although you were fostered in house Royce to keep you from court. You grew up strong and swift, an expert swordsman and rider. At 13 you squired for Sir Erol Corbray, and were knighted by 15 in the Battle of Gryphon Mire, where you defended your wounded lord until the host of Ronald Corbray could flank the warriors of the Burned men. You were wounded with four arrows, and had killed ten mountain raiders.
You won fame when your house attended the grand dance of Spears in Dorne, a Grand Tournament at Sunspear, where you won the gold chest for excellent archery. And shocked everyone when you championed Samara Sand, bastard daughter of Damon Martel against a proposed marriage she was unwilling to concede to. You killed her suitor Sandamos of Myr, a Merchant lord of Bravos in single combat. After defeating Sandamos in a close heated battle, and killing him in single combat you took his Valerian blade named Deathkiss. Lord Royce surprised at your success against such a great foe named you Auric Bloodhawk, Giving you the moniker and noteriety.
You also won the enmity of Damon Martel that day, as his daughters marriage was conceived so Sandamos would pay off his debits to the Iron Bank of Bravos that ended on the end of your sword. He banished his daughter from Dorne, and you escorted her to Kings Landing, where you parted.
At the Dance of Spears, you met Dalt Hightower, an old veteran, from house Hightower. He expressed interest in joining the Nights Watch at the wall, and you became good friends visiting his family in Kings landing. He has asked that you accompany him to the wall to visit an old friend and help escort some neer do wells with him. You agreed.
Since you left Kings Landing, You’ve heard rumors of Samara Sand .You hear tale she left with some Bravosi merchants, rumor has it that she fancied women and she left with merchants to Valyria.
Right now you are going north with Dalt Hightower. And you have a baggage wagon full of criminals and exiles for the wall.

Alain Karstark
Alain Karstark was born 18 years ago, a younger cousin to Lord Roland Karstark. At the age of four he was taken to Deepwood Motte to foster at House Glover. His sister was promised to the heir to House Glover, Riathan Glover. On the eve of their wedding, the Ironborn of House Hoare and Wyk raided Deepwood Motte, sacking the town and taking captives. It was wholesale slaughter, the town was in the middle of festivities and were taken by total surprise. Alain’s brother and sister were both murdered in the attack, and he was taken back to Pike by House Hoare.
The boy was scarred and bereft, having seen the rape and murder of his sister before his eyes. An Ironborn warrior left him with a jagged facial scar across his left cheek, almost taking his left eye. The eye itself healed, but the iris turned red; a permanent reminder of his capture and imprisonment. The first two years were hard, as hard as the Island of Pyke. As a ward awaiting ransom, the sons of House Hoare abused the lad and forced disgusting menial tasks to him and he was physically abused constantly by the other Ironborn boys, who viewed the Greenlander as a weakling.
After a serious beating, Maester Levitas cured the lad and demanded to his Lord that he take in the lad as a steward, before he was killed. Lord Harren Hoare agreed, after all a dead boy would bring no ransom. Levitas made a wager with Harren, if the boy could best Harren’s own son in arms by twelve he was to be accepted into the ranks as a ward, just as any other nobles son had the right to. Harren agreed, thinking the maester needed a new pet.
Alain listened carefully to the maester, who taught him deception was the way to survival. The young captive Karstark learned much from his tutor, and he became hardened by the maester, learning the keys of influence by aggression and power through force. He had the local smith teach him swordplay and crafting weapons. Soon the young lad was all sinew and lean muscle. He learned to focus his anger on survival and cunning and waited for the day he could have his revenge.. The maester also taught him of leechcraft and reading.
He had grown despondent waiting for his uncle to pay his ransom, he had had no ravens from the north in response to Lord Harren’s request for gold. He feared his uncle thought him dead, and there would be no ransom paid. Alain decided he had to find his own escape, his own way in the world to survive.
Young Karstark used his knowledge of the body in his swordplay, striking deadly accurate at vulnerable points in ones armor and flesh. By twelve Alain was an impressive youth, well schooled in the arts of swordplay and the ways of the ironborn. He even had himself drowned, falsely giving his captors the idea he had converted to the drowned god. His ruse worked well, and the day came for Harren’s son to challenge his upstart captive.
Harren and his son’s were anxious to humiliate the lad. And they were stunned at his ability at the warriors moot, where Ironborn children proved their fighting skills and were accepted into the ranks of the wards, young boys pledged to a warrior. Alain was challenged by Harren’s son, and asked his father for the use of edged weapons instead of practice weapons. He said Alain’s uncle would not pay his ransom because he was worthless, and if he was truly a man, he would have to become an Ironborn, forgetting his past and family. The battle would be to first blood. Alain agreed.
Alain defeated Harren’s son and broke his arm in the fight, and immediately demanded his right to warriors ward. Harren agreed, impressed with the lad. One warrior stood and said he would take the young man as ward, Tyrin Seareaver of of Wyk, Captain of the Blue Hag.
Alain became a reaver, striking the lands south of Wyk, and became the bane of the Lannisters and Tyrell’s. For eight years he raided with the crew of the Blue Hag. The ironborn no longer watched him as carefully as they had, and let him go on sorties with them inland. One day while raiding deep into Lannister lands, he left a bottle with a note at the place of the battle, telling the Lannister forces of his identity and where the location of the next raid would be. Finally, his moment or revenge had come. The crew came into conflict with House Lannister and Tyrell, who had set an ambush up on the western shores. The battle was thick and bloody, and The Lannister and Tyrell forces were victorious.
For some reason his heart wasn’t feeling the pride he thought he should for his victory. Betraying this crew was something different, dishonorable even. Karstark had grown fond of Tyrin Seareaver, and many of the crew. They were Ironborn, nothing but thieves and murderers. But what did that make him? What had he become? He watched in silence as the captives were hung and their bodies put to the torch. He was then taken prisoner by The White Lion of Lannister, until his father sent his ransom and men from the North to escort him home. Six months later he was back in Karstark lands.
His Uncle welcomed him but was distant, embarrassed by the inability to come up with the ransom sooner. Feeling Betrayed Alain went to the Godswood to ask the old gods for forgiveness, and to reaffirm his oath to them.
