Artist accepting commissions. details and link within.

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Artist accepting commissions. details and link within.

Postby JGroeling » Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:09 am


Hello gaming community!

First of all, brief note to mods. I'm posting this in the most appropriate board that I could find on the forums, but if this isn't the proper place, please move it or contact me and I'll repost where it should go. Also I'm including off site links which are to my website (a profile on deviantart) which is a well known website so there shouldn't be any issues for off site links, I hope. Thanks

Brief backstory on me and why I'm here.
I'm a college trained illustrator from SVA/School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NY. I work as a freelance artist and illustrator which basically means anything involving art and a paycheck, I'm down. I've worked in a couple tattoo studios during which period I was consistently working with clients to figure out their designs and draw the tattoos for them. Primarily prefer drawing in pen and ink, as well as acrylic, not so big on digital art, but I do minor touch up work using photoshop and have recently been playing with painter a little (nothing too well yet). Some recent commissioned work this past couple months includes:
Tattoo designs: - wrist bracelet.
- half sleeve.
- music themed hip piece.
50 miniature figurines for the games workshop Warhammer 40k game, painted for client. Orks and Space Marines (custom schemes).
3 miniature figurines for Warhammer 40k, Witch Hunters (Sisters of Battle).
2 months commission for Laser tag location, mural and set design.
I've also been painting fine art pieces and skateboards, drawing images in pen and ink, and working on the concept art and groundwork for a comic that is due out early 2011.

I like to stay busy and I love what I do.

Why I'm on this board?
Because I'm also a gamer, video games and RPGs ranging from D&D, Mutants and Masterminds, Cthulu, Burning Wheel, Paranoia!, Cyberpunk, Star Wars, most of the games from White Wolf, and on and on. In many of the games I've been in, my sketchbook has been used to visualize what the GM says, and many times have been used and even commissioned by the GM as a visual reference for a key element in the game, as well as by the players when they wanted a visual of the character they've been playing. Doing this as a kid was what made me realize I wanted to be an illustrator.
Drawing the characters and settings has always been fun for me to do for my friends, but a short time ago one of my friends, and one of the best GMs I've ever met and gamed with, suggested promoting my work on a number of forum sites that he has gone on over the years. Basically if I'm going to draw characters and settings for a living, might as well put my work out there to be commissioned directly from the gaming community.

Art stuffs
Take a look through the gallery section of my website. you can go to as the easiest link to remember, but it is a placeholder which redirects you to my deviantart account.
If you want just black and white, check out the ink drawings or sketchbook sections, if you want to spend more and get a color piece, the paintings are more along those lines. Most of my character drawings are in the ink drawing section however.

If you are interested in working out your ideas visually, if you have questions on anything you see, if you want to make a critique or comment on anything in this post or any artwork, or if you happen to be in the game art field and want to shoot over some advice, all are welcome. I do suggest going to the main page of my profile and sending me an email from the info listed, its the easiest and most direct way to get in touch.

Thank you and all the best. Looking forward to working with fellow gamers to make some great images.

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