having issues with the new dc adventure game

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having issues with the new dc adventure game

Postby dcfan1973 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:50 am

Hello everyone, i am new to mutants and masterminds game system, but i have been playing dc rpg from mayfair on up, and looked forward to this newest version of the genre. From the previews of the book it was shown to be a quality project and when i got the book i have to say i was impressed, that being said there are a few things about some info on heroes as well as some stunts that are not mentioned in the book that maybe you guys can provide answers for me. because lets face it my players are foaming at the mouth for some answers.

aquaman my player argued over the lack of protection and life support in his uniform, due to what was stated from information in the past. he also jumped up and down over no aquacave nor a belt radio to the jla

(as for me aquaman was in the past written in dc who's who as swimming at 125 mph, but here it's 500mph is that right?)

flash this player wanted to know about running on the walls and on water and wanted to know if it is a number rank thing or a roll that need to do the stunt because she wanted to make a female flash from the future starting her career in the past with lower power level than barry

superman the player using him is giving me nightmares with her rants, she wants to know why there are 2 quickness in his power listing when she states doing super fast action can happen in flight or on the ground so it should have one set of numbers and that it is speed that should be placed as different numbers between flight and running.

then there is the lack of protection from superman's uniform that comes from supe's blankets and made by martha(sewing) and clark(heat vision). when i told her that was an old 60's idea, she showed me an a recent issue of superman origins to prove to me that this concept is being used now sigh...

lets not go over the lack of info on kyrpto on superman or superboy

but that was nothing compared to the rant about not having a superbreath in superman's or superboy's power list if it is just a typo then what is superman and superboy's super breath ranked at?

as for me my question lies with the array of bat vehicles. If one of his rides gets destroyed is it just replaced or does the player have to use at least a power point for it to be rebuilt?
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Re: having issues with the new dc adventure game

Postby flyingcircus » Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:59 am

So take whats there and change it for them, re-write the characters to how you want them, problem solved.
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