He was knighted by his uncle the next day, and offered to make marriage arrangements. Alain was put off. Once again his Uncle was trying to be rid of him, and force some unwanted marriage upon him. Knighthood was no consolidation either. He felt out of place among the lords and their polite ways, and many of his family members did not know him. It was not the homecoming he had expected.
His cousin Artos heard word of Lord Bolton’s castle being besieged by Ironborn. Alain did not hesitate, he donned his armor and sword and made off toward Bolton’s castle.
Alleras of Oldtown NPC
Alleras was born to a noble house in the reach that had been dispossessed after conspiring with Dornish agents. Alleras siblings lost their lives fighting as mercenaries in Myr and Tyrosh. He attended the citadel and received three links before leaving and exploring the free cities and travelling with spice traders as a leech. Struck with wanderlust he went north with Dalt Hightower seeking service in the black as a member of the nights watch. He met Auric Arryn at the dance of spears and went north with him. After seeing the wall he lost all desire to volunteer as a member of the nights watch and decided to pledge his friendship to his companions, sharing in their adventures.
Session I:
Session one – The Cannibals of the Mound
Leaving Oldtown, Auric Bloodhawk Arryn and Dalt Longtower take ship to Bronzegate and drop off the nobles of the vale that went to Dorne. Auric is given a shield device by his brother Dominic Arryn, known as the Twilight Knight, 2nd in line to the throne. The two reconcile after Dominic is impressed with his fighting at the Starfall tournament.
Enroute to White Harbor, the ship is chased by Ironborn raiders, but is fought off by Targaryen Warships out of Dragonstone. The Targaryens advise they stay on Dragonstone for the evening and rest. At the Targaryen halls they meet a woman from Quarth named Birjanna Sojh. She states she wishes to travel north to the wall with Dalt, and he agrees. Although the woman’s strange ways give Auric some pause.
Auric Bloodhawk Arryn and Dalt Longtower arrive at White harbor, only to find a tournament being hosted by Lord Manderly. He witnesses Harrod Umber win the Melee against the Bolton twins and numerous other nobles and hedge knights.
At the Lords Hall, Dalt praises Umber and introduces Harrod to Auric. At the table the men of House Magnar of Skagos, angry at their loss in the melee, state how they like to go beyond the wall and hunt giants, since there are no giants south of the wall they have to settle for Umbers. The Umbers stand and challenge them, Lord Manderly orders them out of the hall to fight and demands two champions fight, to first blood. The Magnar charges Harrod Umber and Harrod kicks him in the kneecap, breaking the man’s leg with a resounding snap, to the cheers of the hall. The Magnar leave in disgrace.
Back at table, Harrod sees one of Lord Manderly’s men arguing with a young girl who is obviously distressed and crying. He sees the man raise the guard and escort her out. Intrigued, Umber asks the man what’s wrong. Auric also sees this and follows Umber out, hiding in the entranceway. The courtier states it’s just some small folk girl trying to bother the lord at his table, he shrug’s Umber off. Harrod questions the girl, she asks if he is a knight, he tells her yes. She tells him a distressing tale.
The outlaw Faramond Openmouth and some witch woman with black painted eyes, has killed the girls father and taken her mother and daughter with them, as well as all her farms livestock. Faramond and his men ran off into the woods. The girl hid and ran all day to the holdfast to tell Lord Manderly and ask for help. Faramond is an outlaw from the neck, Harrod decides to take matters in his own hands and Auric agrees to go with him. Neither wants to bother Lord Manderly’s feast. A serving wench hears the girl’s plight and agrees to set her up Harrod gives her money for lodging.
Auric and Harrod track down the girls burning farmstead, but find no sign of the bodies. They follow the trail to the riverbank, three miles away. There are standing stones at the edge of the cliff and there seems to have been a recent sacrifice at the altar. They follow two sets of tracks to the riverbed. As they follow the shallow stream, Auric spies a cave above lit by fire, about a hundred feet up.
He decides to track up through the goat trails in the shale cliffs and scout out the cave. He sees a man dressed in filthy rags and chain mail; his skin across his face has been shaved off by some old wound, leaving the man with no skin around his mouth to speak of. Faramod Openmouth. The man’s teeth had been filed into sharp points, like a shark. And he was eating what appeared to be a man’s forearm, crouching at the lip of the cave.
Meanwhile, below; Harrod heard a splash in the water near his right; he spotted a half naked girl about the age of six. She began screaming, calling out an alarm, she ran off into the darkness of the stream. Faramond hearing this raised himself and bellowed a violent scream. “Mother, there’s meat in the river! There’s meat in the river! Bring the children! Meat in the river!”
Auric, shocked and out numbered, retreated down the trail. Faramond hears his footsteps and draws his sword, chasing him down the goat trails to the stream. His mass of children follows him, brandishing sword swords and hand axes.
The heroes hear splashing up the river, and Auric and Harrod hear whistling noises. Auric is hit by a dart in the neck. The wound begins to burn fiercely, and he knows he’s been poisoned. The fighting is fierce in the stream as the children and Faramond surround them. Harrod makes short work of the children, but is still being shot at in the blackness by darts. Auric collapses and Harrod makes an end to Faramond, cutting his head from his shoulders and felling five children in his ferocious attack.
The children retreat up the hill and Harrod thinks it better to retreat with Auric down. He puts Auric on a horse and retreats back to White Harbor.
Meister Farris Frey is asleep in his tower when they arrive. The Meister treats Auric and states that he is just asleep, identifying the poison as basilisk’s blood. The next day at noon Harrod awakens and buys a batch of antidote from Meister Frey. They tell Lord Holland of their plight, and a young Meister named Alleras of Oldtown decides to go with them, he is traveling to the wall to study some books but is seeking adventure and carries a sword and wears chain mail. The three set off for the cave.
They find the entrance empty, the cave continues down a straight shaft below with handholds. They descend, and find a room directly below the cave entrance, some sort of ritual chamber. Skulls adorn the walls and a circular table bears some carved sigil. A shadow cat attacks them from above. They make little work of it and hear laughing from below and “Mother is going to get you.” They begin their climb down and Harrod misses his grip twice and falls, bouncing off the walls in the darkness, he lands fifty feet below in a circular cave. Stunned he opens his eyes to see glowing eyes across the cave.
