Torches and Pitchforks: Defense Card Rules questions.

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Torches and Pitchforks: Defense Card Rules questions.

Postby GodOfLions » Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:49 pm

We really enjoy this game especially how quickly it can just be picked up and played. So take this as a compliment that we've played enough times to find a few questions about some of the rules, in this case it is in regards to the defense cards.

1. Do the defense cards defend against just the printed power of the monster, or do they defend against the "enhanced" power of the monster?

For Example: A player has flipped 'Terror Toy' (power 7) and someone plays 'Heck Spawn' (+2 to power of monster) on 'Terror Toy'. This brings 'Terror Toy's' "enhanced" power to 9. Can a player now play 'Paranormal Investigators' (defense against power 8-10) as a action card to drive 'Terror Toy' into the Moors?

2. Do the defense cards only have an affect when the monster is first flipped from the deck, or do they have an affect throughout the Attack phase?

For Example: A player has 'Paranormal Investigators' (defense against power 8-10) in front of his mob. The player then flips 'Terror Toy' off the monster deck. Obviously the attack phase has started at this point and 'Terror Toy' is under the power rating of the 'Paranormal Investigators'. But if someone plays 'Heck Spawn' on 'Terror Toy' this raises the 'Terror Toy's' power into the realm of the 'Paranormal Investigators'.

The text of the rules states (from page 20, paragraph 1):
"If you have a Defense card in front of you, and a Monster of the type specified on the Defense card is flipped over during your Attack! phase, that Monster flees."

This can be read two ways:
Reading 1. That the defense card only has an affect the instant the card is flipped from the deck.
Reading 2. That the defense card has an ongoing affect on all monsters that were flipped during the entire attack phase. So if a monster is made to meet the requirement of the defense card, the defense card comes into play.

Of course this is a moot point if the defense card only applies to the printed power of the monster and not to the "enhanced" value.
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Postby Pramas » Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:51 pm

Good questions. I'm going to have to bust out a rulebook when I get back to the office and look into them. Just wanted you to know we had seen your post and will answer it.
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