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Torches & Pitchforks

The Card Game of Monster Movie Mayhem!

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Torches & Pitchforks
A Non-Collectible Card Game for 2-5 Players, Ages 12 and up
Designed by Luke Matthews and Adam Conus
Illustrated by Rich Werner
Boxed game, 200 b+w cards
MSRP: $24.95
ISBN: 0-9726756-9-8

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Try it, you'll like it...!Torches & Pitchforks is the exciting card game of monster movie mayhem! Your townsfolk have suffered attacks for years but they're not going to take it anymore. Those creepy monsters have haunted the moors long enough and now it's time for you and your mob to do something about it! Arm your townsfolk, fight off the monsters, and don't let those other mobs steal any of your glory.

Torches & Pitchforks, from Green Ronin Publishing, is the card game that's easy to learn and fun to play. Fight the monster menace today!

"Great art, easy game play, and very amusing cards."

"Fire bad, Torches & Pitchforks good."
--Andy Vetromile, Pyramid

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Torches & Pitchforks Cover

Torches & Pitchforks CoverClick this Torches & Pitchforks cover to view an expanded version in all its glory.

Torches & Pitchforks Rulebook [2.5Mb]

Torches & Pitchforks RulebookClick this Torches & Pitchforks rulebook cover to download a PDF of the Torches & Pitchforks rulebook.

(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Torches & Pitchforks Card Preview

Torches & Pitchforks Card PreviewHere's a Torches & Pitchforks Card Preview.

Torches & Pitchforks Townsfolk Sketch Gallery

Torches & Pitchforks 0Townsfolk Sketch GalleryHere's a gallery of sketches done by the talented Rich Werner, who illustrated Torches & Pitchforks. He sent these in back in the beginning of the project, and once we saw these sketches, we knew for sure that Rich was our man. These depict 12 of the Townfolk who can be in your Mob in Torches & Pitchforks.