He grips the torch and sees a stark white six-legged lizard lion with a stubby tail and a head like a serpent. It attacks him and the battle below begins. The heroes continue their climb down and reach another cave entrance. A child pushes Alleras off the ledge, and Auric barely escapes the same fate by a child wielding a quarterstaff. Alleras joins the battle. The witch comes from a secret door on the far side of the cave and hits Alleras with Baslisk dart. Auric decides to freefall below hearing the screams of his companions below. Harrod makes a desperate attack on the basilisk and kills it with a mighty attack, avoiding the spray of its poisonous blood, he prepares as the children charge him from the doorway. The battle is heavy; Auric makes precise shots with his bow and after cleaving through six children Harrod takes on the witch. He finds it hard to hit her; she is using some shadow magic to stay hidden. He finally scores a hit and cuts her almost in two; he finishes her off by cleaving off her head. They chase the remaining children up through a tunnel. They find a small girl in a cave; her foot had been cut off so she wouldn’t run. They break her rope bindings and get her out of the cave.

When they return with Alleras and the child Meister Frey goes to work, having to amputate the girl’s legs under threat. Of bodily harm from Harrod, who is angry at being given bogus antidote. He tells Lord Manderly of the girl’s plight and of the cave. The Lord calls his men for a raiding party and makes short work of the children, and finds the remains of the girl’s parents. He orders the cave sealed, and the cairn outside destroyed.
Lord Manderly promises the girl will be put to work for the castle baker, she can still sit and knead bread, and the sisters are reunited. Auric and Harrod and Alleras are gaining fame in the area, and have won the love of the small folk. Lord Manderly offers them 100 silver stags for the death of the outlaw Faramond. The nobles have been called north for an audience with Lord Stark, a war council. They set out.

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Session II:
Adventure Synopsis 2 “The Son’s of the Harpy”
Our Heroes Auric Bloodhawk Arryn and Herrod Umber leave Winterfell enroute to scout the Northlands for raiders. In their company are the following souls. Holland Stark, son of Winterfell; The Arbor sell swords Aiden Riddick, Euric Kaas, Alleras of Dorne, Averic Magnar of Skagos and his two squires Darron Stilgar and Cedric Carston, Birjanna of Asshai a red sorceress and seer, Ashton Paege a blacksmith; Men bound for the wall; Dalt Hightower, Carter a rapist, Slimm Chett a huge brawler, Balon of Summerhall a bard, his companion Lewin Theron, Quickfingers Floyd Cecil a skilled thief from OIdtown, The twin Bracken Bastards; Dalton Rivers, and Daeron Rivers and Viggo Ash, an exiled noble..
On their way through the wilderness they stop the first night to pray in the wolfswood, amid a circle of Weirwood heart trees. Dalt, Holland, Herrod, and Averic Magnar and his squires attend the grove. The heroes exchange stories and talk among a meal of venison and mutton. The night ends without encounters.
The next day they enter the lands of the Bolton’s. Holland Stark suggests that they camp for the night at the Dread fort. All agree. Herrod is eager to see the twin Bolton boys he met and made friends with at the White Harbor tournament. As they approached the Huge Castle of the Dreadfort, knights of the flayed man meet them. Once identified they are let in and welcomed by Lord Bruin Bolton and his wife Lady Rain.
Herrod is met by Gaiseric and Garson the twins. Lord Bolton is curious as to the nature of the Red Priestess, Birjanna. And his Lady wife asks the woman for council after the heroes feast. Lord Bolton tells Holland Stark and the heroes of strange men in the forests, wearing bronze armor and oiled hair. There have been sightings of deep ones in the rivers and streams and the eastern shore. Alleras, trained at the Citadel as a Meister in Oldtown, says according to legends, none have been seen since the age of legends, when Mermen captured virgins and abducted them to their watery realm, in a time when that race had a huge empire of underwater cities. Until the Sea King was banished below the waves forever by the Gods of air and earth. Bolton says he has had green dreams of late, prophetic and disturbing.
Ironmen have been raiding far into the interior of his lands. His men have been on alert for the past two weeks, catching sight of their longships off the eastern shore. Lord Bolton is also worried about his daughter who has been missing for two weeks with no word. Aiden Riddick challenges Auric to an archery compition. Auric wins the competion, just barely. And denies Aiden's purse, telling him he likes a good challenge. The two competitors get drunk and Balon of Summerhall impresses all with his renditions and singing with the lute, lyre and flute. Bolton gives the characters mead, beer and women to warm their beds for the evening.
They make their way northward the next morning; on the second day they see someone stalking them across the wood line. Auric sneaks through the forest, and is surprised at sword-point by Ashara Bolton, Daughter of the Dreadfort. Once she identifies the characters she asks Lord Stark for help. Four strange men who attempted to capture her have accosted her. She finished off all four and shows the Lord of Winterfell their scalps. They were dark men with long greased beards, and they wore bronzed armor with a half bird half woman icon. Alleras tells Stark that it sounds like the men of Ghis, who worship Harpies. She shows them strange weapons. Stark agrees to help her.
The next day they see the smoke of the village of Whitfall, the village has been attacked and every old or infirmed person has been put to the sword. Auric and Ashara track the area and estimate ten wagons have left the area with an unknown amount of horses. There are no survivors and strangely, no dead bodies of the assailants.
They continue forward and reach a crossroads; nearby is a two-storied inn. The characters see two guards looking in the front door of the inn; the characters hear screams and count twenty Zorses, strange half zebra horses from the eastern lands. They split in two groups and attack the inn from both sides.
The characters battle the Son’s of the Harpy, who prove more than able combatants, using both their exotic weapons and pyromancer fire against the characters. Herrod, charges the inn, breaking past the main guards at the door, only to see the harpies men in the middle of rape and murder. The innkeep has been pinned to the bar with three knives through his left arm, being forced to look on in agony at the sight of his daughters and wife being raped in front of him. After a concerted effort, the Harpies captain Zhago orders a retreat. In the end, many of the characters are wounded, including Herrod, Dalt of Oldtown, who lost his left eye, Dalton Rivers who lost a leg to Zhago, Captain of the Harpies Son’s, Slim Chett, who was mortally wounded but killed tem of the harpies men before succumbing to wounds, Lewin Theron killed while protecting his partner the bard Balon and Alleras of Dorne, stunned and bloody but alive. The innkeep tells the party that some merchant prince has taken the captives west to harrows cross, a fortified bridge to awaiting ships. A man named Sandreas, and his bodyguard a huge beast in gray plate called the Gorgon, who wields a wicked Trident, and is helmed, in a grisly demonic masked helm commands them.
