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Buccaneers of Freeport PDF Now Available

Buccaneers of FreeportBuccaneers of Freeport is now available in PDF format our Green Ronin Online Store. This game sourcebook fully details eight pirates, many new, some infamous, in lavish detail. Each entry explores the rogue's history and his or her goals and agendas, while hinting at the curse that keeps them at sea and the treasures they guard. In addition, the pirate's key crewmen receive extensive attention, presenting them in all their cunning and brutality to breathe life into the thrill-seeking corsairs. Finally, the pirate ship, allies, and enemies round out the chapter, culminating with a campaign framework to help you build adventures centered on these various characters. This book is free of stats, so it works with any roleplaying system, such as our own True20 Adventure Roleplaying.

Add these scurvy dogs to your campaign today!

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