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Postby Bryarr » Sun Jan 27, 2002 5:13 pm

In Hell in Freeport (Possible spoiler, btw), on Devils Cry island, there is a passageway that greater devils used. Its practically frictionless. Oh, and there is also a big gash in the bottom midway through the 100 foot cylindrical tube.
That was the setup/refresh.

My players opted for this route, of the three. They slowly traversed the tube (reflex saves around round), being careful not to slip. When they reached the 20 ft gap in the floor, my players started debating on what to do.
"I know! Here, give me that rope of yours, Ulfgar," said Boogle, the gnome.
Boogle, a gnomish artisan, devises a plan to vault himself across the expanse....and that is about where the planning ended. They tied a rope around Boogle's waist, and likewise with Ulfgar, the dwarven figher. The cleric held onto ulfgar to "steady 'em."
I asked how much slack was in the rope?
"I'd say about 50 feet"
*GM smiles devilishly to himself.
So, Boogle, the ever-intrepid gnome, backs up to get suitable distance. He RUNS forward (Making all his disgustingly difficult relex saves, darn rogues), and makes a huge leap! Thanks to his boots of springing and striding, he makes it to the other side!
....and keeps on going.
His momentum yanks the others off their feet, who fall into the passage below...
Boogle slides out the farside of the tube, and his yanked to a halt as the rope becomes taut....Boogle is now hanging on the end of a rope, 10 feet above the floor.
Malcius, the jaded Sorcerer, declares: "Fools," casts Fly on himself and drifts across the expanse.

Arcane spellcasters can be so pretentious sometimes.

Ok, my lunch brake is over, back to the grind!
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Postby anoxos » Tue Jan 29, 2002 6:28 pm

Hahaha! Cool!

Most of the laughs in my group come from the halfling 'pirate' Tweeza and his wardog 'Salty Pete'. What a pair. I have declared Salty Pete is a Newfoundland, as he has swum out to save poor Tweeza many times... And that Salty Pete is probably smarter than Tweeza too... :smile:

But Tweeza always knows exactly the WRONG thing to say in any encounter, and rarely refrains from saying it, much to the chagrin of the rest of the group. He even found the "Bloody Eel" bar and managed to get himself into a near-fatal game of 'Smack' at 1st level (he was rescued at the last minute by the party monk).

But in the end, clueless Tweeza was the 'last man standing' at the end of MiF, with the count being: him, 2 dead, 2 unconscious, and 1 AWOL.... And the look on his face was priceless....
My players keep saying I have a taste for blood...I'll answer them as soon as I'm done with my steak tartare...
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