Song of Ice and Fire - via AIM/Skype - need players

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Song of Ice and Fire - via AIM/Skype - need players

Postby NRP » Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:21 am

Contact me at Instant Messenger - Npgold1385.

Play Location/Method: via voice over Skype, with dice rolling through AOL Instant Messenger.
Game/System: Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, by Green Ronin.
Player or GM? I am the Narrator of this campaign.
Time/Frequency: To be determined.
Genre: Medieval fantasy, in the world of Westeros created by George RR Martin.
Current needs: Two to four additional players. Special needs include a house hunter, tourney knight, maester or heir to the house.
Accept Drop-In Players? No
Accept Spectators? Yes, though it is over Skype.
Short description of the setting/campaign:
The PCs are members, wards or sworn swords in the service of House Weller, a small but ambitious house in the Riverlands of the Seven Kingdoms. The game takes place five years before the start of A Game of Thrones. The house description is below, and keep in mind that it is flexible - additional PCs can alter the structure of the house. Bolded NPCs are player characters or special NPCs.


House Weller, Argent Goat on Vert Field, “Charging Forward,” Status 3, House Fortunes +5
Defense 17, Influence 21, Land 28, Law 22, Population 20, Power 20, Wealth 27
Founded around Rhoynar Invasion
Decline: I-4, Ln-6, Pw-1, W-3
Rebellion/Invasion: Lw-11, Pp-6, Pw-2, W-6
Favor: I+3, Ln+4, Lw+3, Pw+1
Decline: I-1, Ln-6, Pw-3, W-3

Plains w/ tower, River and Hamlet. Hills w/ Ruins.
Trained Garrison
Trained Infantry + Trained Cavalry (approx. 100 men on foot with 20 on horseback)
Mine, Maester

The Wellers were famed stewards to the Casterlys of the Westerlands, but when that dynasty fell apart – as so many kingdoms of the Andals did – so did the main branch of their stewards. The ancestors of the Lannisters massacred the main line of the family, leaving a few scattered scions to keep the family name alive. The survivors kept the sigil of the goat and headed east into the Riverlands, finally settling there. They never really recovered, and the house has slowly been spiraling towards obliteration for nearly 800 years.

The family languished in mediocrity until the Blackfyre Rebellion. They backed the black dragon – Daemon Blackfyre promised them incredible wealth, lands and Harrenhal, a rich prize for the poor family. Daemon Blackfyre made a lot of promises to a lot of lords, though, and never followed through. The war exhausted the meager treasury of the Wellers, Daeron II’s edicts stripped them of what little power they had, and a brief brush with a major battle annihilated the peasant levies and left entire fields untended. Worse still, crime flourished within formerly orderly population, which cost the Wellers much of their remaining pride.

The Wellers bent the knee to the Targeryens, who looked favorably upon the house. The courteous but brusque stewards even served on the Small Council for Jaehaerys II. Though they backed the winning side in the later rebellion of Robert, it did them no better than it had the last time. The house fortunes and knights broke like sticks against the forces of the Targaryens, while the second son perished in the battle at Ashford. The eldest son – the former Lord Weller, instrumental in securing the alliance of Baratheon, Stark and Tully – died during the Battle of the Bells, his contributions forgotten in the string of victories that followed. Lord Jon Weller was not the skilled diplomat or stalwart warrior his elder brothers were; his half-hearted attempts to ingratiate himself to Robert squandered the goodwill of the king and he could not match wits with the vipers infesting the Small Council like his father could. In 292 AL, he quietly committed suicide, leaving his son, Horace Weller, to take on the challenge of restoring the family.

HORACE WELLER, Lord of Wether Tower
-his lord father, {JON}, publically died of a pox,
-his lady mother, {EVONNE} of House Sylver of Moonwatch in the Vale, died in childbirth,
-his uncle, {SER EMBRY}, slain by an unknown hand at the battle of Ashford, his arms and armor lost,
-his uncle {SER ERRYK}, died during The Battle of the Bells, his sacrifices unmourned,
-his uncle SER JORDAN, bitter and bored, Captain of the Guard
-his cousin ISKANDER, from a lesser branch of the goats, rich and audacious;
His household:
-HARREN FREY, son of Ser Whalen and Sylwa Paege, 46th in line for Lord of the Crossing,
-SER DUNCAN RIVERS, self-described Bastard of Blackwood, his sworn sword,
-MAESTER BIGSLEY, a young maester with a newly-forged chain.
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Postby holyjamesman » Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:45 pm

hey i will join send me a message at leeatkinson929at hotmail dot com
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Re: Song of Ice and Fire - via AIM/Skype - need players

Postby lyad » Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:00 am

I would love to join in if this can be done inline with GMT?

Im a huge fan of the books, and love roleplaying in MUDs. Not got a ton of tabletop experience but would love a chance to learn. I'd be interested in building a rich, well thoughtout character.

let me know!
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Re: Song of Ice and Fire - via AIM/Skype - need players

Postby Captain Liberty » Thu May 12, 2011 12:18 am

Is this still ongoing?
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Captain Liberty
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Re: Song of Ice and Fire - via AIM/Skype - need players

Postby Rayeti » Fri May 13, 2011 5:40 am

Captain Liberty wrote:Is this still ongoing?

I'm interested too, but I think 6 months is too long since they posted this lol.

I'm setting up a play by post or chat game here
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Re: Song of Ice and Fire - via AIM/Skype - need players

Postby stonjohn4 » Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:36 am

Hi, I would like to join a party, or help to create one.
I have quite good actor abilities as player. However, I am an exchange student here without car, and I cannot travel far away. But maybe I could do that to Washington D. C.. I would rather not to take part in online games. They are quite boring, according to my experiences so far.
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Re: Song of Ice and Fire - via AIM/Skype - need players

Postby lourencohen » Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:44 am

I am also interested to join you. I am a great fan of these books and have lots of free time now. I will happily join you in this new attempt. As the previous person said I am also not experienced one, really new to hear so would love to get some training and with you guys.

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