The Call to Adventure

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The Call to Adventure

Postby Saisei » Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:29 am

Just interested to know what peoples all time favourite adventures are, GR published or otherwise.

Are they pre-made one or ones that were created by you or a friend? Why did you love them? Why were they memorable?

I think personally one of my favourite games was one I GMed. It was a Unisystem game based on the Supernatural TV show. I came up with the idea myself basing it on one of America's 'Most Haunted Places', a guest house called The Myrtles.

The game was so memorable and fun because I had real-life stories to draw on. There were numerous legends about the Myrtles and the people who had died there and there were in-depth articles on which were true and which were made up. I could use these to throw red-herrings at the players, or use them as inspiration for the game. So I had a lot of back up and research there ready for me and for any inquisitive player.

The game was memorable because over the course of 4 hours we only picked up the dice maybe 5 times. Huge amount of roleplay and everyone was just in the right mood. One of my players conducted a seance in character and both myself and the other players got chills.

It was just a fantastic experience and it was the shared story telling, excitement, drama and fun that makes me love roleplaying.
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Re: The Call to Adventure

Postby timemrick » Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:28 am

For GR titles, my hands-down fave is The Freeport Trilogy. I should point out that I'm extremely biased here--doing fan errata for Freeport landed me my first gig with GR, which was revising the Trilogy for 3.5. For my first 3E campaign, I had already decided to include a lot of Lovecraftian elements, so when I saw Death in Freeport in the stop, it was a dead-easy sell. I ran the full trilogy, with a handful of short adventures in between, and the players still talk fondly about that game, warts and all.

One memorable non-GR adventure was "Winter Holiday," from Polyhedron Newszine. This was a short, humorous AD&D 2E adventure, which had my players groaning at all the Christmas-themed puns (seven swamis swimming, six geese melee-ing, etc.). I encouraged them to create silly characters, so the party included a pretty-princess dwarven cleric of Amaterasu, and "Fabio the Fair, of the fey folk," a flaming gay elf enchanter. Fabio's crowning moment was at the final showdown. His impassioned,improvised speech as the party burst in on the bad guys--all flawlessly in character--had the rest of us laughing so hard that I used GM fiat to give the PCs a surprise round. It was his most combat-effective action of the entire game.

I could go on, but I do have some other stuff that needs to get done today... :P
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