member/forum stats are wonky

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member/forum stats are wonky

Postby timemrick » Thu Jun 16, 2005 8:28 am


I saw a thread on another forum (SJ Games) comparing numbers of members and posts at various online communities, which prompted me to look at the stats for The Atomic Think Tank, The Noble Assembly, and here.

I'd noticed before now that each forum tracks total articles separately, but the member count covers all three forums, since they use a common registration database.

What I noticed today is that my # of posts (645 prior to this post), and average # of posts per day (0.51), includes both GR & N.A. posts. Also, in my profile, the "% of total" stat is calculated by (total # of my posts in all forums)/(number of posts for that single forum). The GR forum has enough posts that subtracting my 132 N.A. posts won't make much difference (645/64861 = 0.99%, 513/64861 = 0.79%), but subtracting my 513 GR posts from the N.A. stats makes a HUGE difference (645/2575 = 25.05%, 132/2575 = 5.1%).

Also, I'm pretty certain that I only passed the 500 mark ("Firebrand"--I like it :yar:) on the GR forum very recently. Is the addition of both forums' totals a recent change? I so, was it deliberate or a glitch? Either way, something needs fixed so that the profiles will show the correct data.
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