monsters not in set 1, darkspawn and miniature suggestions?

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monsters not in set 1, darkspawn and miniature suggestions?

Postby zeek » Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:28 am

Ok 3 different questions

Has anyone created monsters that appear in Dragon Age Awakening such as the children, talking darkspawn, large golems

As a GM how do you describe darkspawn actions. Do they act as crazed lunatics running around slashing/burning. Do they carry treasure? In the video game they seem to modify scenery such as rocks/statues with some type of campsite idols.

what are people using to represent drakes as miniatures or suggestions for golems. I plan on using LOTR orcs and WOTC goblins as smaller darkspawn, WOTC babau as eventual shrieks, WOTC Dragegloth abomination as a brood mother, WOTC rot grubs and and Neogis as forms of the children and a Nalfeshnee tyrant (with wings cut off) as a ogre. just curious on what others are using. plenty of companies make dwarves, human, elves etc
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