Lord Stark commands the innkeep to tend to the wounded, and sets up defenses in the woods adjacent to the inn for safety, until Ashara and Auric can scout the Harpies men’s positions and strength. Aiden Riddick the archer watches the forest for enemies with his companion Euric Kaas. Ashara and Auric scout ahead to Harrow’s crossing, a huge fortified bridge across the maw of the Deepwell, a large river. Auric crawls ahead on the ground and estimates at least one hundred men of the Harpies sons and twenty ships, loading captives. They return to the camp, telling lord Stark. He says they are to separate and get reinforcements from houses Bolton, Harlaw, Condon and Fenn, the nearest holdings.
Stark, Ashara, Dalt and Lord Ash leave to get help, the other heroes make camp under a small stream. Herrod sleeps under a great Weirwood and has a green dream.
Herrod Umber:
You dream that the giant Weirwood above you is whispering Umber. You awake and stand facing the old tree and it's haunting red eyes, milking red sap. You smell the scent of rich crisp leaves and damp earth and the rose like scent of the Weirwoods sap. The eyes seem to stare into you. You see its eyes move toward your sword, the blade vibrates coldly in your sheath. You draw the sword, on the flat of the blade near the cross guard is a stylized Weirwood etched in the blade, it glows red. You realized the handle is made of weirwood. The sword seems to smell of heated metal. The Weirwood smiles. The blood-red hand like leaves grow dark above you, and a thousand white red eyed crows appear in the trees branches. They swarm about you in a massive cloud, darkening your vision. You see a dark haired blue-eyed woman in a blue dress, on a cliff overlooking the sea. Storm clouds are in the distance. Lightning flashes. Your vision is moved to a Harpy Eagle, chained in a golden cage, with a falcon’s hood on its face. Its red eyes glow through the leather hood. Your eyes meet and you are one. You feel suffocated. You feel angry. You see the Weirwood, it blooms a red rose like flower that glows oddly. The vision fades to white, and a thousand wings of snow-white crows surround you, you awake.
Umber awakes to find a flower bloomed near his head. His wounds are still unhealed and he is sore as he stands. He picks the flower, it smells of blood. He puts the flower in his pouch. Umber sees a white raven with red eyes. He feels hungry. Starving. His stomach rumbles. The raven screams, “Eat! Eat!” Umber eats the flower and he feels a burning sensation like fire in his blood. He feels the odd need to swim in the river. He strips and dives into the creek. The water feels tingling. Once he emerges from the water, Alleras stares at him in amazement, his wounds are all but healed! He tells his companions of his green dream. Balon the bard asks to see his sword, and tells the characters the history of it..
The sword was the house blade of House Hearne whose motto was "The old Gods are with us" Their symbol is the Weirwood tree, with a black border. They were friend’s to the Umbers and Starks, their house died out two hundred years ago, they could trace their ancestry to the building of the wall ten thousand years ago, they helped Bran the builder build the wall and Dragonstone. The castle is in ruins deep in the wolfswood.
Amazed the men sleep under the Weirwood some of whom have dreams, not all of which are good. Stark and the rest return the next day and hear of the amazing recovery of Herrod . Stark has brought three hundred men from the various holdings to attack the bridge and camp.
The heroes depart. Quickfingers, Daeron Rivers and the two squires of the Magnar climb the side of the bridge to gain access to the towers to lower the drawbridge. They succeed, the heroes’ storm in. They fight their way to the far side of the bridge and attack the men in the tower, and gain access to the lower dungeons after a pitched battle upstairs. They free some commoners and follow the passageway out to the cliff stair, which leads down to the Slavers camp.
Auric and Herrod fight their way down the stairs. Herrod, using his great strength grabs many of the men charging him and flings them off the five hundred foot stair to their death, while Auric uses his bow to pick off the Son’s of the Harpy as they move up the stair to their position. They charge the beach as the reinforcements surge in from above them, the battle of the bridge is won, and the battle of the beach begins.
Herrod charges the boats of the slavers and picks the flagship, smashing the wood planks to splinters making it impossible for the ship to sail. Smoke begins to engulf the beach, some otherworldly cloud. Birjanna, the Red Priestess gives Auric and Herrod some potion to drink, it tastes of dust or liquid ash and they see each others eyes turn black. Their wounds seal up with black smoke.
The Gorgon emerges from the ship and challenges Herrod Umber to a duel. Umber Charges through the ship. Auric follows. The merchant lord Sandreas is also on board, and sees Auric’s Valyrian blade. Sandreas draws his own Valyrian blade. He tells Auric he has heard of his exploits in Dorne, and thanks him for the money he will be giving him for his head. He tells Auric there is a ten thousand gold reward for the return of the sword and his head in Braavos, and he intends to collect it. The two fight a fierce battle against their opponents. Auric and Sandreas are both wounded savagely by each other, but Auric moves in with a lucky shot and stabs the merchant in the jugular, ending it. Herrod, disarms the Gorgon of his Valyrian trident and throws it into the bay! Enraged the Gorgon steps back and draws his Great Pick, dropping his shield and wielding it with both hands in a huge show of strength.
He mocks Umber and turns on Auric, charging him. Auric barely manages to avoid his blows and jumps across the deck to the next ship, escaping the Gorgon’s attack. The Gorgon looks at his master’s body and screams curses at the two, the great beast flings a flask of Pyromancers fire at Auric who catches it. Herrod jumps across the deck to join Auric. Auric fires a few arrows into the Gorgon from his position, they hit with little effect and bounce off the fighters armor.
