[Thieves World] Crime Lore PRC question

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[Thieves World] Crime Lore PRC question

Postby leovinous » Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:11 pm

In the CL class it says that the crime lords adds his alternate Identity's rep bonus score to his leadership score. so I assume that that is the same as your rep score, but does the low profile that you took to get the class factor in to that.

I mean you do want you alt id to have a rep score higher than yours. i know that the rep scores are tracked separately, so do you just start with just a base rep for you alt id or what.

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Postby Ltlconf » Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:30 am

I've always just assumed that the Alt Id added into the leadership score when dealing with the crime lords' underlings. After all, 'ol One Thumb was respected as one bad mother as well and all criminals respect a Boss who can keep a solid and respected cover. Sounds weird at first, but think about it: The more unlikely and/or respected a cover, the smarter and more cunning seems the Boss! Who would have thought that one of the most feared crime bosses was a lowly bartender of a dive such as the Vulgar Unicorn? Yet it gave One Thumb first had knowledge of every low-down activity in the Maze and much of Sanctuary. So, a good cover ID is seen as part of what makes a good Crime Boss amongst his men.
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