Focus on Freeport

Welcome to Focus on Freeport, a series of articles detailing the people and places that make Freeport the city of adventure. You can use this material to flesh out adventures like our award-winning Death in Freeport, or plug them into your own campaign. Each installment provides complete game statistics, and several adventure ideas. And best of all, Focus on Freeport is free!

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Freeport Adventure Hook Generator
Click to our Freeport Adventure Hook Generator page to get new ideas for your Freeport adventures.

The Consequence of Vice

This Freeport adventure by William Simoni originally appeared in the ENWorld Player's Journal, and is presented here courtesy of our friends at Goodman Games.

Salon du Masque

Salon du Masque is the hotspot for Freeport's elite, but there is a sinister secret hidden behind its proprietor's beautiful mask.... (By Chris Pramas, featuring art by Marcio Fiorito)

Deus Ex Machina, Part Three

Here is the exciting conclusion of Deus Ex Machina by Jeff Quick. Enjoy!

Deus Ex Machina, Part Two

At long last, here's part two of Deus Ex Machina by Jeff Quick. The plot thickens in Freeport (but when doesn't it?).

Deus Ex Machina, Part One

Jeff Quick has cooked up a three-part d20 System Freeport adventure for four 5th to 6th level adventurers. Here we give you part one.

The Players' Map of Freeport

You've been asking for this one for a long time now, and we figure it's about time we delivered. Here's a map of Freeport with just the eight neighborhoods and the harbor labeled, perfect for handing out to your players so they don't feel lost in this frightening pirate city. Not that their characters will be any safer...

Hell in Freeport Prestige Classes

Level 20 Prestige Crafter Jim Bishop brings us a quartet of prestige classes to complement Hell in Freeport. Blackthorn, Crusader, Grayback, and Manikin--these NPC prestige classes are not for the faint of heart!

Hell's Foes

Jim Bishop gives us a set of prestige classes leading up to Hell in Freeport.

An Unwelcome Guest

Graveyard Greg fills us in on a new arrival to the city of Freeport--a most unwelcome guest indeed.

The Jade Serpent of Yig

Madness in Freeport introduced an artifact called the Jade Serpent of Yig. This Focus on Freeport details the powers and hazards of this potent relic.

Temple of the God of Knowledge

The Freeport Trilogy features a fair bit of activity in and around the Temple of the God of Knowledge. We thought a map and more in-depth description of the temple would make a great Focus on Freeport.

Holiday in the Sun

Celebrate Freeport's favorite holiday, Swagfest, in this month's Focus on Freeport. Holiday in the Sun is an adventure for character levels 2-4.

The Captains' Council

Here's a sneak peak of some of the material in Madness in Freeport. William Simoni gives us some background on the Captains' Council of Freeport. Ruling a city of pirates and fast-talking merchants is a dirty job, but somebody's got to profit from it.

Reikert Lloyd, Captain of Verlaine's Guard

Robert J. Toth, the author of Terror in Freeport, provides us some background on Captain Reikert Lloyd.

The Freeport Pirate Prestige Class

If this class doesn't bring out the "Yaaaarrrrrrr!" in you, nothing will.

Falthar's Curios

Fathar's Curios may seem like just another innocuous looking shop on one of Freeport's many winding side streets, but there is more than meets the eye to this store and its owner.