Page to add fan site links?

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Page to add fan site links?

Postby timemrick » Mon Feb 24, 2003 8:38 am

A new resource that I would like to see here is a page where fans can add links to their own sites that relate to GR products. Through the discussions on the boards, I'm aware that there are many web-savvy GMs running Freeport games, and a single links page would make it easier to track down their gaming sites. As it is now, you can find some of those links through searching the forums, or looking at member profiles, but one central location would be a blessed time-saver.

This is just something I'd been wanting to see for a while, and now that at least one other fan has found the link to my page and asked how to find other fan pages, I'm finally mentioning it here. I know that Evan is an insanely busy little minion, but I think GR definitely has the fan base to make such a service worth his time to set up. And if he can set it up so that registered forum users can add and update their own entries, he'll only have to scan it occasionally for inappropriate links, rather than vet every single link before adding it.

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