The Magnar’s squires, Cedric Carsten and Darron Stilgar burst through the door eager to help the heroes. The Gorgon explodes Cedrics head in a violent stroke of his great pick. He whirls in a huge circle and impales Darron Stilgar with the sharp end of the pick, lifting him up over his head and throws him over the edge of the ship. The Gorgon is struck by arrows fired from Auric and pulls them out in a rage. Averick Magnar, wounded by four arrows rushes aboard and is slammed into the railing by the Gorgon, losing his sword in the process. The Gorgon crushes his hand to a bloody pulp. The Gorgon turns charging Umber with full fury. He lands a blow to Umbers chest and the two crash down, grappling. The Gorgon smashes his helm into Umbers face, stunning him. As he raises his Pick for the deathblow, Auric places two arrows into his throat in succession. The Gorgon slumps back, dying and Umber puts an end to the beast.
The two move out of the ship, Stark bumps into Umber and tells him that some beast is attacking men through the mist, a giant white tiger. And a shadow witch is melding into the shadows of the mist after she attacks. Alleras comes through the mist wounded and leans against the ship. He tells Umber the mist is coming through the tent in the middle of camp, and tells him the witch with a poison spear has killed the archer Aiden Riddick. Herrod rushes through the mist looking for the tent and eludes enemies. In the tent the White witch and her Warg familiar, a Gulsuldan tiger, attack him. He bumps into Birjanna and sees the White with stab her and disappear into the mist. He makes short work of the tiger, and soon after the mist and witch disappear. Auric and Alleras treat Birjanna.
Soon afterward, the North men defeat all of the Harpies sons and their allies on the beach. They free 1500 captives .including: Ameron Targaryen, Third son of Dragonstone, Sarum Volmark an ironborn Lord in service to the prince, Narender a famous sellsword, Subash a mercenary from the summer islands, and Samara Sand Auric’s damsel in distress from Dorne, captured by Sandreas. He finds out she also has a bounty on her head from the lord of Dorne.
They find a notebook with the names and accounts of three Merchant Lords in Volantis, and another lord in Mereen known only as the Quartheen Shadow. They are making slaves of the northmen and their children and are bankrolling the Rape king and certain lords among the ironborn to sell slaves to them to be made into Unsullied, and fighters in the pits of Meereen.
Ameron asks to join the heroes in their quest after hearing of this as it pertains to his kingdom as well. Stark hears word of Lord Bolton being Attacked by a fleet of Ironborn, he immediately orders the ships to set sail for the Dreadfort. The Nobles begin their preparations to leave. Euric Kaas gives Auric Aiden Riddick’s dragon bone bow, saying. “I think he would want you to have this.”

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Session Three: Temple of the White Witch
In the aftermath of the battle with the Harpies Sons and the retaking of Harrow’s Crossing by Lord Holland Stark and the combined forces of the local northern lords, Lord Holland Stark and Ameron Targaryen had council with the lords present. Prince Ameron Targaryen, third son of Dragonstone; informed Lord Stark he and the Immortals had been betrayed and drugged by their cook, and taken captive. He swore his men and his sword to Lord Stark in his mission against the Ironborn and the Rape King. It was decided the storming of the Rape King’s fortress north of the wall could wait, as Lord Bolton’s lands were being besieged by Ironborn raiders based out of the Trident. So it was confirmed that helping Lord Bolton was the most immediate threat.
Alleras of Dorne also found a detailed journal of the masterminds behind the plot, listing names and accounts of the men involved in the alliance with the Ironborn. The journal also mentioned that the Rape King had captured a giant, and it would bring a veritable fortune in the free cities, along with the other slaves bound for Myr, Astapor and Mereen.
Meanwhile, Ameron’s men, known as the Immortals were guarding the beach at this time, for Herrod Umber had seen unearthly monsters below the tide as he searched for the Gorgon’s Valyrian Trident. After describing them to the lords present, Alleras of Dorne recognized the descriptions of the beasts as deep ones, strange mermen from legend. Ameron had witnessed the White Witch summoning these beasts with some sort of Horn. The men of the company were very disturbed by this.
As the lords and their men were moving the wounded back up to the fortified bridge a severe storm began to move in. Just then a deep haunting horn blew from afar, sending a deep rumble through the air. Amid the raging storm, the deep ones emerged from the tide and attacked the company. They had the faces of an angler fish, and were covered in grey and evergreen scales, hard as sharkskin. In place of hands the beasts had huge crab claws, which could rend off a man’s arm with one strike. When wounded, the mermen reeked of black sewage making the men they attacked nauseous. The fighting was fierce, and the men fought for their lives as lightning crashed around them. Many of the company were taken below the waves to drown and be eaten by the beasts.
Herrod Umber and Auric Bloodhawk Arryn stood their ground on the deck of Ameron Targaryen’s ship fighting the beasts off. Ashara Bolton, Narender and the Magnar of Skagos were there also as was Lord Holland Stark. Many men were lost in the battle, but the Immortals held their ground despite heavy losses. The White Witch was seen on the cliffs above, and the Mermen took the bodies of the Gorgon and Zhago of the Harpies son’s and disappeared beneath the waves. The witch called off her minions after this, and they swarmed back into the depths.
Ameron ordered the men to sleep above in the fortified bridge and none argued. The Karstarks arrived then, angered that they had missed two huge battles on their own lands. In honor of our company, they stood guard on the beach that evening, protecting the fleet. The company would wait to disembark until the storm had passed.
Ameron Targaryen retrieved a large black horn traced with silvered runes the size of a man’s arm. He informed the company he used the horn to summon Darkfury, his dragon. The company was impressed at the fact that the legends of the Targaryens and their dragons were true. Lord Stark was grateful to have such an ally in the upcoming battle with the Ironborn fleet.
Ashara Bolton and Auric Bloodhawk Arryn talk privately on the bridge and talk late into the night. Their interest grows in each other.
The next day the storm dispersed and we set sail for the Dreadfort, Lord Bolton’s castle.
