I Had a Confession

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I Had a Confession

Postby MagusRogue » Tue Jan 28, 2003 8:22 pm

Now, I once had a confession. I once had a confession that the OGL was a mistake. I once had a confession that this was the doom to all that WotC worked to rebuild. I ONCE had a CONFESSION *dramatic pause* that it would lend in only crud and fluff to the glory that was D&D.

:!: Like many times before, I was wrong. :!:

I once believed that this 3rd stuff was horrible. I once believed that I would never, EVER consider getting any of it. Yes, it was true. I was a fool, first class no doubt!

It happened to me, one day while i was at a book store. No, a media store! I looked and looked through all the dungeons and dragons material, looking for SOMETHING new to read. It was then that I laid my eyes upon the Witches Handbook. YES! Yes, a Green Ronin book! and i took up that book, for NO reason that my still-young mind could have concieved. I took up that book, and lounged in one of Hasting's many marvelous chairs, and I began to read. And my world was shaken apart!

The art! The detail! The thought! it astounded me. It convienced me of the usefulness of a new class, the witch. And i hear you believers out there, those who believe yet still have their doubts, who believe the core was bad but the rest was good, and I say to you, believe so, as I believe in my own path of enlightenment!

So i did not put that book down until I was yanked away from the sheer awesomeness of that material. I turned it over, and INDEED! it was a third party book. My mind was blown! I had to prove myself wrong, that my confession still held!

I came into checking on the forums now. Forums! something I RARELY even think of thinking to do! And the great friendship the people of the Green Ronin Publishing astounded me! Rarely have i been treated so well by a company before. and the responce! My hat to you, Steve Kenson, man of lightning reflexes (took the feat twice, did we?)

I picked up another book. Mutants and Masterminds! I was still scheptical, STILL! A d20 book that wasn't d20?|!?! but, again. I was wrong. It was... so wonderful. The only problem I faced was a deficit of my cash intake... Alas, i had to leave it.

Then one trip into another city, and I found a THIRD one. The Assassin's Handbook! One less people liked. And i was STILL blown away! I bought that book not a hair more than two weeks away, when i could BUY such a marvel. I came home, and then I went back! yes, BACK! Back, and bought the Witches too, for it was too much to resist! and after that...

I went back AGAIN. I saw this Plot and Poison! And... words leave me on this. I cannot begin to say how blown away i was. I love the Drow and feared a horrible rendition, but... NO! never, with Green Ronin! It was as good as the WotC books. Nay, shall i say, BETTER quality, in my eyes! I shall return one day, return with a pocket of even more money, and shall contribute to your glorious crusade of making excellence even greater.

So I have a new confession. I confess that you have sold me! A hat off and a tip of the champagne to you, Green Ronin. May you continue your line of greatness further on.

*the speech was an unpaid program of a convinced skeptic. Magus the Extreme.*
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