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August 21, 2014

Atlas of Earth-Prime: The Lost World (PDF)

Atlas of Earth-Prime: The Lost WorldToday's Atlas of Earth-Prime issue for Mutants & Masterminds: The Lost World is available now!

Brave the savage wonders of the Lost World, from the marble halls and great arena of Nova Roma to the god-ruled mountain civilization of the pteranodon-riding Incas, team up with the Slayer or Zandar the Jungle Lord, and explore the Lemurian ruins of the Serpent People.

Atlas of Earth-Prime: The Lost World

August 11, 2014

Ronin Round Table: Green Ronin at Gen Con 2014

It's that time of year once again! From our various secret bases around the United States, our entire staff is preparing to wing it or wheel it to Indianapolis, for Gen Con 2014. As such, starting in a day or two, our customer service response time should slow down until next Tuesday. Online orders for in-stock items (or PDFs of course) will continue to go out on the usual schedule.

If you happen to be one of the lucky tens of thousands also heading to Gen Con, stop by and see us at booth 1517! In addition to running in-booth demos of Walk the Plank, Love 2 Hate, Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, Dragon Age, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, and Mutants & Masterminds, the Green Ronin staffers are participating in several seminars and sponsored games elsewhere around the con. Here's where you can find the Ronin when we're not at Booth 1517:

8/15 10am The State of Superheroes at Green Ronin seminarCrowne Plaza Vic Stn A/B
8/15 3pm Pathfinder and Green Ronin seminar Crowne Plaza Penn Stn A
8/16 1pm What's Up with Green Ronin seminar Crowne Plaza Conrail Stn
8/14 10am ORK! The Roleplaying Game JW Marriott 209
8/14 11am An Arl's Ransom for Dragon Age JW Marriott 209
8/14 3pm An Arl's Ransom for Dragon Age JW Marriott 209
8/15 10am ORK! The Roleplaying Game JW Marriott 209
8/15 11amAn Arl's Ransom for Dragon AgeJW Marriott 209
8/15 3pmAn Arl's Ransom for Dragon AgeJW Marriott 209
8/16 10amORK! The Roleplaying GameJW Marriott 209
8/16 11amAn Arl's Ransom for Dragon AgeJW Marriott 209
8/16 3pmAn Arl's Ransom for Dragon AgeJW Marriott 209
8/17 11amAn Arl's Ransom for Dragon AgeJW Marriott 209
8/15 10amThe State of Superheroes at Green RoninCrowne Plaza Vic Stn A/B
8/15 3pmPathfinder and Green RoninCrowne Plaza Penn Stn A
8/16 12pmEmerald Spire All-StarsICC 231
8/16 1pmWhat's Up with Green RoninCrowne Plaza Conrail Stn
8/15 2pmHow to Run a Successful Tabletop RPG KickstarterICC 210
8/15 4pmPlaying GodICC 210
8/16 10amCross-Media Chaos: Working with Media PropertiesICC 210
8/16 4pmSuperhero SummitICC 211
8/16 6pmQueer as a Three-Sided DieCrowne Plaza Vic Stn A/B
8/14 3pmReturn to the Castle of Gender RepresentationICC 211
8/15 1pmGaming with KidsICC 211
8/16 10amCross-Media Chaos: Working with Media PropertiesICC 210
8/16 12pmWomen in the Game IndustryICC 210
8/17 10aLove 2 Hate in First Exposure Playtest Hall12 & 13 in Hall D : Green.
8/14 4pmFeng Shui 2Crowne Plaza Conrail Stn
8/16 1pmWhat's Up with Green Ronin seminarCrowne Plaza Conrail Stn


August 6, 2014

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Northern Europe (PDF)

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Northern Europe (PDF)A land of harsh winters, dramatic landscape, and ancient magics, Northern Europe is also home to some of the most advanced scientific organizations in the world. The region's diversity has caused it to become a hotbed of superheroic—and supervillainous—activity. Ancient mysticism and modern technology collide, while heroes like Britannia and MacRoth take on threats like Manteis and the monstrous Iku-Turso.

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Northern Europe (PDF)

July 30, 2014

A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: License Renewed, Core Rulebook Reprinted

Dragon's Hoard CoverWe've got a spate of good news for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying today! First and most importantly, we are happy to announce that we have extended our license with George R.R. Martin. That means the SIFRP line will continue and we can get back to work on new supplements for the game. We'd like to thank George for believing in us and the game. It is an honor to work with him and to have the chance to play in his amazing creation.

As many of you have noticed, the game's core rulebook has been out of print for many months. With the new agreement in place, we were able to send it back to print. The second printing of A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: A Game of Thrones Edition releases on August 4 (along with Gadget Guides for Mutants & Masterminds). We have, of course, taken this opportunity to fix the errata from the first printing so it's as up to date as we could make it.

Our next release for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying will be Dragon's Hoard, a 160-page adventure that should keep players busy for some time. We reveal the cover by Slawomir Maniak here for the first time. You may remember Slawomir from his terrific Chronicle Starter and Night's Watch covers, and he's done it again for Dragon's Hoard. The book still needs to go through the approvals process and have all of its interior art done, so we're shooting for a release early in 2015.