Once at sea Ameron blew the horn to summon Darkfury. The men searched the horizon, anxious for glimpse of such a fabulous beast. Once we sighted Lord Bolton’s castle we were distressed at how many ships there were, we were clearly outnumbered. Just then the luck of the gods descended on us. Darkfury was seen on the horizon, accompanied by Lord Ameron’s sister Sameythis Targaryen riding her own mount, a dragon with slick blue scales named Kurgeron. The crew let out a cry as the dragons flew overhead, Lord Ameron ran to the ships forecastle and out to the ram jumping on Darkfury as he streamed by in glistening black glory. The Ironborn panicked and began running from the beach. Ameron set fire to the siege towers first, and his sister made short work of the beached boats and engulfed men, ships and steeds without remorse. Lord Stark ordered us to storm the beach and the fighting was thick and bloody. The Ironborn were struck with dragon fear, but fought bravely. Lord Bolton’s forces charged from the front gate, flanking the Ironborn on their left side. Afterward it was a mass melee, and our men won the day. Lord Harren Hoare’s own son was captured, along with three other nobles of the Ironborn. It was a great victory, and good fortune that we had captured the heir to the Ironborn Throne.
Ameron offered terms for their ransom, and after Harren’s son insulted House Targaryen and Lord Ameron had the man’s sword hand cut off, and blinded the man. This caused a great argument between the Lords Stark and Bolton. Lord Bolton had the captives impaled and burned alive by Lady Sameythis and her dragon. Stark was furious, but let his anger subside, after all the Ironborn were plotting with the slavers of the free cities and abducting captives from the north. It was justice, albeit cruel justice.
Later that evening, Ameron and his sister returned from burning the rest of the Ironborn fleet downriver. The Immortals guarded the dragons while they fed on the charred corpses of the dead. Lord Bolton feasted to their victory, and Ameron gave Lord Stark a warning. Lord Stark asked if it wouldn’t be prudent to attack the Riverlands now and free it from the grip of the Ironmen forever, seeing that they would have the advantage of dragons. Ameron replied that the Lords of the Storm lands would soon raise their banners and do that job for them, and the Riverlands would soon run red with blood and fire. Ameron also said if the House of Targaryen ever wants to expand his domain do not resist, otherwise your lands and people will burn. He said you cannot defeat a dragon once its mind is set. Lord Stark was angered at this, and for a moment it looked as if swords might be drawn. But Lady Targaryen asked Stark to dance and he accepted. And the comment was forgotten. Auric Bloodhawk and Ashara Bolton took a walk into the godswood and consummated their love in the hot pools under a great weirwood.
The heroes leave for the wall to gather men of the night’s watch for a consolidated attack on the Rape King. Ashara stays to help rebuild from the siege. Lord Harren’s son is sent back to Harrenhall blind and crippled.
At the Eastwatch by the sea, the Lord Commander of the wall agrees to lend his men to help, as the mission directly relates to wildlings. He brings three hundred men. They set sail for the Rape Kings lair. Birjanna asks Herrod Umber for his seed, she wishes to cast a spell to counteract the White Witches powers. And she needs his essence for the spell; she warns him it will cost him. He reluctantly agrees. The Red Priestess chants as the two consummate the spell. As they make love in the belly of the ship, she takes some of his life essence for the spell, weakening him slightly, but the act was incredibly pleasurable for the great hero.
As they reach the beach a great storm erupts and a tsunami swells over the ships, causing them to crash into the beach. Many men are hurt. The wildlings charge and a horn bellows in the distance. The surf is broken by the ravaging hordes of deep ones rushing to the call of the horn. Lord Stark orders the men to move toward the temple, to more easily take on the vast numbers of deep ones moving up from the beach. Auric, Herrod Umber, Ameron and his Immortals guard the rear as the combined forces charge the temple compound .Members of the nights watch guard the entrance with Lord Stark and are soon joined by the rearguard. Auric, Herrod, Ameron and Subosh of the Summer Isles and the Red Priestess Birjanna and members of the Immortals charge through the press fighting their way up to the upper reaches of the ruined city. There they meet members of the Harpies son’s and the undead zombified Gorgon and Zhago. The fighting is dire, and many of the Immortals are killed, Umber and Auric see a chained giant and free it from its captivity. The creature tells Umber the Rape King has killed its mate and has taken the White Witch into the temple. Umber gives the beast his maul and the creature charges down the city streets to fight the deep ones, leaving dead bodies and dying foes in his wake.
The heroes break into the temple doors and storm in. The group is attacked by the Ghis mercenaries lurking in the temple, and the Rape Kings elite, including the White Witch. The Rape king and four members of the white coven leave through the portal door. Birjanna.the Red Priestess births a shadow creature, speaks to it in some unknown tongue and it disappears into mist. Subosh is killed in the melee.
The heroes move through the portal door but Birjanna cannot pass through it. They take on the Rape king and the White Witch and the four white coven members. As they begin attacking the White Witch, the shadow creature shifts into visibility and charge the White Witch, exploding in a huge torrent of magical energy, the black color of the witch’s eyes fades, and she is severely weakened; long enough for Auric to fill her with arrows. Herrod is poisoned by the white coven members and falls unconscious after slaying the four of them. As they die, they form into shadows and attempt to possess the characters. Ameron, Auric, and the two immortals fight off the Rape king. The two Immortals become possessed by the shadows and attack Auric. Ameron also succumbs to possession.
Auric manages to avoid attacks by Ameron, but kills one of the immortals in self defense. Auric finishes off the Rape king and the shadows fade out of existence. The characters break the Horn of the Sea King, and destroy the summoned deep ones, who turn into black sludge.
The men care for the wounded, and speak with the giant. Herrod asks to meet the giant and his people. The giant laughs at this. Auric and Herrod Umber mention the desire to explore north of the wall. The Night’s watch tells them they are crazy, as this area is full of cannibalistic wildlings. The giant thanks Umber for his freedom and gives him a braided lock of his hair, and he shapes a stone in his hands for Auric before departing. The characters travel back to Eastwatch by the sea and Ameron Targaryen invites them to come to Dragonstone. They agree.
A Raven comes, and says Naar Umber and his men have captured Bear Island and freed it from the Ironborn. Naar’s son has been offered in marriage to Mormont’s daughter for his part in the battle. Naar captured the Ironborn nobles from House Harlaw and Pyke and Burned all the captives on the beach and sent a letter by raven to Pyke, telling their noble sires their sons ashes are on the beach, and they can come to collect them anytime they want. Lord Mormont is setting up defenses. Auric receives a letter from his former Lord Corbray, he is asking for Auric to come home and be his first at his wedding.

