[Damnation Decade] About the Nations Faust and Hiko

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[Damnation Decade] About the Nations Faust and Hiko

Postby Waldi » Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:18 pm

Personaly, I think the world of "Damnation Decade" is a quite great setting - but does´nt it loose a lot of potential with Faust & Hiko beeing overrun by the Collectivists ?
I suppose, a divided Faust consisting of a "democratic" western and a collectivist eastern part teeming with secret agents of a lot of nations, conspiracies by former fascists and a kind of "Berlin Wall" could be really interresting. Inspirating movies could be "The Odessa-File" or "Und Jimmy ging zum Regenbogen".
Inspirations for "faustian" Sci-Fi-Elements could be "Welt am Draht" and "Das Millionenspiel". The last one is unfortunately very hard to come by, but this movie is the direct ancestor of "Running Man" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and has a distinct black and mean feeling that could fit perfectly into a DD-campain . (All those movies can be found within the Internet Movie Database. Unfortunately, I cannot post URLs yet.)

I have similar thoughts about Hiko, but with a much stronger Sci-Fi-Aspekt. Why not taking some classical Godzilla-Movies as inspiration for a battered "Japan" ? And what would the DD-Versions of the Kamen-Rider, Casshern and Cutie Honey look like ? Or a conspiration of alien invaders disguised as hikonese buisnessmen ? ;)

What do you think of this Ideas ?
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Postby RobToth » Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:42 am

My apologies, I missed this note when you posted it. All of those sound like great ideas, and I would love to hear how you handle those nations in your game.

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