Thanks for your ongoing support of A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying. Game on!

July 25, 2014

RPG Designer Tryouts

We are looking for new freelance design talent at Green Ronin. Have you always dreamed of writing for RPGs? This could be your opportunity! Below you will find documents for each of our major game lines (Dragon Age/AGE, Mutants & Masterminds, Pathfinder, and A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying/Chronicle System). These documents are from our line developers and they tell you how to submit for each game. Follow the instructions carefully! This is a key skill for freelancers to have. If we ask for a sample monster and you send an adventure, don't expect an email back.

Tryouts are open until August 31. We look forward to your submissions!

July 21, 2014

Dragon Age Set 3!

Pre-Order Dragon Age Set 3We are incredibly pleased to let you know that pre-ordering is now open for Dragon Age RPG Set 3! This also means that if you pre-order Set 3 through our online store or through a participating Green Ronin Pre-Order Plus retailer, we'll offer you the PDF version for just $5! In our online store you'll be offered the PDF at checkout; participating retailers will be able to get you a coupon code for our online store that will provide the same deal on the PDF.

Pre-Order Dragon Age RPG Set 3 today!

July 17, 2014

Atlas of Earth-Prime: South America (PDF)

Atlas of Earth-Prime: South America (PDF)From sweltering tropical jungles to freezing glaciers, from snow-capped mountains and salt deserts to paradisiacal beaches, South America is a land of diversity, both in nature as well as in population. Heroes empowered by the ancient Orixá of Candomble struggle against agents of SHADOW and criminal syndicates alike. Agencies like Brazil's Secretary of Special Affairs (SAE) and Argentina's National Superhuman Research Council (CONIS) contend with Extra-Dimensional Alien Intelligences (EDAI) while the small nation of Costazul opens its borders (and often its citizens) to all manner of technological interests, both legal and illegal.

Atlas of Earth-Prime: South America (PDF)

July 14, 2014

Dragon Age in 2014

Dragon Age RPG Set 3Good news, everyone—Dragon Age Set 3 is finished and we'll be releasing the PDF and putting it up for pre-order shortly. This has been a long time coming, as fans of the game know only too well. So long, in fact, that we've been put in a difficult position. Allow me to explain.

As I'm sure you know, the next video game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is coming out in October. At our last summit we agreed that this would be a good time to release a core rulebook that compiled the rules from Sets 1-3. It is something people have been asking about since the day Set 1 came out and this seemed an opportune time to launch it. Inquisition is going to spike Dragon Age excitement and what better time to release an all-in-one core rulebook for the RPG, right?

At the time, we did not expect that Set 3 would take so very long to release. So here we are looking at a Set 3 release in August and then a core rulebook release in November. That is far from ideal! We know there are people who want to complete the collection they began with Sets 1 and 2 and won't necessarily want to buy much of the same material gain in a core rulebook. We also know there are people who will want to skip Set 3 and just get the core rulebook later. We don't want to disappoint anybody. So what to do?

Our solution is that we're going to print Set 3 and then the core rulebook, so you can get whichever you prefer (or both!). The Set 3 print run is going to be limited to 2,000 though so if you want a copy, you should get one this summer. We will not be reprinting Sets 1 and 2 (as the core rulebook will be taking the place of the boxed sets). However, the PDFs will remain available and we are exploring some print on demand options as well.

The core rulebook, which is tentatively titled Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition, is scheduled to release in November. It will compile the core rules from all three sets, but it is taking a different approach to the setting. The original game assumed you would be campaigning through the Fifth Blight. Since Set 1 came out, Thedas has been expanded quite a bit through more video games, comics, and novels. Thus the Ultimate Edition will present you with a number of campaign frameworks to choose from. The Fifth Blight will be one of them, but the game will not assume you are running that campaign per se. We'll present several options, and of course you are always free to come up with your own. You can thus expect some new material in the Ultimate Edition, including a new intro adventure (we won't be reprinting the Set 1 adventure "The Dalish Curse," as that's the most played DA adventure out there).

So that's the skinny on Dragon Age in 2014. I thought it best to just lay it all out for you, so you understand the situation and can make the best decision for you. Whatever you choose, I hope you play some Dragon Age this year! Thank you for your patience and your continued support of the Dragon Age RPG.

Chris Pramas
Green Ronin Publishing

July 10, 2014

Diversity, ICONS, and M&M on BAMF! Podcast

Steve Kenson, Chris McGlothlin, and Dan Houser recently joined Mike Lafferty on the BAMF! Podcast to chat about diversity in comics, ICONS Assembled Edition, the Cosmic Handbook, and the upcoming Freedom City Campaign Setting (updated for 3e). Listen all about it!

July 8, 2014

Now Kickstarting: Love 2 Hate, A Party Game for Inappropriate People

We have launched our next Kickstarter project, Love 2 Hate: A Party Game for Inappropriate People!