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Postby clasigmund » Mon Feb 11, 2002 9:46 am

I need to preface this message by stating that although I can be soft, I am not an old softy. I have killed of my players on multiple occations. This past experience has caused my players to have a healthy respect what they come accross because I usually go with what the dice say for better or worse. So here is the dilema.

I have a pary of five (not four) who have just started the clock. They came up the tower and started thier discussion with Rogal. They immeadiatly began discussing with Rogal... Thus, no combat between the two groups.

I had the group of devils show up. The 2 Guelogons (sp) and the 9 Bulagons (sp) as well as 4 Greater Ice Devils. I let the party play Rogal and his gange. Well, it was an amazingly close and fantastic fight. But, the players won, with the lead Devil escaping stating something like "Do to your transgressions against the lawful state of Mephestopholies and the nobility on both the third and 8th planes of hell you will be sent to the Pit before you leave this plane" and then teleported without error.

The party was really really beat up. But they all lived... Well acually three were in negatives but with a few potions they were rock'n again (not to mention the wands of cure light and cure serious wounds they have been having commitioned)(by the way... Rogal with improved invisiblility cast on him is extreamly deadly. The 10' reach and the extra 6d6 dam for the sneak attack makes him a power house)

so the question is, Do I hit them again with just overwhelming odds in a day or so... on the trek back to the river styx? Or do I start inventing my own adventure and have them eventually come back to Freetown to stop the clock?

Ideas? Questions? Comments. Words of wisdom.
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Postby anoxos » Thu Feb 14, 2002 1:17 pm

Errmm. Yike!

What would your party enjoy more?
My players keep saying I have a taste for blood...I'll answer them as soon as I'm done with my steak tartare...
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Postby clasigmund » Sun Feb 17, 2002 7:25 pm

Well we played and I got through the situation. Essentially I had Rogal tell them much of the information about the clock and the contract. He explains some issues around the Forge/Pit etc.

So, behind the sceanse the remaining devil goes back to DIS. Explains what happended and is given the rights to hunt them on many charges against the state including:
1. illigal entery onto the 3rd and 8th plane of hell
2. the wonton slaughter of devils in their homes
3. the attack of a diplomat for the Forge
4. the murder of 13 guards and one comander for the Forge.

thus they are given the rights to track them down and bring them to justice. The party is hurring back to the river styx when they encounter Balan mounted on his bear with 12 hell cats and the Houndsman. This in addition to 6 of the 11HD Ice Devils as well as the surviving Devil (Keefer or something like that). the charges are read outoud and made to sound quite authoritative (I put quite the work into making the arresting speach).

Well it worked wonderfully. Since half the party is quite lawful. They asked for a moment to converse with weapons stored. They were given one minute... in the mean time the Devils cast protection spells etc. The party gave up seeing the overwhelming odds (Bolan can be quite imposing).

They made it to the latter by breaking up the black market quite visibaly in front of a number of devils. it was a lot of fun roleplaying. The 1st level cleric 9th level monk loved the combat... no weapons and with the poison in the gruel being taken care of with purify food and water (so only two member were drained)the combat made the party feel alot better about them selves. Until they saw that they may have to fight 7 fire giants.

One last question to anyone... Don't 7 fire giants seem a lot more powerful that three Vrocks? I know that Vrocks have some special abilities, but the giants would take them to town.
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Postby Bryarr » Sun Mar 03, 2002 1:30 pm

Its actually two vrocks and a glabrezu, Akksithe.

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