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Session Four: Assault on Black Rose keep

After having their fill of the wall, the characters go south on an invitation to meet the Prince of Dragonstone and his family. The Karstarks and Holland Stark accompany the characters. Enroute from the North by Ameron’s ship, the group is attacked by a large sea serpent. The beast manages to kill many of their crew, until Auric and Umber join the fray. Auric takes the beast’s eye out with a well shot dragonbone arrow and Umber slices the beats spine almost in two, killing it. Umber is hailed by the crew who are stunned at his feat of strength.
As the characters returned from their forays in the North, Balin of Summerhall, the Bard accompanying the characters has perfected many songs and enlivened stories about the adventures of Holland Stark, Alleras of Dorne, Herrod Umber, and Auric Bloodhawk Arryn. Impressing the court with their exploits, the Targaryen Prince gave the characters each two hundred gold dragons each for saving Ameron and his men, a small ransom. The characters are becoming infamous.
Their visit to Ameron Margarine’s home of Dragonstone was rife with court intrigue. They discovered a plot of an alliance between House Targaryen and the Storm lords to attack the river lands and strike at the Ironborn lords. They also met a cast of characters working for House Targaryen and House Storm, Notably Etarmacol Lord Grumpkin of the Silver Tower chancellor of Dragonstone and master of whispers, Numeris Storm Heir to Storms end, Aradagnir The Knight of Skulls and Kisses a blackguard knight and reputed murderer, Satarys The Lord of Silks or Lord Silksteel to some, a smuggler and spy, The Jackal of Norvos, an ill reputed mercenary from the free cities, Carstenbekk, an assassin of unknown origin, and The famed Targaryen Prince and his family. The characters mingled, and Etarmacol offered them passage to Runestone on Satarys’s ship. Etarmacol also wanted Auric to deliver a message to his father.
Auric and Herrod had knives made from the sea serpents tooth by the castles master of smiths, an Ibbanese man well traveled and huge of size named The Titan, Euron Mattias. After hearing many intrigues and seeing the seven Targaryen dragons feed, the characters embarked with Alleras and Balin on Satarys’s ship for Runestone.
Aboard, Herrod Umber had another green dream. He dreamt of a weirwood tree glowing in a black forest. The tree had a woman’s face. He saw a black armored man walking over the thick laying leaves, as he did so the path he left behind him caught on fire, leaving burning footsteps. The Weirwood began to burn, and the scream of a woman filled the forest. The flaming knight struck with his sword, and Umber awoke, shaken.

Auric shared a simple homecoming with his Uncle, and the next day set off for Lord Corbray’s wedding. On the road they came upon the village of Highhill, and were about to witness an execution of a man by the Baroness Morge of the House of Morge. Angered that a man was being executed for his crop failing, Auric intervened and threatened the Lady with Punishment if she did not give the custody of the man over to him. After much argument the Baroness conceded, but left gathering more troops.
The characters were thanked by the local Septon for saving the man, and offered shelter in the Sept. The Septon related the grim tales of the Baronesses deeds. Lord Morge was as good as dead, incapacitated by Sweetsleep and comatose. The Baroness had taken power and ruled over the peasants with an iron, evil hand. After crops had failed last year, she kicked tenants off their lands and gave them over to cronies to work. Soon beggars appeared in the streets and it angered the baroness. She had all the beggars, crippled and infirmed brought to a barn to feast, after telling them they had nothing to worry about ever again, she nailed the barn shut and burned all the people inside alive. When the Septon and his men talked out against this they were beheaded. When her maester refused to give Lord Morge milk of the poppy he was publicly burned alive, and his ravens slaughtered. Since, the Baroness has refused to let anyone out of her domain on pain of death. The people have been living in fear for months. Auric promised to bring word to his uncle of this, as they were outnumbered by the Baronesses troops.
The Septon suggested that they leave immediately, as the Baroness was not likely to let their insult slide. The characters waited for an hour and were attacked by the Baronesses men, who killed their horses. They narrowly escaped the ambush, after the septon led them through a secret tunnel in the Sept well, which led to the river.
One of the men at arms saw them leaving and sounded the alarm, and the knights soon followed the characters across the river. In the forest they were attempting to hide when one of the Acolytes of the Sept let out a cry in pain, for he had broken his ankle in fleeing the Sept. The characters were attacked by three knights on horse and defeated them after a deadly battle. The Septon and one Acolyte were slaughtered in the fight. Umber killed a man with his bare hands after dropping his sword in battle, breaking his neck after jumping on him from horseback. The characters were stunned by this, and stared at the hero in shock for a few minutes after the battle.
The characters took the horses and fled. At the next small crossroads they stopped at an inn and were about to continue when they heard the noise of approaching horses. Ten knights arrived with their leader, a knight in Red, White and Orange flames on his black shield. The characters hid in the stables. One of the knights noticed the character’s horses were in the barn, they immediately dismounted to search.
Auric, hiding in the stables loft, aimed at the huge knight in black armor and hit him with a critical to the eye. The knight commander fell back off his horse and one of his men dragged him to cover as the other knights stormed the stable, looking for their enemies.
The battle was close and bloody in the barn, Auric and Umber both used their abilities in amazing skills of daring. Auric almost succumbed to his wounds. The Bard Balin of Summerhall took a bad wound and fell unconscious. The Knight of Flames fled with two other knights back to the castle.
The characters arrived and told the Lord of Royce, Auric’s Uncle of the battle. Royce was enraged by the victimization of the small folk and the murders that had been committed. He immediately called his banners to war. Alleras of Dorne and Balin stayed behind to tend to wounds.
After arriving in the village, Royce was shocked everyone was missing. Upon reaching the castle, he was witness to the small folk tied to the battlements. The Baroness warned that she would kill all of the common folk if Royce did not pull his men back. Enraged the Duke demanded that she surrender the castle. The baroness ordered her men to launch the catapult to prove her resolve. The body of her husband was recovered after it crashed into the trees behind the Dukes forces. This woman was truly mad.
