Dracula's Revenge & Frankenstein's Children. Is there more?

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Dracula's Revenge & Frankenstein's Children. Is there more?

Postby Stibbons » Wed May 04, 2011 7:32 am

I picked up a battered sale copy of Frankenstein's Children from my FLGS a couple of weeks ago. Liked it, so tracked down a copy of Dracula's Revenge and I liked that too. Now I know that these were supposed to be a range of games, the third being Mummy's Tomb (or whatever, advertised in the back of the Frankenstein game) and no doubt there would have been a Wolfman's Curse or similar to follow. From poking around the net I found mentions of online only scenarios from Human Head Studios, and even a rules supplement that allowed you to incorporate the Invisible Man. On this site I find mention of a Boneyard "location" supplement.

The two core games were the only thing ever released in the Gothica line, alas, but does ANYTHING still remain of that additional material, even a rough draft?

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Re: Dracula's Revenge & Frankenstein's Children. Is there mo

Postby Nikchick » Thu May 05, 2011 8:53 pm

Those games were produced in partnership with a company that has now gone out of business so sadly there won't be any additional games in the line, at least not from Green Ronin.
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