Convert True Sorcery to modern spellcasting, Help, See post

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Convert True Sorcery to modern spellcasting, Help, See post

Postby SenkoAu » Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:56 am

I'm interested in using the True Sorcery suppliment for my D20 modern game but while it has rules for a "modern" spell caster it doesn't have any information on how to adapt the lores to achieve modern day effects e.g. charge a battery, retrieve hidden or otherwise protected information from a data source like a cd without a computer/hacking attempt, jaming electronic communications e.g. mobile phones/radios, etc?

I'm just wondering if anyone know's of any good conversions out there already that attempt this problem or if I'm on my own?

I've got a few ideas e.g. converting create energy electricity to charge battery sources but there's a lot I'm not sure where to start short of creating entirely new rules/lores that may not be balanced as I'm not that experienced in that area. So I'm hoping someone can help point me to threads/posts/additional suppliments that address this issue and offer modern lores or at least a way to use existing ones to interact with modern/futureistic technology?

Incidently I'm hoping this is the right forum and I wasn't supposed to use the True20 one for this particular product as its more open ended and I personally am using it for a D20 modern game.
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