DC Universe: Blue Lanterns

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DC Universe: Blue Lanterns

Postby UberMunchkin » Tue Sep 14, 2010 5:55 am

Hi there folks, quick question, has anyone given any thought to how they would put together the Blue Lantern powers for DC Universe?

I'm going to be running a game set post Blackest Night and a couple of my players want to play a Green Lantern & Blue Lantern. I'm going to start them at PL10 with down powered versions of the rings that will increase in strength as we up the games power level.

I was thinking the basics are easy, similar but weaker versions of the Green Lantern, the hope constructs are little different but they could possibly be done with some kind of conditional mind effect. Then I think the whole ring needs a limitation that it is weaker with a Green Lantern near by. Ideas?
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