Freeport Adventure Hooks

1: Killer crabs (see the Death Crab Swarm in Creatures of Freeport) plague fishermen.

2: A cursed Khemtian (see Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra) relic shows up in one of Freeportís marketplaces.

3: A ship bound for distant Naranjan (see Mindshadows) looks for a crew of capable guards for the voyage.

4: A prominent merchant/noble/wizard is murdered in a particularly gruesome and public way.

5: A cutpurse steals a small magical item from a character.

6: Bloody cutthroats terrorize the streets at night.

7: Rival gangs duke it out in a widespread war throughout Freeportís underworld.

8: Rumors of the location of a lost pirate ship surface on the streets.

9: A visiting noble from the continent has gone missing.

10: The daughter of a prominent merchant has disappeared leaving only a bloody stain in her room.

11: Strange sails are spotted on the horizon. Shortly after, mysterious cloaked people are sighted throughout Freeport.

12: The cult of the Unspeakable One holds an awful sacrifice.

13: The Yellow Sign appears on the Lighthouse.

14: A deadly plague sweeps through Freeport.

15: People stop dying; when someone takes a lethal wound, they continue to walk as undead.

16: A mad wizard accidentally summons a major fiend (see The Book of Fiends for more possibilities).

17: A massive food shortage threatens the city.

18: The fresh water supplies are contaminated, killing hundreds.

19: A powerful Valossan artifact goes missing from a local collector.

20: Press gangs roam the streets looking for conscripts.

21: A new gang emerges and quickly overpowers the other criminal elements in the city.

22: A bizarre traveling circus comes to town.

23: A famous piece of art is stolen.

24: A horrid golem rampages through the streets.

25: A prominent citizen of Freeportís past returns as a vampire.

26: Doppelgangers infiltrate the highest levels of government.

27: A violent earthquake shakes the city.

28: Fire sweeps through the city.

29: A merchant wants to expand his influences by setting up shop in nearby Libertyville.

30: Workers uncover a tunnel leading to an old Valossan enclave.

31: A hurricane approaches the city.

32: A new merchant faction specializing in selling poisons arrives in the city.

33: Every day for the last week, another dead prostitute has turned up in a different part of the city.

34: A new cult surfaces and erects a large temple.

35: The adventurers are accused of a crime they didn't commit.

36: A powerful priest becomes addicted to a new drug.

37: A love affair turns sour, and the jilted lover tries to blackmail the other.

38: The characters are imprisoned in one of Freeport's hulks.

39: The God Squad sweeps the city, looking for witches to burn.

40: A terrible and infamous pirate comes to port.

41: A terrible and infamous pirate comes to port.

42: A cleric of a lawful good god comes to Freeport seeking converts.

43: Festival day.

44: An apprentice wizard murders her master and masquerades as the spellcaster.

45: Merfolk suddenly cease trading and begin raiding ships.

46: A gate to the Abyss opens in the center of the city, but instead of a raid, demons come looking to trade.

47: A Truth That We Were Not Meant to Know is uncovered in a cellar.

48: A severed head is found in a drawer.

49: Clerics of one of Freeport's gods lose the ability to cast spells.

50: Lobstermen suddenly go missing after discovering an old ship out at sea.

51: A prize of 1,000 gp is offered to the individual who can defeat the visiting half-ogre gladiator from the continent.

52: A bar fight at the Broken Mug gets out of hand, and five people die.

53: Someone sets up one of the characters and tries to blackmail him or her.

54: People are dying after eating at the Diving Fin.

55: Rival factions struggle for control over Tent Town.

56: A famous bard comes to town for mysterious reasons.

57: A merchant looks to hire guards to "protect" his amorous daughter.

58: A wealthy merchant showers attention on one of the PCs.

59: Someone purchases a membership to the Gilt Club for one of the PCs .

60: A new constable cracks down on crime, and the gallows are full nearly every day.

61: An intelligent weapon appears in the hands of a notable.

62: One of the sewers becomes clogged, and a crew sent to open it back up never returns.

63: Weresharks strike the Docks, but seem to be looking for someone.

64: An ocean wyrm (see Creatures of Freeport) sinks a ship from the continent.

65: Four ships suddenly sink in the harbor.

66: A thaumaturge comes to Freeport and offers 1,000 gp for the heart of a child.

67: Shanghaied!

68: A druid mounts an expedition into the jungles in search of a rare plant specimen.

69: War breaks out between the sahuagin and the merfolk, turning the waters red.

70: A crusty captain is recruiting sailors and warriors to hunt down a monster.

71: The lobstermen unveil a new device, but before they can use it, it's stolen.

72: A weird nimbus of lights appears at night in the sea.

73: After a terrible earthquake, a new landmass surfaces.

74: Naranjan merchants (see Mindshadows) come to Freeport.

75: A wizard tries to sell dragon eggs in one of the marketplaces.

76: A strange people from a distant land invade the city.

77: A magnificent and magical ship comes to port in the city.

78: A thaumaturge erects a temple to Orcus.

79: A band of unholy warriors settle in Freeport, using it as a base of operations.

80: A comet appears in the night sky and wizards lose the ability to cast spells.

81: The youth of Freeport start disappearing.

82: A merchant's daughter marries a notable crime lord.

83: The adventurers, having survived a storm, are lost at sea.

84: The adventurers' ship crashes on some rocks, marooning them on an island.

85: All of Freeport's statues come to life and attack the citizenry.

86: A priest of an alien faith immolates himself on the street.

87: Word of a pirate's treasure spreads through the city.

88: The winds die.

89: A group of adventurers goes missing after investigating an old and purportedly haunted house.

90: A new fad emerges among the elite: all start wearing amulets of Abraxas.

91: A dignitary from a distant land asks to meet with the PCs.

92: A pregnant girl becomes the center of new cult.

93: Assassins strike out against a dozen seemingly unrelated citizens.

94: A charismatic pirate dies suddenly and his body is marked with the Yellow Sign.

95: A group of bounty hunters search Freeport for an escaped murderer.

96: A strange fog settles over one of the islands.

97: A new island surfaces in the Serpent's Teeth and then sinks back beneath the waves.

98: A Khemtian sarcophagus (see Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra) is brought into the city, but when opened, it's empty.

99: A fleet of small ships comes to port bearing refugees from another land.

100: A Naranjan Juggernaut (see Mindshadows) is sold to a wealthy citizen.

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