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Postby Skip » Tue Sep 17, 2002 9:54 pm

I work at a rather large gaming store, wherein we sell every game imagineable. Magic the Affliction and even the accursed Yu-Gi-Oh CCG, board games, minitures, and ahh yes RPG books.

Being in charge of all the RPG products, and a huge fan of Green Ronin products, I definitly ordered quite a bit. And not to my surprise they sold quickly.

In fact, we can not keep the pocket grimories and character folio's in, they sell when we get them.

I was just posting to let any who care to know, I think and obviously others think your work is superb!
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Postby Khan the Warlord » Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:53 am

I agree; Green Ronin Publishing has proven to be one of the better, consistent top-quality d20 publishers around -- period.

My hat is off to Chris, Nicole, and everyone at GRP.

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