Distraught, Lord Royce could not believe the evil mind of this woman. He feared for the lives of the small folk. He offered to parley, and the Baroness accepted. Royce told her that if she gave him ten thousand gold dragons he would forgive her of her crimes and she could go back to ways as long as she would not hurt the small folk. She agreed. She dropped the gold from the battlements and it was carted off. Royce pardoned her, and he left with his men, planning to deal with her and her men after Lord Corbray’s wedding, to save lives. This angered the characters but they understood. At last the characters approached Lord Corbray’s Lands, preparing for the eventual return to Highhill.

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Session five: Scourge of the Mountain Clans

The characters greet Errol Corbray and his wife at the wedding tournament, and prepare for the contest. Harrod Umber wins both the melee and the joust! Becoming the champion of the tourney winning 5000 Gold eagles! He gives the new bride the title of queen of love and beauty and gives a percent of his winnings to the groom as a wedding gift. King Talon Arryn calls a council and orders that when the wedding is over the lords must call their banners and march on the river lands to put an end to the Iron born presence there. The Storm Kings are attacking Harrenhall and he means to take some of the spoils of war for himself.
Dominic second in line to the throne, called the Knight of twilight argues with his father that the mountain clans will surely see them leaving and raid the vale, as they have been consolidating under one particular Red Hand chieftain of late. His father calls him a coward and bids him to stay behind with the women if it so pleases him. Some of the other lords agree with Dominic. King Talon threatens to deal with any stragglers with a firm hand when he returns.
Auric gives his father the letter from Etarmachol, telling him not to get involved with the Stormlords war. This enrages the king. Auric tells him of the Targaryen dragons and the attack on the riverlands. The king is non- pulsed and seems to want to die a heroes death in battle, taking as many lords with him as possible.
The characters meet Aladare Brax and his three hundred church knights bearing the symbol of the rainbow sword on their tabards. The knights agree to guard the vale while the lord is away, as they have church business here. King Talon orders the knights to search out the Mountain clans and exterminate them. Brax swears this on his sword and calls a crusade against the heathen hill people.
That night Agravaine Horne arrives, known as the knight of flames with two of his companions.
. They have taken the head of the Baroness of the black rose and tell Royce they want pardon. He gives assurance that the small folk have been freed from her castle. Lord Royce orders him to take the black and travel to the wall if he wants forgiveness for he will have him hunted down if he doesn’t surrender. . The knight of flames curses him and flees with his men into the wooded hills beyond. The characters pursue but lose him in the evening mists.
The next morning the banners are called and King Talon leaves for Harrenhall hungry for Iron born blood. The Characters team up with The Knights of the Warriors son’s and a few minor nobles and search out the dwellings of the mountain clan. They find a settlement made of mortar and brick embedded in the mountain, an underground city. The Warrior’s Son’s begun their attack and begins killing men women and children. “f they are heathens they die by our sword!”
The characters disagree with this and join the fray, killing men but sparing women and children they come in contact with. They witness many atrocities committed by Aladare Brax and his men, but cannot do much as they are outnumbered three hundred to one. After the battle Harrod vows if he ever meets Brax on the road he is a dead man. Auric orders the church knights to stand down and they leave. Both are disgusted with the slaughter they have witnessed, and decide to travel back north.
As they are preparing., the lords march back into the vale with the dead king. Their forces were taken unawares in battle and their lord was ambushed with poisoned crossbows, killing him and many other lords. The Stormlords sent messages telling the vale lords to leave, as none of them had wanted to go in the first place they retreated. The characters stay at the Aerie castle for Auric’s brother’s coronation. The nobles are upset because they don’t want the older brother to rule, as he is a drunken abusive coward. Later that evening King Talon is buried in the family tombs. A bard known as the Vermillion Mage sings some songs and tells some extravagant tales of King Talon’s youth and merits his bravery. Later that night , the prince chokes on his own vomit and dies. The great lords are disturbed but relived he will not be king. Dominic passes the crown to his crippled brother, who is very intelligent and calm and says “I can think of no better to wear this crown. So be it.”
The characters prepare to leave for the north. Due to the players schedules, we cancelled the campaign. It was one of the most interesting I’ve ever Dmed.
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My hope is that I can use the rules to run a homebrew setting, but one very influenced by GRRM's books. My first iteration of this setting was used in my old D&D campaign that I stopped running a few years ago. It is a small, rather backwards kingdom with a very Eastern European flavor. The original setting was very horror-based with a lot of undead and such, but for my new game I want to move the game out from a fringe areas on the Eastern border to the capital city if Batar, to the Royal Court and play out various intrigues and power-plays.

The current King of Crainvold is old and senile beyond any use and his only male heir is, in the parlance of the time, an imbecile (or as we would say, he's severely mentally retarded). House Anjis is likely to see soon it's last generation on the Throne and then die out completely - and everyone is positioning themselves for a grab at the throne.

The most powerful man in the realm is the Royal Privy Man, a title that has two meanings: he is head of the Royal Privy Council, which effectively runs the Kingdom, and he is the man closest to the King and handles all of his most personal day-to-day affairs to the point that his nickname around the Court (and not without truth behind it) is The Royal Sh** Scraper. (For a period, the highest courtier in the English Court held a position that included duties very similar to this, as well as less gross things things like waking him up in the morning, etc. - it's based on some history). Of course nobody ever says his nickname to to his face, for due to his exalted position of managing the King's daily bodily functions, he has managed to amass an enormous amount of wealth and influence to himself. His one problem is that he was not born to very high station and so without the King or his son in his clutches, he will have a hard time holding onto the influence he has gained.

Other factions are several powerful noble houses, two very influential churches (it's pan-theistic setting), the embassy of a nearby, rival kingdom called Drahova that would love to absorb Crainvold through marriage or some other scheme, and finally a powerful merchant's guild who has designs to set up a system of oligarchic rule similar to that of Venice in our own history.

There are a number of smaller factions who are generally trying to increase their influence and become a major faction: other noble houses, lesser churches, maybe a trans-national knightly order or two.

The players will constitute the core of their own lesser faction and it will be up to them to decide what that is. A lesser noble house, one of the lesser churches trying to increase their acceptance and presence in this realm, a knightly order a la the Templars, who are trying to gain land, wealth and power - pretty much anything appropriate to the setting. Their goals will be their own and I hope to work that out with them pre-game, though likely it will eventually involve trying to scheme their way to power and perhaps control in the kingdom.
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