[Freeport] Serpent People & Yuan Ti?

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[Freeport] Serpent People & Yuan Ti?

Postby SotF » Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:08 pm

I recently found a few of the Freeport sourcebooks at the local used book store. Bought them because I'd wanted to run the trilogy (Hadn't before because a friend kept on planning to run one and there have been issues in the local group with people who knew more about the setting than the DM so I'd avoided them before). The setting is D&D 3.5 using a few bits from UA and other house rules.

One of the players was looking through the City of Adventure book and noticed the sidebar about the unknown connection between the Yuan Ti and the Serpent people. The end result is a player wanting to play a Tainted One (From Savage Species, I'm allowing the player to sacrifice a 1st level feat to drop the LA thanks to another player going lesser aasimar with the Otherworldly feat and force both players to use a LA buyoff as if they retained it to get a feat though the Aasimar will lose the Otherworldly feat and switch to normal aasimar at that point) and I'm looking for anything to deal with how a yuan ti would deal with the serpent men and the other way around.

Only hint I saw towards Yuan Ti elsewhere in the various freeport supplements was a reference to a character in one of the books I don't have.
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Re: [Freeport] Serpent People & Yuan Ti?

Postby timemrick » Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:51 pm

Narajan, the setting of Mindshadows, is located in the same world as Freeport. That book briefly discusses the relationship between the two races. IIRC, the gist is:
  • The serpent people had an ancient civilization when the standard player-character races were still savages, and were the world's dominant race until the fall of Valossa. The yuan-ti are descended from a human cult of evil snake-worshipers, so are a much younger race, and there are no direct ancestral ties between the two species.
  • On the other hand, both races worship aspects of the same serpent god, Yig. The serpent people worship Yig's neutral and neutral evil aspects (Freeport's Hitthkai and Sskethvai sects, respectively), while the Naranjani snake-cult worships Yig's chaotic-evil aspect.
The two races have only recently become aware of each other; Denizens of Freeport includes a pureblood yuan-ti NPC who has been sent to Freeport to investigate the serpent people. How the two races will react to each other remains to be seen, but given both races' territorial instincts and the yuan-ti's unrepentantly evil ways, a bloody shadow war is almost guaranteed.

As an aside, the yuan-ti are not Open Game Content, and Green Ronin needed Wizards' permission to use them in Mindshadows. The Pirate's Guide to Freeport has carefully omitted the handful of references to yuan-ti, kuo-toa, and mind flayers that appeared in Freeport: The City of Adventure and Denizens, so don't expect to see them in any future Freeport products. (Yes, I know Cuttleblack reappears in the Pirate's Guide, but his true nature is deliberately left open to GM interpretation.)
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